New Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash

I LVE bath and body products. Some women love shoes, other women love bags. Not me. I love bath and body products. I am always excited to try out the “latest and greatest” product to hit the store shelves.

I am a fan of Softsoap products. I was thrilled to hear about their new Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash. What is not to love about it? It’s from Softsoap, it’s a body wash and it smells like strawberries. That is a win-win-win combination if you ask me.

I received a sample of the new Softsoft Strawberry Smoother Body Wash. I didn’t know before hand that it was also an exfoliate. Exfoliates are GREAT! I love how my skin feels after I use an exfoliate, whether it’s on my body or my face.

I have tried many different exfoliates. Some are way too abrasive and actually hurt to use. Others barely even contain any exfoliate pieces to make a difference. The Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash seemed to have the perfect balance of exfoliants.

The Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash also contains Jojoba Butter extracts which are ideal for leaving your skin soft and smooth. It also helps your skin to retain moisture.

The body wash is very thick and creamy. It lathers up nicely and rinses off well.

When I first started to use the body wash I only used it on my arms, shoulders and chest area. For some odd reason I didn’t really notice just how soft it made my skin feel until I finally used it on my legs. I had just taken a shower and I noticed that my legs felt really soft and smooth, more so then usual. I know it wasn’t from the shaving cream. The only other thing it could be was the Softsoap Strawberry Smoother Body Wash. Wow! It was really noticeable. I don’t know why I didn’t notice is as much on my arms.

The scent is delcious. It reminds me of a strawberry smoothie (the kind you would drink). My husband says that it reminds him of a strawberry scented candle. The scent fills the air and you can actually smell it outside of the bathroom. My husband would joke with me that knew I used the strawberry body wash because he could smell it in the living room. I didn’t notice just how much the scent lingered in the air until my daughter used the body wash. I really could smell it outside the bathroom. It wasn’t a strong or “obnoxious” scent but rather a subtle, sweet, strawberry smell.

I really enjoy this body wash. I love how it makes my skin feel. I absolutely love the delicious scent.

You wouldn’t think this was an inexpensive body wash that you could purchase at your local grocery store. The new Softsoap Strawberry Smoothie Body Wash could easily pass as a spa quality body wash.

To learn more about the new body wash or other Softsoap products visit www.Softsoap.com.


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. I have this too and absolutely LOVED it until my kids, last night actually, dumped it ALL into the tub 🙁 I was so upset.. It was nice while it lasted!!!

  2. Sounds yummy!

  3. Oh that sounds good!! Gonna look for this one next time I am
    at Walmart 😉

  4. Sounds like a great new product. I really like the easy grip shape on the bottle! barb g. diabeticsnacker(at)gmail.com

  5. this looks wonderful :]