New Wellness Signature Selects Cat Food

Padmé giving Velcro a hug.

Padmé giving Velcro a hug.

As most of my regular readers know we own five cats. They range in age from 2 – 12. Our cats are Velcro (12), Kitty (11), Padmé (7), Anakin (6) and Bella (2). We also have a dog, Espn (6).

I will admit that we haven’t always fed our cats the best cat food. We used to buy the cheapest we could find at the grocery store. With six furry friends to feed (5 cats and a dog) it can get pricey. It wasn’t until our youngest cat, Bella, got sick that I realized we were doing our beloved pets a lot of harm feeding them cheap foods.

When our Bella developed asthma and allergies I was trying to figure out what she could possibly be allergic to. She had daily asthma attacks (sometimes several times a day). I keep my home clean but there was still a chance it could be from dust or dander.

I started reading up on allergies and read that sometimes animals are allergic to the foods they eat. I also read that many pet food are made with wheat, which could cause problems. Even animals can have issues with gluten.

Anakin, Velcro and Bella in our cat tree.

Anakin, Velcro and Bella in our cat tree.

I made it a point to read all the labels on the foods we fed our dog and cats. I also made a conscious effort to buy better qualify food for them. Their health and well being means a lot to me.

I first started to feed Bella the better qualify food due to her allergies. Then one day our vet referred to two brands of cat food, both of which we used all the time, as “Skittles for cats” – meaning it had no nutritional value, just like candy. I never told him what brands we fed our cats, yet some how he specifically mentioned BOTH brands as the worse you could buy. From that moment on I made the commitment to only serve our pets better qualify foods. We know it costs more (we are already feeling the pinch in our budget) but it’s for their health and well being. The healthier they are the less illness, vet visits and medication they need, so in the long run it’s cost effective.

I like exploring new brands, trying to find one that is a “hit” with all my pets.

Wellness recently sent me four cans of their new Signature Selects free to review. I have five cats so one of them had to have other food. Padmé tends to be picky so I gave her food she’s been eating for a while now.

Here is a little more information about the Wellness Signature Selects.

Signature Selects. The Wellness Signature Selects product line is prepared by hand and comes in three unique cut, styles and textures – featuring real meat, poultry and seafood in delicious sauces. The full line is grain-free and has complete and balanced nutrition, perfect for everyday feeding for your cats. Like all Wellness recipes, Signature Selects are complete and balanced for everyday feeding and contain no meat byproducts, fillers, corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The new Wellness Signature Selects are available in Shredded, Chunky and Flaked varieties. They also come in easy to open cans.

According to Wellness…

At Wellness, we do whatever it takes to create the healthiest foods for the pets that depend on us. We believe food feeds their souls, sustains their lives and protects their bodies. For each of our recipes we never compromise – selecting nature’s finest ingredients and combining them with unique super nutrients to help support whole body health and well being. Like you, we know that our pets provide us unconditional love, and providing uncompromising nutrition is one way we can do the same for them.

We do more than make pet food. We create Wellness.

I can tell you that all my cats gobbled up the food. I was sent a variety of flavors. I’m sorry that I neglected to write them down. One of them was Chunky Turkey with White Meat Chicken. You can see the shreds of chicken in the food.

Wellness Cat Food 1

Wellness Signature Select Cat Food

You can see the shreds of chicken.

Wellness Signature Selects

Signature Selects Wellness Cat Food

Bella loved the food and gobbled it up.

It makes me feel good knowing that I am feeding my pets a better quality food. No more “Skittles” for them!

Seeing the real pieces of meat in the Wellness Signature Selects makes me feel good knowing that I am serving them real meat and not a meat by product.

If you would like to learn more about Wellness Signature Selects and other Wellness products visit www.WellnessPetFood.com. You can also find the brand on Facebook and Twitter.

Wellness Pet Food Logo


*I received a few free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  2. Sherrie C. says:

    We have one very picky cat who is about 8 years old now. He is soooo picky when it comes to food. He does like canned Tuna but won’t eat fresh? I’m going to have to give Wellness Signature Selects a try with him. I’ve bought other brands before and he wouldn’t touch most of them so it will be interesting to see if he will like this one. Thanks 🙂

  3. sandy weinstein says:

    you look like a real cat person, i like cats but not in the house, keep in the barn….i am a dog person, would like free can of wellness to donate. i do collect free food for both cats and dogs to donate to food bank