Nickelodeon Favorites: Once Upon A Rhyme available on DVD April 30, 2013


Nickelodeon Once Upon a Rhyme

Many parents and grandparents might be interested in knowing that there is a new DVD release from Nickelodeon coming to a store near you on April 30, 2013. The DVD is called Nickelodeon Favorites: Once Upon a Rhyme. It features many popular Nickelodeon shows and characters that your child or grandchild already love. Shows like Dora, Wonder Pets and Blue Clues are featured on the DVD collection.

This is a fun way to introduce your child or grandchild to the wonderful world of nursery rhymes.

I received a free screener copy. There was no compensation.

The DVD features the following stories.

Bubble Guppies – Who’s Gonna Play the Big Bad Wolf.

The play’s the thing when the Bubble Guppies go to see a production of “The Three Little Pigs.”  But when one of the actors can’t perform, it’s up to Deema to put on the costume and take the stage.

Team Umizoomi – Umi City Treasure Hunt

Milli, Geo and Bot are going on a pirate’s treasure hunt! The Team takes Umi Pirate Ship and follows the treasure map to fun locations, searching for three special keys to open the great math treasure of Umi City!

The Fresh Beat Band – Royal Wedding

The Fresh Beats are excited for a royal wedding happening in town. But when the Princess becomes smitten with Twist because he makes her laugh, the Fresh Beats have to find a way to reunite the Princess with her Prince!

Dora the Explorer – Dora Saves The Three Little Piggies

Vámonos! Come on and help Dora as she returns to Fairytale Land to save the Three Little Piggies, helps Boots and Tico on their first day at school, visits Magic Land and the ancient Mayans, and celebrates her birthday in a double-length adventure!

The Wonder Pets! – Save the Cow Who Jumped Over the Moon

Ming-Ming visits her Aunt Eleanora at the local petting zoo during a school holiday. The Wonder Pets get a call from a pop-up book where the Young Cow is having trouble jumping over the moon.

The Wonder Pets!  – Save the Unicorn

The Wonder Pets take a mythical journey into a storybook to save a Baby Unicorn whose horn is stuck in a magical tree trunk.

Blue’s Clues – Little Red Riding Blue

Blue, Sprinkles, and Joe act out their own version of Little Red Riding Hood. Blue is Little Red Riding Hood, Sprinkles is Little Red’s brother, Goldie is Little Red’s mom, Roary is the grandma, Joe is the wolf, and the rest of the characters are the audience. Blue and Sprinkles are trying to bring Grandma, who is sick with a cold, some banana bread. They are met by a wolf who wants a piece of bread but is told to get Grandma’s permission first.

The suggested price is $14.99 and the DVD runs for 139 minutes.

Look for Nickelodeon Favorites: Once Upon a Rhyme where ever movies are sold.

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*I received a free screener copy. There was no compensation.

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  1. Lalita Malone says:

    My girls would love this DVD. Thanks for the heads up, Kimberly!

  2. Janet W. says:

    What a great way to learn some of the nursery rhymes! My grandson would love this!

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    my grandkids would love this,,,they love all these shows

  4. jamie braun says:

    so many of my daughters favorites on 1 dvd! sounds awesome!

  5. saminder gumer says:

    the kids would love this and be singing along all the time. i am not sure i can handle it! 🙂

  6. This sounds really cute .I know the grand kids would like it and I probably will too LOL
    thanks for the review and info on it.

  7. Shani F. says:

    My youngest daughter would love this!

  8. Once Upon a Rhyme looks like a really great DVD that my young stepdaughters would totally love, being fans of Dora and the Wonder Pets! already.
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted..Need a New Refrigerator? Enter the h.h. gregg and Frigidaire 100 Ways to Organize Sweepstakes

  9. judy gardner says:

    my nieces love dora and they have a birthday coming up…think i know what is going on my list now!