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Tomorrow I am heading off to Los Angeles for a whirl wind week of interviews, movie screenings, the LA Zoo and the red carpet premiere of Muppets Most Wanted. Today I need to finish up some last minute things like getting everything in need together and packed.

I hate packing. I really, really, REALLY hate packing. I am always afraid I am going to forget something very important. I am also afraid that I won’t have enough room and I’ll need to take an actual suitcase and check it. I prefer carry on luggage because I don’t want to have to wait around for my luggage to show up. I also worry about it getting lost. I prefer to keep my luggage with me at all times.

I also worry about stuffing my luggage too much where I can’t bring any goodies home for my family.

I don’t know how some bloggers do it all the time. I only travel for blogging related events 1-2 times per day. That is more than enough for me.

I like to keep all my things nice and neat in my luggage. That is not as easy as it sounds. Things shift around during transit and by the time you open up your suitcase once you’ve arrived at your destination your things have been tossed around all over the place.

There is a new product that recently launched that is sure to keep your things neat and organized when you travel. It’s called the TravelWise Packing Cube System.

I received to review the TravelWise Packing Cube System – Extra Durable 5 Piece Weekender PLUS.

The system comes with five “cubes” in various sizes – 1 small, 2 medium and 2 large.

Each cube has a zipper that goes 3/4th of the way around it (one side doesn’t have a zipper).


To give you an idea of the size I tired to take a picture of all five pieces laid out on the floor. Our cat Bella decided to sit on one of the large ones (which wasn’t completely folded). She is an average, 9 pound cat. You can see the size of the medium, small and large (bottom of photo) cubes.

The cubes are made to help you organize your clothing, personal care products and even shoes when you pack. It keeps everything neat and organized. For example you can use the smallest cube for your toiletries, make up, brush/comb or for men, your shaving products. That way everything you need is in one cube. You don’t need to go through your entire suitcase to locate the things that you need.

Another example would be to put your pants in one of the large cubes and your tops in another. That is what I am ultimately going to do.

I don’t have a picture of my packed suitcase yet because I am a procrastinator and haven’t even picked out the clothing I am going to bring with me yet. I usually don’t end up packing until I go to bed at night, then I re-pack things in the morning because I always end up forgetting something that I need.

I have shoes I plan on bringing with me too. I am going to put the shoes in the medium size cube so I don’t have to worry about them getting the rest of my clothing dirty.

The cubes are soft so you can flatten them down a bit in your suitcase if you need more room.

Each cube also have a small strap that you can use the hang it up.

Packing Cubes TravelWise

These are also a great way to help organize each family member’s clothing. If you travel with children you could assign a cube for each child, that way you have all their clothing in one cube rather than have to dig through all the clothing to find what you need.

When they are no longer needed they all fit inside of each other. The two larger ones fold up and all the cubes fit inside one of the medium cubes.

You can also use the cubes for other occasions. These would be great to toss into your gym back, backpack or even the trunk of your car (it’s always a good idea to carry around a change of clothes just in case). You can also use them to store things that you want to tuck under your bed. The possibilities are endless.

This will be my first time traveling with them. When I get back from my press trip (and when I have a moment) I’ll update this post and let you know how well they helped me when I was traveling.

The cubes are made by TravelWise and you can find them on Amazon.com. Currently the 5 piece set is unavailable but there is a 3 piece set you can purchase. You can also purchase them from the EatWise website.

The TravelWise cubes also come in a variety of colors so you can pick up a set for each family member to better identify which cube belongs to which family member.

What do you think about the TravelWise Packing Cube System? Do you think it’s something that will help make packing and traveling much easier? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Medium cube with clothing inside - plenty of room for me.

Medium cube with clothing inside – plenty of room for me.


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. Olivia Rubin says:

    I make a list the day or two,before and write down each thing I use so that I don’t forget anything. I love all the compartments these cubes create and also they seem like a great way to beable to unpack at the hotel and not have to place your items directly into the drawers. Just unzip, flip cover under and your good.
    Can’t wait to read about your red carpet experience

  2. Nancy Loring8 says:

    I’m going to florida in a week to visit my parents I wish I had this.