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Spice Bouquet iPad CoverMy family has several techie devices such as iPads, a Kindle, iPhones, iPods and more. Most of them have covers on them (all but one iPad).

When I travel I tend to either take nothing with me, or my ancient laptop that weighs a ton. I see a lot of people toting around their iPads. I really need to get into the habit of taking my iPad with me so I can connect with others when I’m traveling, or to get some work done.

There are a lot of different iPad covers on the market. Whether you are looking for animals prints, faux leather or even a fuzzy one, I’m sure there is some place out there where you can find what you are looking for. Personally I like simplicity. But I also like fun and colorful designs. Having my cover serve more then one purpose even better.

A while back a company called Papier De Maison reached out me and asked if I wanted to check out one of their iPad covers. I happily agreed because I really liked their colorful designs. To my surprise they also sent me a cover for my Kindle.

What sets the Papier De Maison iPad and Kindle covers (cases) apart is that they are more then just a cover for your device. They also serve as a mini workstation. The Papier De Maison covers come with a coordinating PAPER pad, as well as a pen/pen holder. That means you are able to jot down notes as you are accessing your iPad or Kindle. You can use the case without using your iPad or Kindle too. The case is big enough and hard enough to lean on while you are writing.

iPad Case

Each case comes with a pad of paper. You can choose which side of the case to put the paper on, which ever way feels more comfortable and functional for you. The pad of paper that comes with the case has plenty of pages on it too so it should last you a while.

The Papier De Maison covers are perfect for people who are always on the go, those who travel a lot for business and those who find that they might need to jot down notes from time to time. Take me for example. I attend blogger and media events from time to time. Sometimes I need to jot things down, especially if I’m interviewing someone. I’ve learned NOT to totally rely on my voice recorder. I used my voice recorder (only) on a press trip to Montreal last year and ended up dropping it down a flight of stairs and breaking it .I’m still upset with myself for not at least jotting down a few notes and key points from the interview. There was no way my old brain was going to remember any of it – especially because I can’t write about the interview for over a year (embargoed). Sigh… Had I had one of the Papier De Maison covers for my iPad (which I did bring with me on the trip) I could have easily jotted down notes, as well as access the Internet and tweet about my experiences.

iPad Cover

I wasn’t quite sure why I would need a paper note pad for my Kindle. I don’t use it for press trips. I just use mine for reading. Then not too long ago I was reading an e-book on my Kindle and I wanted to jot down a few key points from the book (it was a book about social media). I’m glad I had my Papier De Maison cover on it. I was able to jot down the information “then and there” instead of trying to track down a pen (my kids always walk off with my pens) and some paper. Not only that, having the notes jotted down on the pad meant that I would be able to find the notes. There is nothing worse then writing down important information on a piece of paper, only to misplace the paper. Having the paper on the pad meant that I knew where to find it. I was also able to tear off the notes when I was done with them (after I typed them into my computer).

I addition to having a built in note pad, the cases are able to be positioned in several different ways, and they close up when not in use. Some cases have a snap. The ones I have use magnetic closures.

Papier De Masion Cover Positions

I like that they close too. That way if you have lose papers inside the case it helps to keep them from falling out.

Papier De Maison cases are available for the iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, 7″ Tablets and Kindle E-Reader.

Papier De Maison also allows YOU to create your own personal case/cover using their dozens of different designs. I was actually looking into making a case for my tablet. I came up with so many different combinations that it was hard to narrow it down to just one design. I finally ended up with this combination. What do you think? I love the colors.


If you rather buy a pre-made design or single color that option is available to you as well in the Papier De Maison online store.

In a world full of cases and covers for your devices it’s refreshing to see ones that offer more then just protection for your device.

Papier De Maison certainly gets a “two thumbs up” from me.

For more information, or to check out their designs (or make your own!) visit www.PapierDeMaison.com. You can also find them on Facebook.

Papier De Maison Logo


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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