Pete’s Dragon 35th Anniversary Edition

I feel REALLY old. Pete’s Dragon is celebrating it’s 35th Anniversary this year with the release of a special anniversary edition. Thirty five years. WOW! Pete’s Dragon was originally released in theaters in 1977. I was only 9 when I saw this movie.

Pete’s Dragon has an amazing cast including Helen Reddy (Nora), Mickey Rooney (Lampie), Red Buttons (Hoagy), Shelley Winters (Lena Goga) and Jim Backus (The Mayor), just to name a few.

My kids thought the movie was “cute” but I think they were put off by the animation of of Elliot, the dragon. Elliot is very much a cartoon character among real live actors. My kids thought that it was very “fake”. I can certainly see their point. They are growing up seeing movies like the Frankenweenie where the animated creatures and people are made to look realistic. None the less they did enjoy the movie overall. The animation was their only issue. My daughter referred to it as an “old movie”. Sigh…

Pete’s Dragon was released in 77′, around the same time as Star Wars, which had a cast of characters that did look realistic (like Chewbacca and the aliens). In Pete’s Dragon they opted to make Elliot, the dragon, an animation instead of a “real” character. In a way the movie reminds me of Mary Poppins, which was released in 1964. Some of the characters in that movie are animations, others are live actors.

I think making the character of Elliot an animation adds to the charm of the movie. I think the entire movie would have had a different feel to it if Elliot was a “real” dragon.

Pete’s Dragon is about a young orphan boy name Pete. Pete runs away to escape his abusive adoptive parents, the Gogans. Pete has an imaginary friend, Elliot the dragon, who watches over Pete.

Pete and Elliot end up in a ocean side town called Passamaquaddy (hopefully I spelled it right). The town is filled with a lot of colorful characters.

Pete is taken in by a kind lady name Nora who resides in a lighthouse with her father Lampy.

Some of the towns people “see” Elliot, which creates a lot of fear and chaos. Dr. Terminus (not a real doctor) also sees Elliott and is determined to capture him so that he can make money from him.

There is a lot of drama, comedy and even a heart breaking ending. Yes, the ending made me cry. It always has!

Here are a few clips from this wonderful family classic.


As with many classic Disney films this special anniversary edition will be available for a limited time. Hurry and pick up a copy today so that you can enjoy it with your family over and over again.

With the holidays coming up this would make a great stocking stuffer. It’s also a perfect movie for Family Movie Night.

Look for Pete’s Dragon 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo pack where ever movies are sold.


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influcended in any way.

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