Petlinks® Introduces Four New Catnip Toys Designed to Stimulate A Cat’s Senses


Tea bags catnipI love to spoil my pets like crazy. Both our dog and our cats have a lot of great products including soft, snuggly pet beds, ample food and water dishes and plenty of toys. So many toys in fact that my living room often looks like a day care center with all the toys all over the floor. Not to mention the cat tree, cat tunnel, cat scratchers and our one cat’s laundry basket (he LOVES his laundry basket to sleep in).

My cats enjoy a variety of toys but their most favorite kind are the ones made with catnip. I’m pretty sure that is how it is with most cats. Imagine how crazy your cat would be for a toy made out of catnip?

Catnip is a natural herb which is related to mint. It contains aromatic oils that stimulate cat’s senses causing a burst of energy and general
craziness. Even our dog loves catnip, although I don’t know if it’s good for dog.

Petlinks has created four new catnip toys, two of which are made out of catnip. Each one has been made with your cat in mind and designed to stimulate their senses (and drive them crazy!).

Petlinks was kind enough to send the toys to me for my cats to review.

My cats went crazy for the Tea Zing toys (pictured above). They look just like tea bags, but instead of holding tea, they hold catnip. It’s the perfect toy for cats. It’s soft, it has a string (you know how cats love stringy things) and it’s filled with catnip. I’ve seen my cats rubbing their faces on the Tea Zing bags, rolling over them and flipping them through the air.

I’m grateful that they come in a 3-pack so that my cats don’t have to share. They are even about the same size as a real tea bag.


My cats are still trying to figure out the The Purrfect Scent. It looks like a bristly hedgehog and a ball. There is a slit in it that you can fill with catnip. The cats are suppose to smell the catnip and rub up against the soothing bristles. It’s a cute idea but my cats just seem to want to find a way to get the catnip out. I don’t see them rubbing up against it.

If you have a dog you may want to watch him/her with this toy. My dog things it’s a ball for him and he figured out quickly enough that if he bites down on it the opening opens up and the catnip comes out so he can eat the catnip (and get it all over the floor). I think my dog enjoys this toy more than my cats.

The Catnip Stogie looks like a cigar. It’s made out of compressed catnip.

This one got a few raised eyebrows in my home because my kids and my husband all thought it was cat poop when they saw it lying on the floor. I can see why they think that way. The wrapped had fallen off so all you saw was this big, oval shaped dark colored thing – poop. 🙂

Cigar catnipI have seen my one of my cats hugging this and kicking at it with her back legs (as if the was playing with another cat). I have seen another cat rub his face on it. So far the toy hasn’t been played with as much as the Tea Zing bags.

Lastly I received the Catnip Mousers (pictured below). Like the Catnip Stogie, the Mousers are made out of compressed catnip.

I was worried that they would fall apart and there would be catnip everywhere but that did not happen. In fact my dog go ahold of one of them and bit it in half and the catnip remained in a solid chunk. He basically beheaded the mouse. The body and tail are still in tact so I let my cats continue to play with them.

I do see my cats batting these around from time to time. They don’t shoot across the flooring like plush mice, but they still seem to enjoy them.

All of these products are made with Petlinks certified organic catnip. It’s organically grown and contains only leaves and blossoms with no inert fillers. It’s exceptionally potent.

Here is a little more information about the company.

The Petlinks brand is manufactured by Worldwise®, a leading consumer pet products company. By developing unique, high-quality products made from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributing them through the nation’s largest retailers,
Worldwise™ brands are changing consumer beliefs about the look, feel, price and performance of environmentally-responsible products. www.worldwise.com.

My cats enjoy the new toys and I enjoy watching them having fun.

All four toys would make great holiday gifts (stocking stuffers) for your furry feline friend.

Mice catnip


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. Allison Downes says:

    Oh I am the same way with my dogs. We have so many toys and they are everywhere! This company sounds really nice and I checked out their site, they have a lot of products! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    What cute cat toys, and the mouse cat toys are so interesting. I like getting toys for my pets and seeing them go crazy with them. I like the Petlinks catnip items. I will have to visit this site!

  3. These are all so cute. I think my cats would love the Purrfect Scent. My daughter once left her hair brush on the table. We came home to find it on the floor and the cats rubbing against it. So this would be great for ours.

  4. These are unique cat toys! My cats would really love the Catnip Stogie! LOL My cat Gracie loves to hold on to toys and roll around. Thanks for all the great suggestions!