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I have always been against dressing up dog. I used to think it was really silly. That is until we adopted our dog Espn (pronounced Es-pin). When he was a puppy and we were going to take our kids out trick or treating we didn’t want to leave him home alone. After all, he was a puppy and still in the potty training process. So we decided to take him with us. My kids asked if we could dress him up for Halloween. I wasn’t going to until my kids dressed him up in some Build-a-Bear clothing. When I saw how cute he looked I knew I wanted dress him up for the holiday. Since then we have put him in a costume just about every Halloween.

Espn is not keen on the idea of wearing a costume. Some costumes he’s OK with. Others drive him bonkers. I have found that ones with just a shirt he’ll tolerate OK. He doesn’t like to wear hats or hood, although I have to admit that I keep trying. I have seen other dogs around here dressed up for Halloween and they look so cute! I want to be able to make Espn look just as cute. 🙂

Some of my favorite Espn costumes include the following (all of which are from PetSmart).

He’s cute, isn’t he?

Even one of our cats doesn’t mind wearing costumes. Oddly enough Espn’s costumes fit her just fine (and he’s bigger than her).

The above photo is a shirt from the Brett Michael’s collection sold at PetSmart.

This year PetSmart asked me if I would like to review another costume for Halloween. I was excited to do so (although I’m not sure about how excited Espn was… ha ha).

PetSmart has a super cute Police Officer costume.

I love the handcuffs and walkie talkie accessories.

When I first saw the costume I envision Espn looking like a dog we saw at Perkins Memorial Drive at Bear Mountain State Park (NY) a couple of years ago.

The above costume is NOT the same one that is sold at PetSmart. I have a feeling this one is more custom made since it had an actual NYPD badge, bobby stick and tie. But this is how I envisioned Espn in his Police Officer costume from PetSmart.

The costume came complete with a shirt that has Velcro on it to close it (not buttons or snaps thank goodness). It also comes with a hat that has elastic on it that fits around the ears and an accessory belt with handcuff and a walkie talkie. Talk about adorable!

The costume is super cute but unfortunately Espn wouldn’t keep it on. The kept knocking the heat off and the belt and accessories kept coming off because he would roll around in the costume trying to wiggle out of it. The only thing that stayed on was the shirt.

In the first two pictures below you can see where the ears go through the elastic. Espn’s ears fit through the holes but wouldn’t stay. I think his ears are too short. They kept sliding back out.

I wish Espn would have stayed still long enough for me to get decent pictures. He was a bit anxious to play with his toy. He didn’t want to pose for pictures.

The costume it’s self is very well made. Even being rolled around in like Espn was doing the costume stayed in great shape. It didn’t rip and the shirt didn’t come off. The only thing he managed to do was wiggle out of the belt and the handcuffs came open. I’m sure if you have a lot calmer dog the costume would work out great. Espn just happens to be a bit too “bouncy” sometimes.

PetSmart has a wide variety of costumes to choose from for dogs in all different shapes and sizes.

PetSmart also carries a lot of adorable Halloween them toys. After all, all dogs love to get some “treats” for Halloween (as do cats).

This weekend at participating PetSmart locations they are having a “Howl-O-Ween” event. On Saturday, October 20, 2012, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM PetSmart is hosting a Pet Parade, Costume Contest and even offering photos. There are fun prizes to win too! They are also offering a discount on Halloween costumes and toys (both online and in stores) so now is a perfect time to pick up some treats and a fun costume for your four-legged family members.

To find a PetSmart location naer you, or to shop online, visit www.PetSmart.com. You can also find PetSmart on Facebook and Twitter.


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.  

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