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 Planet Ocean blu-ray

I am a HUGE fan of documentaries, especially ones that have to deal with nature and our environment. I think documentaries are not only very educational but also a great way to see places around the world that I might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

I recently received a free screener copy of a documentary called Planet Ocean. There was no compensation. The film is being released by Universal Studios Home Entertainment on April 9, 2013.

Directed by highly-acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand (Home) and narrated by actor Josh Duhamel (TransformersLife As We Know It), this documentary comes just in time for Earth Day (April 22). Planet Ocean invites viewers to travel the globe with breathtaking aerial views and underwater imagery in extreme geographical conditions worldwide and is perfect for the whole family to enjoy!

I have seen A LOT of documentaries that talk about the ocean and the creatures that dwell beneath the surface. I have also seen documentaries that talk about the serious impact human have on the environment, especially the ocean. However I have never seen a documentary about the ocean done is such as way as Planet Ocean.

Planet Ocean, for me, is much more of an educational film rather than an entertainment film. They present facts and information is a way that really makes you want to learn more. My kids found it all fascinating and even asked why they don’t learn about this stuff in school. I have one child in high school and the other one in junior high and they didn’t know most of the facts and information discussed in the film.

One really fascinating thing I learned from the film is how fossil fuel is made. I honestly didn’t know. I just thought it was fuel oil from the inner Earth. I didn’t know it was made from dead and decaying creatures.

When sea creatures die most of the time their bodies are eaten by other sea creatures. The little bits and pieces that remain slowly find their way down to the ocean floor. It’s referred to as “snow”. It actually does look like it’s snowing under the sea when you see the little particles of organic matter gently falling down from the ocean above.


The matter found in the “snow” finds it’s final resting place on the ocean floor. As time and years go by the organic matter is covered by other organic matter, sand, dirt and other things. Over thousands, even millions of year this organic matter changes into what we use as fossil fuel.

As per the movie it took millions of years to create the fossil fuel that we use today, yet we are going through it at an alarming rate. Once it’s all gone we’d have to wait millions of years for new fossil fuel to form, and realistically you know that could never happen. Once it’s gone – it’s gone! That is pretty scary when you think about it.

The film explored various areas around the globe. One destination was the the shipping port in Shanghai, China. It’s the biggest port in the world with tons of items are delivered and shipped out every day. It’s massive! It should be it’s own country – that is how huge it it! There has to be millions of giant shipping boxes (those metal boxes that size of cars and trucks) stacked on top of each other at this port. All those shipping boxes means that massive ships have to travel across the ocean to carry them to their final destination. Boats run on fuel. Not only that all these ships going back and forth across the ocean is destroying our environment.

In the film they even showed a ship that had the contents of an entire forest on top of it. That is no exaggeration either. There had to be thousands of trees on the boat that were being delivered to make paper and wood products. It makes me sad to think about an entire forest being chopped down, then having those trees put on a giant ship that gobbles up fuel oil to ship it across the ocean to turn into consumer products. It really makes you stop and think.

Another thing the film focused on was the fishing industry. Did you know that many fish are being OVER fished and could risk being extinct. It’s one thing to fish for your village or your family, but some of these massive fishing boats have fishing nets miles long and don’t care what they snag in them including non-fish creatures like whales, sharks and seals. The way they made the fishing boats look it made the whole process seem dirty and industrial. Fishing shouldn’t be like that. It made me want to reconsider having that tuna fish sandwich for lunch. 🙁


Did you know that most of the world’s population is located near the sea? I forgot the exact number but I believe it’s more than half of the world’s population live near, or close, to the sea. That makes sense because ships bring supplies and products, and fishing is often the only form of food for some people. One country (I can’t recall which one it was) even has a shanty town built right on the ocean. It’s literally the slums built on the shoreline on the ocean. I would think the human waste and garbage it produces only adds to all the problems our environment has.

The film not only focuses on the people aspect of the ocean, but also the creatures that live in the ocean.

I’m sure most people know about the creepy looking creatures that reside in the deepest, darkest places of the ocean – places where you will never see sunlight? Some of these deep sea dwelling creatures are scary looking – just like they came right out of a horror movie. One creature the film introduces viewers to it the Vampire Squid. Oh my goodness! Knowing that such a creature lives in the sea makes you rethink going swimming in the ocean. My son is weary about swimming in the ocean to begin with (he’ll only go in to just about his knees). After seeing the Vampire Squid my son said he never wants to step foot in the ocean again. My daughter agreed with him. I tried to explain to them that the Vampire Squid lives out in the middle of the ocean, miles below the surface, and would never make it’s way to our shore line. I don’t think they are whole-heartily convinced of that.

Vampire Squid


My kids were actually angry after seeing the film. They are mad about the horrible things people are doing to the ocean, and the ocean’s creatures, and how people have total disregard about the negative impact they are having. What they do not only affects the ocean, about also the health and well being of all Earth’s creatures – including humans.

I always tell my children if they see an injustice or something wrong that they feel strongly about THEY need to find a way to implement change. After all, the children are our future. Some of the best ideas on how to save our planet often come from children.

I know the film inspired my children to want to make changes. I hope watching the film with your family will inspire you to do the same. You’ll never look at the ocean the same way again.

Look for Planet Ocean, available on April 9, 2013, where ever movies are sold.

Here is the official trailer for your entertainment. You can also view the trailer here, http://bit.ly/16Ij46y.


Please note – Actor Josh Duhamel is actually the film’s narrator. This trailer must have been made before they casted him.


*I received a free screener copy. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    I cannot wait to see this movie – I have always been fascinated by marine life and this movie is going to be great…thanks for the review.

  2. Oh cool! We have Planet Earth and the whole family loves it! Will have to add this to our wish list. =)
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  3. June M. says:

    This does look like a very educational movie. The ocean is very interesting 🙂

  4. Kyla Ocain says:

    This looks like a great film. I love nature documentaries. So interesting (and beautiful!)

  5. This sounds like an interesting documentary. Thanks for the review!

  6. Looks interesting and informative. Thank you for the review