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Do you remember corded, rotary phones? If you are around my age (40’ish) I’m sure you do. That was back in the day when you had to literally re-dial a phone number if it was busy to call it over and over again until you finally got it to ring. You couldn’t just press a re-dial button.

With corded phones you were also at the mercy of the length of the cord. If you were lucky you had a phone with a super long cord that would allow you to hide around the corner to have a somewhat private conversation. Growing up we had five phones in our house – one upstairs (table top), one in the kitchen (with a super long cord), two in the playroom/family room (one table top, the other one on the wall with a short cord) and one in the garage/basement (on the wall).

Even though we had a lot of phones it was hard to have a private conversation because you were attached to the phone. Unlike cell phones you couldn’t just step outside or into another room. I still remember trying to talk to my friends on the phone when I was a teen and either going to the basement to talk or using the phone in the kitchen with the long cord so I could pull it into the hallway for a semi-private conversation.

Fast forward to today. Almost everyone has a cell phone. Many families don’t even have landlines anymore. We gave up our home phone a couple of years ago. It was pointless to pay for something we rarely used.

I am not a huge fan of chatting on the cellphone. I don’t find it very comfortable. I often use the speaker option so I don’t have to hold the phone up to my ear. I miss the the day when I had a regular phone – the kind I grew up with. I found them to be much more comfortable. I could also hold them up with my shoulder which would free up my hands so I could multitask.

A new product from Native Union has taken a “no strings attached” approach with its latest handset, the POP BT – a Bluetooth version that allows users to cut the cord and take their mobile conversations wireless.

Now you can use the same “old fashioned” phone handset that we had growing up to chat on the phone, but without the cord. That means you get the same comfort but without being attached to the wall, allowing you to roam and chat on the phone where ever you want (providing your cell phone is within Bluetooth reach).

Syncing the POP BT phone up with your cellphone is super easy to do. I’m “technologically challenged” sometimes and I was able to figure it out quickly and easily.

In addition to having a crisp, clear audio you can also feel good knowing that using the POP BT reduces exposure to harmful cell phone radiation by 96 percent. That is because your cellphone is not being held up to your ear. You can keep your cell phone in your pocket or next to you while you chat on the comfortable, curved handset.

As if mobility and safety weren’t enough, the POP BT also comes in an array of colors (Red, Jet Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green and High-Gloss Blanc).

I have been using my POP BT phone for about a month now. It’s fun to use and I prefer it to my cellphone. It’s VERY comfortable to use. Much more comfortable than my cell phone. I also find that I hear better using the POP BT than I do my cellphone. I think it’s because the earpiece on the POP BT is rounded so it “cups” your ear and helps to drown out background noises.

When someone calls your cell (the one synced with the POP BT phone), the handset will ring with an old fashioned ring sound. I love that! :-). To answer (or hang up) you simply have to press a button on the POP BT handset.

The POP BT charges via a USB cable which resembles the old fashioned curly phone cord too.

You can sync the POP BT with more than one phone and/or a tablet or notebook.

The POP BT is a great gift idea for someone who loves “retro” things. It’s also great for those looking for comfort and the ability ot multitask without worrying about dropping their cellphone. I also think it’s a great gift idea for people like me who attended one too many heavy metal concerts growing up and need the cupped ear piece to help drown out background noises to hear the conversation better.

For more information visit www.NativeUnion.com. While you are there you should check out their other products. They have some pretty cool products! I love the video memo. That is a cool idea.

The POP BT retails for $49.99.


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. I love these I remember the annoying cords they got tangled all the time and ou where restricted i hated it but on the aspect of being able to hold it between your shoulder and ear is what I missed the most I could multitask while doing so.

  2. We still have one big red colored old phone, and amazingly it works. I really love the to dial, and the fun thing is that you forgot which number you dialed last and then you have to cut the call and start dialing again. And the ring resembles that of an old cycle bell (Krrrinnnggggg…..Krrrinnnggggg) and when I was a child I always wondered, who is inside the big red phone to talk (lol)…