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Summer has not yet officially started, and here in the Northeast we haven’t exactly had many hot and sunny days – yet I have already had sunburn TWICE it two weeks! This past weekend I sat outside on our balcony with my husband for about a half hour. I was mostly in the shade, yet some how I got sunburn on my chest/neck area. The weekend before that we went to a street fair. It was overcast, windy and cold yet I some how managed to get sunburned (chest/neck area again). I had my hair up in a ponytail this past weekend so the back of my neck is burned too and right now it’s dry and itchy.


I try and wear sunscreen year round. I do admit that in the cooler months I tend to be a bit more relaxes about it. This is a not-so-subtle reminder that you can get burned and sun damage even when it’s not blue skies and sunny.

I have been sunburned more times than I care to recall, some times to the point of sun poisoning. My cousins still talk about the day when we were camping and I was so burned my entire face swelled up.

Growing up I never wore sunscreen. I guess back in the 70’s parents didn’t think about things like that. I am very fair skinned (pale) and burn just thinking about the sun. Because of my constant burning I had to have six “suspicious” moles removed from my back once. OUCH! That was painful.

The sun can cause MAJOR damage to your skin.

  • Uneven skin tone (blotchy appearance)
  • Brown spots
  • Solar lentigines (Liver spots)
  • Solar elastosis (break down of the collagen and elastin fibers)
  • Poikiloderma (irregular areas of reddish-brown pigmentation in the neck/chest area)

And of course skin cancer. That is my #1 fear.

You should make it a habit to apply sunscreen to any area that might be exposed to the sun (face, arms, legs…). Many body lotions contain sunscreen. They should be fine some of the time, especially if you are not exposed to the sun for too long. If you plan on being outside for 15+ minutes than you should consider a traditional sunscreen. This includes the Winter time too. You can get sunburned while skiing with your family and friends.

Men even YOU need sunscreen, as do your children/grandchildren. No one is exempt from getting sunburn.

Your face is especially vulnerable because it’s always exposed to the sun. I always make sure to wear a sunscreen on my face. There are some facial moisturizers that contain sunscreen which are fine for limited sun exposure. If you plan on being outside for a while (gardening, swimming, picnic…) a traditional sunscreen is recommended.


I recently received a sample of a sunscreen to try out and review. I received G.M. Collin’s Mineral Sun Veil with SPF 15. It’s available tinted (the one I have is not tinted).

Here is some additional information about the product.

G.M. Collin’s Tinted Mineral Sun Veil SPF 15 provides daily environmental UVA-UVB protection with 100% natural mineral filters and 100% natural pigment featuring the new Smart Color Technology. Smart Color Technology is engineered with 100% Natural Iron Oxide, and provides a sheer wash of color that blends in with every skin tone, for a naturally radiant year-round healthy glow. 


  • Helps prevent visible signs of premature aging
  • Blocks out UVA & UVB with SPF 15
  • Natural Vitamin E protects against free radicals
  • Leaf extract of Senna Alata and Fumaria Officinalis Extract protect DNA


  • It enhances skin tone and evens out the complexion.
  • Formulated with 100% Natural Zinc Oxide, a non-allergenic mineral sunscreen that uniformly blocks out both UVA and UVB rays
  • Greatly reduces sun-related premature skin aging.
  • For all skin types, easy to use, non-greasy, contains no artificial colors, and is fragrance-free

The product is easy to use. Simply apply the veil evenly on your face 15-30 minutes before you will be exposed to the sun. You should re-apply every two hours, or after you swim, shower, or perspire.

Thankfully I was wearing the G.M. Mineral Sun Veil the two times I was sunburned recently. My face did not get burned, just my chest/neck area. The protect appears to protect as advertised.

Unlike traditional sunscreens the veil goes on your skin smoothly and blends in immediately. It does not leave a sticky film on your face like other facial sunscreens do.

My skin can be a bit on the sensitive side. I had no reactions to this product. It also didn’t cause any outbreaks of pimples, which was another concern.

After it was applied and dried into my skin I didn’t even notice that I was wearing anything on my face which is great for me since I’m not really into wearing a lot of make up. The cleaner and fresher my face feels the better.

Overall I’m pleased with the product. Its been helping to protect my skin from the very harmful effects of the sun. It also goes on well, washes off just fine and doesn’t weigh down my face like traditional sunscreens.

The G.M. Mineral Sun Veil is available at select online retailers and spas nationwide and retails for $24.00.

GM Mineral Sun Veil


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Thanks so much for this article which I have already pinned! As a Lupus survivor, protecting myself from the sun year-round is super important. I try to spread the word and appreciate you doing to as well!

  2. My daughter burns so bad that she blister almost instantly. We have to be so careful with her out in the sun. I will have to check with her doctor about this sunscreen. Thanks for the review!

  3. I never used sun screen as a kid either. This looks like a good product. I always try to wear a hat with a big brim when I’m in the sun.

  4. Kathy Lane says:

    It seems like just about everytime I get outside any more I get sunburned.I always burn on my chest and neck.I need to check into the G.M. Mineral Sun Veil it sounds like a good product.Thanks for sharing!