Provide More With Used Gifts This Christmas

Saving money around the holidays happens in many different forms. Shopping the many deals and sales can certainly help provide more for each person you buy for, but one of the best ways to save money on expensive gifts most ignore. Buying used Christmas gifts may seem silly, but buying specific things used or refurbished is actually a better way to go. Here are a few gifts to consider buying used this holiday season.

Three Hot Used Gifts

1.  Used Vehicles

If you plan to buy your 16-year-old, spouse, partner or anybody else a vehicle for Christmas, it doesn’t make any sense to buy it new. New vehicles lose half their value the minute you drive off the lot. Buying a used vehicle won’t cost as much and you can get a better vehicle for the same price you planned to spend on a new vehicles. In addition, it’s very easy to find a great two or three year old vehicle with very low miles.

2.  Refurbished Electronics

Refurbished electronics, such as laptops, tablets and game consoles are a great buy. Usually you can find these items for about 30 to 70% off the retail price. Finding the best refurbished deals on laptops, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and other electronics can help you save money this holiday season.

These items are much like a certified pre-owned model and come from manufacturer returns. They are thoroughly tested for defects and manufacturers make sure they function properly before they make it back to the marketplace. You can get a refurbished item for a fraction of the new price and still gain all the benefits of the new model.

3.  Designer Clothing

Designer and name brand clothing sells for incredibly high prices, especially through the holiday season. However, you don’t need to pay the retail price with the many used clothing stores and websites helping you save money. These businesses only buy used designer clothing still in “like-new” shape and they sell it for a fraction of the retail price. Buying used designer clothing can really help you save this year.

If you want to pick out great gifts, but you don’t want to spend retail prices, consider used gifts this year. Many things can be purchased in “like-new” or refurbished form for a fraction of the retail price. These are just three of the many items to consider and with the money you save, you can buy more gifts or even give to your favorite charity.


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