Quick and Easy Spring Time Craft

I think it’s fair to assume that most people cannot wait for Winter to be officially over and done with. Normally I don’t mind Winter but this Winter has been especially brutal. I never thought we’d see grass again. People talk about Global Warming but after this Winter I think we need to think about another ice age. Sheesh!

Right now I am open to anything and everything that will help usher out the Winter and welcome in the spring. Anything from opening up windows, sitting on our balcony and NOT freezing our butts off and being able to take the kids to the park to ride bikes or scooters.

I have a fun craft that I am planning on doing together with my kids, hopefully this week while they are on Winter recess. If not the maybe we’ll do it over the weekend.

The craft is making ladybugs out of rocks. I could easily give you a whole list of supplies and step-by-step instructions but lets face it, this is a super easy craft.

Together with your kids go out in the backyard or the park and look for rocks that are round in shape. They don’t have to be perfect. They just have to be a shape conducive to a ladybug.

After you gathered up your rocks you’ll need to give them a good bath with some soap and water. Once they are sparking clean set them aside to fully dry.

Once the rocks are 100% dry paint them with any color paint you want.  Any craft or acrylic paint will do.

Wait for the rocks to dry. When they are ready paint the “head” of the ladybug with black paint. Set it aside again to fully dry.

Once the paint is dry take a black Sharpie pen and draw a line down it’s “back”. You can also use the Sharpie to color in little dots on it’s back.

When you are finished you can use an acrylic matte sealer spray to seal the pain and Sharpie. You could also use a glossy spray or no spray at all. It’s entirely up to you.  

Using craft glue adhere wiggly eyes on to the rock . Or if you like you can paint eyes on before sealing it with the acrylic spray.

Not only are these ladybugs insanely easy and inexpensive to make they also make cute decorations for around your home and garden. You can glue magnets on the back of them and use them to decorate your fridge. I like the idea of adding a few in a garden or one or two in a potted plant. I’m sure you can find many places around your home that could use some color and “cheering up” after this miseralble Winter we had.

Make a large ladybug and use it on your desk as a paperweight.

These would make great gifts too.

Get crafty and see what other kinds of insects you can make from rocks like worms, bees or turtles. At www.Annie-tiques.com I saw that someone made these adorable critters (the photo came from her site too).

Or you can add pipe cleaners, chenille stems, glitter, feathers and other craft supplies left over to create a one of a kind creature. Have fun with it and let you imagination go wild!


*The top photo is from the website www.Kaboose.com and can be found here, http://crafts.kaboose.com/earth-ladybug-rocks.html. Middle picture appears to be a stock photo found on Google.

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  1. I love winter! I know, call me crazy! We are actually getting snow as I type this and I am loving it. We have only had a dusting back in November so I am ready for a few days of it.

    Those little lady bugs are absolutely adorable. My kids would love those. Going to have to dig through my rocks and paint! 🙂
    Tammy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday The Kiddos