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My family had our condo no the market in hopes of selling and buying a house with a yard. I dream of having our own yard. Not only so our pets can run around but also so my kids can be kids.

I grew up in the country. I was never home. I was always out doing something whether it was exploring the woods, fishing, building forts or splashing in the mud puddles. Yo wouldn’t find me glued in front of the TV. No way! If the weather was decent I was outside all the time. My motto was if I wasn’t dirty I wasn’t having fun. 🙂

My kids are the polar opposite of me. They don’t know how to have fun outside. If they get dirty it bothers them and they have to rush home, wash up and get changed.

This is why I always dreamed of a house with a yard. I want my kids to experience how much fun it is to be outside and enjoy being a kid, even if it’s just for a few more years (they are teenagers now). Even at their age there is no reason why they can’t pick wild flowers, chase butterflies or capture fireflies.

Sadly our condo is no longer on the market and the dream of having a house with a yard is going ot remain just that – a dream. Now I have to find other ways of getting my kids outside and active and away from their cell phones, computers and TV.

Did you know that most American’s currently spend about 60 hours a month online? For people like me (a blogger) I’m sure that number is double or even triple. Sigh… that is pretty pathetic.

I really need to get out more often – my family included! We need to seize the moment and live our lives out loud. Even better, we need to act like kids, have fun and get a little dirty if need be. I am certainly not afraid of a little dirt. 🙂

Shout® is also on a mission to help people re-program their daily routines. They want you to get the most out of life and not worry about getting dirty. With Shout you can enjoy life and still look your best.

Shout has even teamed up with Jennie Finch, and Olympic athlete, to help encourage families to unplug their computers, put down their cell phones and turn off the TV and go out and get messy.

Shout Wipes

Jennie has even come up with some great tips to help encourage you to re-program you daily routine and “live life out loud”.

Jennie’s Tips to Reprogram Your Daily Routine and Live Life Out Loud

Unplug from Electronics – We all have our favorite TV shows, iPad apps and video games that can easily occupy weeknights. Make a commitment to take at least 30 minutes each day to unplug the whole family from their favorite gadgets and spend some quality time together doing a fun and creative activity. Encourage the whole family to go outside and get dirty! Fresh air is invigorating and allows children to run freely without the worry of knocking over breakables or bumping into furniture. Shout Wipes ensure you can clean up stains on the go so everyone can get the most out of life and still look their best.

Get Messy with Craft Projects – Arts and crafts are another fun way to change up your daily routine with interactive, hands-on fun. Create a craft box of construction paper, glue, paint and seasonal items. Dedicate each month to a new craft project. For example – carve or decorate pumpkins with markers in October, make “turkey hands” or acorn decorations in November and special ornaments or holiday decorations in December. These homemade craft projects foster creativity, add decoration to the house and are a fun memento to keep for years to come. Have no fear – paint, glitter and markers are no match for Shout so your family can be creative no matter how messy they get.


Use Your Imagination – If the weather does not permit outside play, get out a board game, or better yet, make up a brand new game with items around the house. You can write down the rules on a dry erase board as you go and the whole family gets to be inventive and resourceful with playtime!

Child-Friendly Baking Projects – Children love to help out in the kitchen and decorate cookies, cupcakes – or anything sweet! Use food coloring to make different colored frostings and go to town with sprinkles galore! As an added bonus – children can steal a few licks of frosting while helping out mom. Don’t worry about the mess; Shout has you covered with an arsenal of stain-lifting products.

Look to your CommunityGetting involved in local events is a great way to reprogram your daily routine and switch up the types of activities your family participates in on a regular basis. Art fairs, color runs, pie eating contests…the list goes on and on. Get active in your community’s events and you’ll meet new people and live life out loud!

In addition to Jennie’s tips you might want to check out the “Reprogramming America for Fun App” on Facebook. When you login the app will integrate your name and profile photo into a short, personalized video all about seizing the moment – setting you free to start living out loud and having fun, without worrying about getting a little messy. You can get inspired to re-program your life with the wonderful images shared by other Shout fans and share your own ideas on how to seize the moment on the Facebook page.

If you would like to learn more about Shout visit www.ShoutitOut.com. You can also check out the Shout Facebook page for information, coupons and more.

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*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise noted.

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  1. I can’t wait for the weather to get better so that we can go outside and play!!!
    Alison recently posted..I Love Driving

  2. That is why I can’t wait for this horrid weather to end I want to get outside with the kiddos every day

  3. We go outside any chance we get and we are lucky enough to have local community centers that offer indoor parks!
    Susan Alban recently posted..The Stinky Cheese Man!

  4. Joni Mason says:

    I always had my son involved in outdoor activities. At the age of 4 he had his own garden and loved working in it, He also played sports and was in the Boy Scouts. I think the key to keeping active is to introduce your child to all the outdoor activities possible and then they will be sure to continue to be active throughout their lives.

  5. I love that my kids love to be outside, don’t get me wrong the love the electronics, but given the choice they go outside! i will do whatever I can to always encourage that!!

  6. I swear by Shout, it is the best and I always have it in my laundry room.

  7. natalie nichols says:

    I wish we had a yard but it doesn’t look like we will for a very long time. We do live near several parks though.

  8. Maria Iemma says:

    I have to confess that I am very much an indoor person and my kids are the complete opposite. They love the outdoors, playing, hiking etc. Good thing my husband likes the outdoors as well!

  9. This is absolutely true. I need to get my kids out more. I was always outside as a child too! They don’t have any imagination and I think that’s why. Get OUT!!!!

  10. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I go outdoors much more now that nicer weather is here. I enjoy taking my grandson to the park, packing a lunch for us and just having fun.