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Photo Source: Aqua Spa's Facebook Page

Photo Source: Aqua Spa’s Facebook Page

I love that the warmer weather is here. I’m not a fan of heat and humidity but I do enjoy wearing tee shorts, shorts and capris instead of heavy winter coats, sweatpants and sweaters.

The only downside to exposing more skin (aside from getting sunburned) is that the winter months tend to dry skin out and now is the time to sooth and heal dry skin so that it looks radiant and soft to the touch when you are wearing your summer wardrobe and even your itty bitty bathing suit.

I am the Queen of Moisturizers (LOL). I have so many bottles, tubes and jars all over my home. I love to try different ones. I also have a few favorites too. As far as I’m concerned you can never have too many moisturizers for your body, hand, face and hair.

I recently received three bottles of moisturizing lotions from Aqua Spa Body Crème  to try out and review. Just like it is with chocolate, I can never pass up a beauty product review.

Aqua Spa is more than your average body moisturizing lotion. Aqua Spa Body Crème  is a Marine Youth Complex that keeps your body moisturized and hydrated while stimulating cell renewal and boosting collagen to help combat the signs of aging. Aqua Spa also combines a bit of aromatherapy making these lotions a must have for any beach tote bag or vacation luggage.

Aqua Spa Body Crème  is available in three scents;

  • Energize – A burst of citrus and crisp ginger
  • Relax – A calming blend of chamomile and lavender
  • Soothe – A delightful bled of mint and eucalyptus
A photo of the Aqua Spa products I was sent to review that I shared on my Instagram page (SheScribes)

A photo of the Aqua Spa products I was sent to review that I shared on my Instagram page (SheScribes)

I received all three scents to review.

The very first thing I noticed when I received the Aqua Spa Body Crème  products is that they are not “itty bitty” tubes. These are huge tubes. That was a nice surprise. Not only that they are filled to the max with the lotion meaning you’ll get a lot of lotion in each tube.

The lotion it’s self is very thick, rich and creamy. A little bit goes along way. It takes just a few moments for it to absorb into your skin but once it’s on your skin you can see and feel the difference. It leaves your skin soft to the touch and helps to combat dry skin.

This does not work well as a hand lotion. I tried. It’s too thick and rich for that. You CAN use it on your hands but it’s better suited for your body.

I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin it’s self. I know the product helps to stimulate cell renewal and combat the signs of aging. I don’t think I have any tell-tale signs of aging skin (yet), except on my face. That might be why. None the less I love how the product feels on my skin.

The scents are AMAZING! I love them! They smell delightful and the scent sticks with you for a while too. It doesn’t dissipate after a minute or two like other scented products. I find myself applying the Aqua Spa Body Crème on my skin just so I can smell it.

I apply the different scents depending on the of the day. In the AM I use Energize because I need all the energy I can get in the morning. In the evening/late night I use Relax because I find lavender very relaxing. For me, Soothe is great any time of the day or night.

The product is the same – it’s just the scent that is different. So it’s OK to use more than one scent during the day.

I am truly enjoying Aqua Spa Body Crème , not only for how they make my skin feel but also for the great scents that I get to enjoy throughout the day.

Aqua Spa Body Crème is available at Walmart and Amazon.com for $9.99 (each).

For more information about these and other products visit www.AquaSpaBath.com. You can also find the brand on all the social media sites (the links are found on the top right of their home page).

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*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I think my jaw dropped when I got to the end of this review and saw that these were at Walmart for $10! They sound like awesome body butters in a tube. I would love to try the Energize scent!

  2. Maralea says:

    These sound really nice! Will have to pick some up next time I’m at WalMart.

  3. M.Clark says:

    Aqua Spa is a brand that I am not familiar with, but after reading your review I would love to try it. I’d like to try the Soothe products, with the mint and eucalyptus scent.