September’s Every Day Heroes – Educators

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It’s September, and across the country many families are focusing on one thing – back to school time.

Both of my kids are in high school this year. My daughter is a Junior and my son is a Freshman.

Unlike in elementary school and middle school I am not very familiar with their teachers this year. It’s easier to get to know a teacher when your child has just one – like they do in elementary school. The older they get the more teachers they have.

I admire teachers. I wish I had what it takes to be one. I think it takes a special person to dedicate their lives to educating hundreds of children. As a parent I always worry that I am not doing enough to teach my children, or that I am missing important things that I should be teaching them. I couldn’t imagine being responsible for the education of someone else’s child.

Over the years my kids have had some fabulous teachers. One teacher especially we loved so much that every time we see her when we’re out and about we have to run up and give her a great big hug.

We knew she was special the first time we met her. Not only is she a very sweet person but she genuinely cares about the well being of her students. Our son always struggled in class. He started school a year too early (he has a late birthday) and as a result he’s always lagged behind his classmates. Knowing this she always made time to offer him extra help and more one-on-one attention. She even gave him special responsibilities in class to help boost his confidence and self esteem.

Teachers are often underpaid which means they have to use their own money to buy their own classroom supplies.

If we, as parents, are stressed out about back to school time I can’t imagine how overstressed teachers must be. Even more so around the time of state and final exams.

Educators are very special people. In honor of back to school time Dollar General would like to celebrate educators every where. That is why they made educators their September’s Every Day Hero.

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Do you have a special teacher in your life? What makes the teacher so special? Feel free to comment and tell me more about her/him.


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  1. I remember all my teachers in grade school but had so many in high school. Those with a more unique teaching style stand out (like my crazy chemistry teacher). I do remember freshman year was great so good luck to your son. I had no peer pressure, was in every sport imaginable, and was a cheerleader to boot. We didn’t have computers then, lol, so life was more simple, and I’ll go ahead and say it, more enjoyable. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

  2. Yes teaches can be our every day heroes. If you have a good teacher and he or she has the childrens interest and learning at heart , they can learn alot especially if they like that teacher. If they dont – I dont think they will learn as well. If there is a special teacher you had you will always remember them.