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I never realized how the simple thing in life can bring you such great joy until I became a parent. Suddenly things like a giggle, your daughter trying on your shoes (which are huge on her tiny feet) and the look on a child’s face when he wakes up Christmas morning and finds that Santa has paid a visit, become more precious to you then anything else.

As a parent we experience so many moments of pure joy. Most parents try and capture these sweet moments in pictures and on video. Moments such as their child’s first steps, first haircut and first day of school. Personally I have photo albums bursting open with photos of my kids, not to mention more CDs full of pictures then I can count.

Fisher-Price would love for you to share your Moment of Joy on their new Moments of Joy site (it just launched today!). They are also having a sweepstakes in honor of the launch. From today (11/27/12) until December 20, 2012 when you upload photos and videos that show your special Moments of Joy with your child you will automatically be entered to win one of five weekly $100 gift cards, or possibly the grand prize which is $1,000 worth of Fisher-Price toys!

Fisher-Price toys have always brought me happiness and joy, even when I was a young girl. I am especially into the Fisher-Price Little People. I actually collect them. I even have my original sets from when I was a young girl, including my wooden Little People figures.

There are very few photos of me (long story). I was surprised that many of the photos that I do have show me playing with Fisher-Price toys.

Me with my Fisher-Price Rolly Polly Chime Bear

Me with my Fisher-Price Little People Bus

Me with my Fisher-Price Little People Snowmobile

I wonder if these moments brought joy to my Mom and Dad?

I have so many moments of joy from my own children. I went ahead and uploaded several photos on the Moments of Joy website.

Uploading photos and video is very easy. You can also write a description about the Moment of Joy that you shared. I am enjoying viewing the photos and videos and learning more about the back story behind them. It’s very sweet!

You can even check out the site to look for your own photos and video. I searched and found a few of mine.

Here is a screen shot of two of them.

One photo shows my husband, daughter and dog fast asleep. They were watching TV and they all dosed off, even the dog. I thought it was very sweet. 🙂

The other photo shows my daughter (in the blue shirt) on TV. She won an essay writing contest and had the opportunity to read her essay on TV and was interviewed. That was an awesome moment of joy (and a very proud parent moment too!).

Here are a few other photos I shared on the Moments of Joy website. You might even seen them displayed on the screen if you visit the site.

My kids being silly.

Random moment with my kids. They looked so cute together.

I love this photo. We took the same photo a few years later and it was fun to see how much our son has grown. He’s taller than me now. It’s time to take another photo like this.

Are you ready to upload and share your Moments of Joy?

Visit the Fisher-Price Moments of Joy Sweepstakes page to upload your moments and enter the sweepstakes. You can also enter the Moments of Joy Sweepstakes on Facebook. You must be the age of majority in their state of residence and a legal resident of the U.S. or the District of Columbia.

In honor of the site’s launch I am also doing a giveaway for a $100 American Express (AMEX) give card to give to a lucky reader.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end at 12:01 AM (EST) on December 10, 2012. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

To enter please comment on this post and share with me a Moment of Joy in your life.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you MUST complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

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*I will be receiving compensation by Fisher-Price, however Fisher-Price is not a sponsor, administrator, or involved in any other way with this post. All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way. 

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  1. Celebrating birthdays are always filled w/joy!

  2. Being there for when my grandchildren were born

  3. Adrienne gordon says:

    watching all the kids at thanksgiving.

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    There have been so many moments of joy with my kids. One moment happened in May this year–my son graduated from medical school the same week my daughter graduated from high school. I thought my heart would burst.

  5. Margaret Smith says:

    A moment of joy for me is this past weekend, when my kids and I decorate our house and tree for Christmas. They all got along so well and was helping each other. It was a touching moment 🙂
    Thanks so much.

  6. Just a little over two weeks ago on 11-10-12 , our daughter was married and was the most beautiful bride!

  7. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I had many, the birth of 3 children and 9 grandchildren and nothing made me happier

  8. nothing compares to the birth of my daughters… that first cry

  9. A moment of joy in my life was of course the birth of my two daughters, but I was REALLY excited more recently for the birth of my two grandsons!

  10. Lisa Brown says:

    The moment of joy for me was when my sister had her first child.

  11. Lisa Brown says:

    RSS feed with Bloglines reader via email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  12. The birth of my daughter, for sure.

  13. The birth of all 3 of my children were my moments of joy.

  14. Playing Santa Claus at a nursing home and getting to visit a 90 yr. old patient that wasn’t able to come down to the area where I was. This was over 40 yrs. ago and she still touches my heart every Christmas!

  15. Audra Weathers says:

    When my daughter was born was definitely a moment of joy; especially since she was 7 years in the making. 🙂

  16. Ann Fantom says:

    I had a moment of joy watching my daughter play her violin

  17. Jemima Puddleduck says:

    Nothing tops the births of my babies!

  18. The births of my two little boys… and they bring me joy everyday!

  19. My moments of joy include the birth of both of my sons as well as their graduations from college. I also have to include my own college achievement as a joyful moment: I started college at age 17 and finally got my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology at age 48!

  20. Jennifer Rote says:

    One of mine was my sons 1st day of school.

  21. Watching my boys running on the beach.

  22. Olivia Rubin says:

    Bittersweet, but dropping my sister back off at the airport this past Friday. It wa the first time that we spent a week together as a family argument free! We arrived at FLL and looked at each other at the same time and all started crying simultaneously. We all just got along so well,,amd as grow ups, we now know what is important in life and appreciate having one another.

  23. Jennifer B says:

    Vacationing in Florida for the first time for my Grandmas 50th wedding anniversary and going to sea world

  24. Holding my baby for the first time was a moment of joy

  25. Sarah Hirsch says:

    my moment of joy is taking my kids on vacation

  26. April Yedinak says:

    Recent moment of joy- my 14 and 12 year old got down on the floor to play with toys with my youngest. It was very sweet.

  27. April Yedinak says:

    I uploaded a moment and it was harder than heck to find it once it was approved. Then, the link just keeps going to the main page. So…I have copied the link to where I shared my entry on my FB wall. Hope that qualifies.


    • I’m sorry that it was giving you trouble April. No worries. I have you down for five extra entries for uploading your Moment of Joy. 🙂

  28. Vickie couturier says:

    watching my grandchildren be born,priceless an beautiful

  29. I get so much joy watching my son at swimming lessons! He gets so excited.

  30. Sonya Morris says:

    Seeing my babies for the first time.

  31. April Brenay says:

    when my son ran to my husband when he got back from Afghanistan

  32. Debra Hall says:

    when my grandson was born and i was the first one to hold him

  33. Shannon Morris says:

    Having my children and my wedding day are the big joyous moments in my life

  34. The day I met my husband, it was the day my whole life changed. He has not only gave me so many happy moments he helped me make our wonderful daughter!

  35. 5/12/2012 found out we were pregnant 🙂

  36. Seeing my sons play together everyday brings me many moments of joy!

  37. seeing my children happy – best feeling in the world

  38. Jason Crooks says:

    Seeing my daughters face the first time she rode on a horse.

  39. My moment of joy is the hugs I get before my children go to school.

  40. One of the biggest was when I walked into my daughter’s kindergarten class and she was up in front of the class reading them a story. It almost made me cry.

  41. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    When I had my twin daughters in September =)

  42. My kids surprise me and keep me in stitches daily

  43. Jessica To says:

    Seeing how excited my son was to see his cousins at Thanksgiving was a recent joyous moment.

  44. My moment of joy is most mornings! My kids love making my coffee in our Keurig. I usually come down in the morning to a nice, piping hot cup of coffee, usually with a note that says have a great day! It’s awesome!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  45. Every single day my daughter was alive.

  46. beth shepherd says:

    I have many moments of joy and they include my wedding day and the day all 3 of my children was born.

  47. My most recent Moment of Joy was when I got the call that I was accepted to graduate school.

  48. When my son came back from Iraq it was one of the best days of my life after all those days of terror

  49. carol roberts says:

    when my kids took a picture with the ester bunny

  50. Tari Lawson says:

    A moment of joy in my life is watching my son get an award for the most creative student. We did not know he was getting the award. It was awesome.

  51. The most joyful moment was when my daughter was born

  52. the day my youngest daughter was born and her older sister got to hold her for the first time. It’s one of my favorite memories and pictures. Thank you!

  53. Everytime I see the love that my kids have for one another is a moment of joy 🙂

  54. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    holding my niece for the first time was amazing and really powerful.

  55. Thomas Murphy says:

    when my son was born.

  56. the birth of each of my children have been the greatest joys i have had

  57. Wendy Kroy says:

    I always get joy when I make my boyfriend laugh.

  58. debbie jackson says:
  59. My moment of joy was when we adopted our son Eric, then my wife got pregnant and had our son Andrew!

  60. My moment of joy happened when I found out I was pregnant!

  61. I’ve had three moments of joy – the births of my three boys! 🙂 I cried each time when I first saw them!

  62. Stephanie V. says:

    When my little boy looked up at me and said for the first time, “I love you mommy!”

  63. Monique Rizzo says:

    When my daughter was born.
    Thanks for the chance.

  64. The day I got engaged!

  65. the day my daughter was born!

  66. my night time tuck ins with my kids!

  67. watching my kids opening their christmas presents
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  68. Rachel Miller says:

    Hearing my daughter laugh is always something that makes my heart so happy 🙂

  69. When my husband proposed to me on my birthday!!

  70. Vickie couturier says:
  71. Tara Liebing says:

    My favorite moment of joy was when my son took his first step

  72. Ashley Hatten says:

    the birth of both of my children 🙂

  73. Of course the day both of my children were born!

  74. I have a moment of joy every day I wake up in my husband’s arms.

  75. Jennifer T. says:

    My most recent moment of joy was when my daughter’s teacher told me she had good table manners.

  76. Moments of joy were alot of times with my grandfather

  77. Jessica B. says:

    I love the moment when my son met Mickey for the first time this summer.

  78. Watching the kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

  79. My most recent moment of joy was seeing my daughter’s expression when she received her first college acceptance letter in the mail!

  80. whenever my son says ‘i love you mommy’

  81. Carolyn G says:

    Mine was when I met my hubby

  82. amy pugmire says:

    when I took my son over to meet my father for the first time.

  83. Tabathia B says:

    Waking up beside my daughter and hearing her say good morning mommy, I love you

  84. kyl neusch says:

    having a great thanksgiving

  85. Christine says:

    Watching my cats! Everyday they bring a smile on my face and help forget troubles and feel very content.

  86. Christine says:

    Have my family every year for the Holidays.
    Thanks for the chance!

  87. linda brooks says:

    When I found out I was pregnant for the first time

  88. my moment of joy was meeting my neice for the first time

  89. Michelle H. says:

    Every day watching our dog greet my daughter when she gets off the bus. She waits in the window at the same time every day just so she can see my daughter’s bus pull up and then she barks and whines until my daughter gets in the house.

  90. The day my son was born

  91. Mary Calabrese says:

    My moment of joy was hearing my cousin yell out my name as I accepted my diploma for my Master’s Degree.

  92. Kathryn C. says:

    The birth of my 3 children. Thanks so much!

  93. holding them

  94. Giving birth to my beautiful kids.

  95. Getting Married is one of my moments

  96. D Schmidt says:

    I shared a picture of my sons first steam train ride, they are both obsessed with trains so going on a real one was such great fun for them!
    This is the email link confirmation they sent but I cannot actually see it when I go there :http://www.fisher-price.com/en_US/MomentsOfJoy/index.html?x=us_showcase_2254_

  97. Playing in the sand with my grandchildren last summer was pure joy!

  98. patricia skinner says:

    A moment of joy for me was when I met my husband.

  99. moment of joy for me was bring my son home from the hospital and seeing his little hands wave outside the crib

  100. Jamie Brigham says:

    When I had my children, definitely one of three of the best moments in my entire life. I would give birth to them over and over and over again. Plus raising them and being a stay at home mom.

  101. A few moments of joy was finding out we were pregnant after a miscarriage.


  102. Watching my husband be a dad for the first time. Those very first moments of my first born’s life.

  103. when i first held my baby niece

  104. courtney b says:

    having my baby girl one year ago!

  105. Katherine says:

    My future son in law proposing to my daughter

  106. when my niece & nephew come over they’re all smiles and giggles!

  107. Jannie Bryant says:

    When each one of my children were born.

  108. Heather S says:

    Seeing friends and family at Thanksgiving

  109. We have a video of my little boys dancing on the back porch. Humorous and just plain fun!!

  110. Barbara Montag says:

    My biggest moment of joy – meeting my birth daughter and her family!
    Thank you.

  111. Finding my now fiance, so many events had to happen for us to find each other and we did

  112. Patricia Treskovich says:

    adopting a new pet

  113. The day my husband and I got married was incredibly special!

  114. When my niece was born.

  115. I have to go with the birth of my 3 kids. Seeing what they looked like for the first time was pure joy.

  116. Angela Kinder says:

    The moment we knew our Mom was going to live after having heart surgery.

  117. Meeting the love of my life

  118. caitlin tate says:

    Teaching kids!

  119. The birth of my daughter.

  120. The day I met my step daughter.

  121. being promoted
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  122. Theresa Jenkins says:

    having twin girls when I was expecting 1 big boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. renee walters says:

    My moment of joy was when my kid’s were born. Thanks for the great giveaway and happy holidays!

  124. My baby girl has just started standing. That super excited and proud look in her eye when she gets herself up makes me so happy every time.

  125. my special moment was watching my baby graduate college

  126. jose benavides says:

    I remember being at my grandmothers house and playing with a lawn mower that blew bubbles.. i felt like such an adult

  127. steve brown says:

    The births of my two little boys

  128. Jessica Rose says:

    A moment of Joy for me, graduating college!

  129. Stephanie says:

    Watching my kids do something they love like playing sports!

  130. The joy in my life was watching my grandson preform in the holiday program

  131. LOIS PAYTON says:

    I have three, when I married the love of my life and when my to daughters were born, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YA’LL SAFE,

  132. My son’s smile at his birthday party:-)

  133. I experienced immense joy when I helped the police in Florida and Georgia catch a serial rapist preying on women in both states!

  134. those quieter moments with my kids

  135. Tracy Robertson says:

    Christmas family dinners!

  136. Steve Stone says:

    when i got my first puppy was awesome

  137. PAIGE CHANDLER says:

    Watching my daughyter sleep is very joyous.

  138. Of course when I had my son, but since it took me 3 years to get pregnant, I would also say finding out I was pregnant.

  139. Celebrating 25 years clean and sober this year

    ky2here at msn dot com

  140. Elizabeth Langston says:

    The day my daughter won a full scholarship to college.

  141. Jessica Galle says:

    Meeting my son for the first time and knowing he was a piece of me.

  142. Kathleen Downes says:

    My moment of joy was when I gave birth to my son.

  143. My most joyous moment would have to be the day of my mom’s graduation from nursing school!

  144. Meeting my babies for the first time 🙂

  145. dani marie says:

    any time i am with my niece. she is adorable and the joy of my life.

  146. Everyday when I can say that my glass is truely half full instead of half empty. Make my day, Please.

  147. Debra L. Guillen says:

    When I found out I was pregnant after 8 1/2 years

  148. Gennie Lancaster says:

    The birth of my daughter after a very long and hard pregnancy and labor!

  149. casey everidge says:

    when my baby was born!

  150. the birth of my daughter

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  151. Diana Stanhope says:

    My wedding was truly joyful.

  152. The birth of my two kids. Best thing that ever happened to me

  153. The 1st time I got to hold my baby daughter in my arms.

  154. A moment of joy was being there when my little grandson was born.

  155. My graduation from college was a pretty spectacular day! There many moments of joy involved, not because of my achievement, but my whole family was together to celebrate and it was just a kind of perfect day!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  156. Alison Wood says:

    A moment of joy for me was the first time I talked to my niece on the phone.

  157. Linda Lansford says:

    joy is waking up. everyday is joyful

  158. My moment of joy was sleeping in yesterday, I love sleeping in

  159. My moment of joy is when my kids are playing nice and laughing together.

  160. Dagmara Hawkins says:

    My moments of joy are spending time with my family and friends

  161. When my 2.5 yr old was able to say Mama for the first time.

  162. Desiree Dunbar says:

    My kids first steps!

  163. My first child was born on Christmas and my second, on mother’s day!

  164. Michelle S says:

    The day my daughter was born, but secondly the day my husband came home from Afghanistan 🙂

  165. When I got to sing onstage at Lincoln Center with The Denver Women’s Chorus.
    Thanks for the contest.

  166. Unfair to those of us who aren’t parents!

    I can’t enter the sweepstakes because I’m not a parent. I do read official rules before entering contests and these say I have to be the parent or legal guardian of kid(s).

    Oh, well. I tried.

  167. Lucy Schwartz says:

    the births of each of our 3 children have been moments of Joy. But the last child’s birth was even more special . John was born at home . His 2 older sisters were not in the bed room at the time of his birth . And the pictures of them holding him soon after are priceless.

  168. Stephanie Larison says:

    I love waking up to hear my daughter singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to me!

  169. steve weber says:

    when my niece was born.

  170. Angela Cisco says:

    Going to parent teacher conference and seeing my son get straight A’s

  171. My wedding day was a moment of joy.

  172. One of my moments of joy was finding out I was pregnant with my daughter.

  173. Oh god there are so many in my life since my son was born. My son was a late talker – he didn’t start until he was 2 1/2 he is 3 1/2 now I guess my moments of joy is when my son reads out loud to me – yes reads…he didnt start talking until 2 1/2 but he started reading at 3 and now at 3 1/2 he can read kindergarten level books. I know it may seem odd, but we worried about his development soooo long (still worry about certain things) that when he started reading it was a sigh of relief.

  174. When I found out I was pregnant with my sons

    Samantha D
    dull2000 at cox dot net

  175. Recently, a moment of joy was buying our first house.

  176. Michelle W says:

    I just took in a stray a few months ago and my cats are finally accepting him, I can’t tell you how happy that makes me

  177. Shawnn Parr says:

    Being with my family during the holidays gives me joy!

  178. Tiffany H says:

    I am engaged now and my engagement brought me so much joy. I love that I get to marry my best friend.

  179. Pauline M says:

    My special moment is a really silly one… I was in the drive thru of my credit union and my 3 year old son unbuckled his seat belt and started rubbing the back of my head. I was shocked and a bit angry and asked his what he was doing. He told me he was looking for the eyes in the back of my head. I couldn’t stop laughing!

  180. The first time my son said mama I love you


  181. Getting a postcard from one of my swim students who wouldn’t even put her feet in the water for the first 2 weeks of “swim class” , swimming with dolphins in Hawaii later that year! Helped her conquer her extreme fear of water. SO joyful!

  182. My son married a wonderful young woman. They are very happy.

  183. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    watching my kids grow up. They taught me how much a heart can grow and break but more than anything, they brought me JOY!
    vmkids3 at msn dot com



  185. It gives me joy to see my children grow and mature each year, it is evident on birthdays and holidays. Thanks.

  186. The other day when they told my husband that radiation was successful and the cancer was all gone!

  187. Mine are all grown up…so many good moments. It was a great moment when they graduated

  188. My moment of joy was the day my daughter was born.

  189. Kellie Rose Wilson says:

    Rescuing my dog Tucker from a shelter!

  190. Shirley Hicks says:

    the birth of my kids and grandchildren

  191. Watching the boy eyes light up Christmas Morning

  192. Every day is our special moment, and all that we accomplish and all of the milestones along the day such as first days of school, birthdays and holidays 🙂 Thanks!

  193. Richard Hicks says:

    Birth of our kids for sure!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  194. Holding my newborn grandson for the first time.

  195. Mary Cloud says:

    When my two children were born
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  196. The birth of both of my kids.

  197. playing with my niece-pure happiness

  198. Julia Oletskaya says:

    moment of joy was when I gave birth to my twin boys

  199. When my boys started walking

  200. kathy pease says:

    my greatest joy was with the birth of each of my children it is a feeling you cant even begin to explain

  201. When I helped with a kittens birth it was exciting.

  202. My moment of joy is after many failed attempts, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this past August! He brings me moments of joy every day.

  203. Tonya Dean says:

    The day my daughter took her first steps.


  204. Miz Vickik says:

    when my daughter was born =)

  205. jeannine s says:

    The day my fiance proposed

  206. the moment when my daughter walked to me

  207. Melissa VandenBerg says:

    When my three sons were born….best three days ever!!

  208. Misses Giveaways says:

    My moment of joy is the day I married my best friend!

  209. The day I met Chris Daughtry!

  210. My wedding day was a moment of joy!
    Rafflecopter: Heidi TextbookMommy

  211. Watching my children talk excited about an event in their lives.

  212. Padma Miller says:

    When I had my children.

  213. Brittney House says:

    marrying my husband

  214. Jennifer R says:

    A moment of joy in my life was the birth of my twins.

  215. graduating high school 🙂

  216. My sons first day of college

  217. Watching the family grow and become stronger.

  218. Cassandra McCann says:

    one moment of joy was the morning after my youngest slept through the night

  219. tracey byram says:

    Every moment I spend with my grandchildren is a moment of joy.

  220. Seeing a saddle under the Christmas tree when I was ten

  221. mary gardner says:

    there are many, but the most recent is the day i found out my grandbaby was actually going to be twin grandbabies!

    jagar0047 at yahoo dot com

  222. My son of joy came when my son read his first book.

  223. Heather Swarthout says:

    The minute I knew I was pregnant for my daughter, and even better.. the birth of my daughter!

  224. Thanks for the giveaway… I always experience joy watching my daughters play volleyball & basketball, their sheer determination & athleticism.

  225. My moment of joy was when my daughter told me she was coming to visit from out of state for Thanksgiving weekend.

  226. Carol Mclemore says:

    When my daughter was born:)

  227. My wedding day was filled with moments of joy!

  228. A moment of joy in my life was the day I married my husband…it was such a beautiful day!

  229. Vikki Billings says:

    I have many moments of Joy, the birth of my daughter, the birth of my son, the birth of my grandson and the birth of my granddaughter. Nothing can compare!

  230. The first time I held my grandson.

  231. When my son returned from Iraq was a moment of joy.

  232. Beth Palacios says:

    A moment of joy….. my kid’s being born. Life changing joy 🙂

  233. When my best friend and her baby after suffering a miscarriage

  234. jules mcnubbin says:

    when my 2nd daughter was born. i’d lost my mother the year before so she was a blessing..

  235. Sara Wood says:

    My moment of joy is everyday I spend with my son. He brings tons of joy to my life.

  236. Jeanette H. says:

    There are so many moments of joy in my life. I have a son and a daughter and they grow so fast. When they first smile, first laugh, first crawl, first words, first steps. And I miss them being little but enjoy them at the age they are.

  237. when I met my true love

  238. A moment of joy for me was seeing my son’s face light up when he finally saw the Rocky Mountains in person.

  239. jeanne conner says:

    every day when I get home, my joy is sitting at the door waiting for me..

  240. amy deeter says:

    giving birth to my children

  241. The day my son was born!

  242. spending time with my loved ones brings me joy

  243. Lisa Garner says:

    There’s so many. One great moment of joy recently was my daughter being able to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star all the way through with me.

  244. The two best moments of joy days in my life was the birth of my two boys.

  245. Nicole Larsen says:

    Having my daughter 5 years ago was definitely the biggest joy of my life 🙂

  246. jen gersch says:

    adopting our chocolate lab

  247. Deanna G. says:

    When I got my braces off! 🙂

  248. Having my children 🙂

  249. thischickwins says:

    my moment was teaching my cousin to read

  250. The birth of my son and daughter!! Nothing can compare to that!

  251. Mya Murphy says:

    losing over 300 pounds with gastric bypass

  252. Amy DeLong says:

    moment of joy last week when my 5 and 8 year old sons brought home very good report cards

  253. I love it when my kids play well together! They’re so different in age and temperment that it’s rare for them to all play well.

  254. Lindsey M says:

    When both my boys were born

  255. I actually had a moment of joy last night. My daughter was sneezing and she said, “Mommy, I’m sneezing, that means I’m sick”, So I told her ” Don’t worry, mommy will take care of you,” and SHE SAID ” I know, mommy”. It was so sweet.

  256. carol lewis says:

    My latest one was when my youngest, my only son, got married this summer. The look of happiness on his face was beautiful.

  257. Claire McKeon says:

    Seeing my two babies for the first time

  258. Peggy Rydzewski says:

    The best moment was watching my grandson being born

  259. Annemarie Z. says:

    I was so happy when I received a cat as my Christmas gift when I was younger!

  260. Becky Richied says:

    One of the best recent moments in my life was the first time I held my first grandson in my arms. It is truly a blessing followed soon by my other three grandchildren.


  261. Samantha Meyer says:

    Moments of joy are spending time with my loved ones.

  262. Watching my daughter give birth to her daughter. 🙂

  263. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    My son is my joy, wakes up every morning with a smile

  264. Aimee Fontenot says:

    A moment of joy for me just happened recently. I was at my sister’s house and my 2 year old niece looked at me and said, “I love you Nanny, you’re so beautiful.” She’s such a sweet child and just melts my heart.

  265. One moment of joy in my life was when my son called me Mommy for the first time =)

  266. Tonya Dreese says:

    The birth of all my children. 🙂

  267. Having each of my babies!

  268. latisha depoortere says:

    I would say being able to spend my birthday with my mom was a nice day together!

  269. The first art project my oldest son made for me. He did his hand print in finger paints. That was 20 years ago & I still have it 🙂

  270. Susan Smith says:

    The birth of my children were moments of joy for me

  271. I have lots, but the birth of daughter tops them all.

  272. Tanya White says:

    The birth of 5 of my kids

  273. jessica edwards says:

    the day my daughter was born

  274. Sharing holiday dinners with extended family

  275. a marie hj saver says:

    When I saw my mom after she finally got herself the car she always wanted.

  276. Charity S says:

    The day my son was born.

  277. When my toddler gives me hugs

  278. No kiddos yet, but a moment of joy for me this year was when we got our puppy!! She is now almost 5 months old, and we adore her 🙂 Love seeing all the milestones she is reaching every day.

  279. susan smoaks says:

    the biggest moment of joy in my life was the night i met my husband, life has been amazing ever since

  280. Today when my son helped my daughter with her seatbelt (they’re usually fighting)

  281. Michelle Tucker says:

    My greatest moment of joy was when I married the most wonderful man 10 years ago. It was also the worst because I thought I’d pass out from the pain of my shoes.

  282. Last Christmas when a lot of the family, even extended, spent it together!

  283. spirit_kim says:

    Being with my family during the holidays was always a time of joy.

  284. Spending time with my family.

  285. Melanie Montgomery says:

    When my husband surprised me with my mawmaw’s wedding band perfectly sized to fit my finger.

  286. Trisha McKee says:

    IT was the first time my stepson held my daughter. She was a day old and he was six. I have that picture and want to get it enlarged and framed. The pure joy on his face- they are now nineteen and almost thirteen and are still so close.

  287. My wedding day (11 years ago) to my best friend

  288. shanta spradlin says:

    My son wasn’t breathing when he was born. But thank God they got him breathing again.

  289. Vill Schiff says:

    One of my most joyful moments would be when my sister was born and she was perfectly healthy.

  290. There are so many, sometimes when things are a bit tough I think we forget about the joys in our lives. For me there is the day I married my best friend and the most wonderful husband ever, the birth of each of my children, watching them become wonderful adults along the way…graduations, small triumphs, seeing them read for the first time, hearing a first word, all while sharing it with someone I grow to love more each day. A recent joy was reading something my son wrote for college and thinking wow, he is so smart, seeing my daughters latest masterpiece (she is an artist now) and hearing my youngest’s surgeon say that all imprtant phrase…”It went quite well!!” Despite life’s trials I am so lucky to also have life’s joys.

  291. the birth of my daughter was the biggest moment of joy 🙂

  292. The day we got to bring my infant son home from the NICU was a huge moment of joy for our family!

  293. julie hawkins says:

    when my babies were born

  294. My greatest moments of joy was seeing my babies for the 1st time

  295. Kari Flores says:

    When I glance at my 2 month old and he smiles at me.

  296. A moment of joy was when my daughter was born.

  297. Deborah Wallin says:

    My latest moment of joy was the day my daughter got married, and anyday I will be receiving my first grandchild.

  298. Deborah Hogue says:

    Being there when my grandchildren were born!!

  299. The day my daughter in law gave birth to our first grandchild!

  300. I wake up with joy every day.

  301. Carolyn Daley says:

    One of my favorite moments of joy was graduating college a couple of years ago. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. Other moments of joy consist of spending time with the people I love. I enjoy weekend getaways with my boyfriend, especially during the holidays. We like to do the ICE event at Gaylord Palms every Christmas. This year’s theme was Merry Madagascar. The ICE events consist of a 9 degree room full of colored ice sculptures carved out of millions of pounds of ice. It is absolutely stunning! We also enjoy the music and changing lighted Christmas tree at Gaylord Palms.


  302. Linda Ellis says:

    The birth of my first child was the most joyous moment of my life.

  303. When my son was cured of cancer!

  304. Linda Greene says:

    Getting to see my grandson born.

  305. My moment of joy was listening to my child sing. Amazing!

  306. When I was finally able to get married.