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Are you familiar with Shaun White? He’s the two time Olympic gold medalist and skateboard champion. You might know him by long, flaming red hair. He’s even been in movies (Friends with Benefits).

Shaun has partnered up with D6 Sports to create his very own product line, simply called the Shaun White Supply Company (SWSC). Shaun’s company creates, produces and delivers authentic products at the highest specs at price point. That means you get excellent quality gears and products for a great price.

SWSC products are available at select retailers including Amazon.com and Toys R Us.

The product line includes skateboards, BMX bikes, stunt scooters, protective gear, ramps, rails, and other various products. Every product has been rigorously tested, changed and tested again until Shaun and his team felt the SWSC standards were met.  It was important to White that not only could SWSC’s products be used by him in competition, but that they could also be used by youth and beginners.

SWSC Skateboard Collage

We gave our son a SWSC skateboard and helmet. It’s the kind of skateboard that Shaun White himself uses. It’s his Core Complete skateboard with white logo. It was built to spec with competition skaters in mind, however beginners can certainly use the skateboard too. My son is a beginner. He can go back and forth on the sidewalk in front of our building which is mostly flat and straight. There is a section that goes downhill a bit so he’s slowly learning how to control the board when it picks up speed. Unfortunately due to the Winter weather he has not been able to use it as much as he wants to. He’s tried to use the board in his room but I stopped him from doing that. I don’t need him falling off and cracking his head open on the corner of the dresser.

We had another skateboard a few years ago. It was an inexpensive one we picked up at Toys R Us. The quality between the two doesn’t even compare. The SWSC skateboard is an exceptional product compared to the other one. Just the way it’s made you can tell that it goes through some rigorous testing to make sure it’s perfect in every way.

As a mom I appreciate the non-slip surface. The board is covered in a sandpaper type surface which is great for keeping feet where they belong – on the board!

Close up of the non-slip surface.

Close up of the non-slip surface.

The board is bigger then the other one we have too. I’m assuming that is because the SWSC skateboard is a professional one and not a “toy” like our other one.

I asked my son if he wouldn’t mind if I video taped him (or photographed him) on the board, but he was reluctant to agree. He says, and I quote, “I’m going to look like a dork”. I doubt that. I don’t even think I would attempt to try and learn how to use it. I’m accident prone. 🙂

Although having my son learn to use the board makes me nervous, I feel confident that this is the best board to learn from since it’s solid, well made and has a non-slip surface.

I love that he’s excited to learn it. I know a lot of the boys in our condo complex skateboard and I’m hoping that this will give him the opportunity to make friends, not to mention get outside and enjoy some physical activity.

SWSC Helmet Collage

We also have a Shaun White Supply Co. helmet. There is NO WAY I’d let my son use the skateboard without one. He’s actually been in need of a new helmet for a few years now. He was a bit embarrassed by the one he had for his bike that lit up.

I like that this helmet seems to cover his head more then his bike helmet. The bike helmet just sits on top of his head where as the SWSC helmet seems to be more molded to the head and covers more of it. It’s the same helmet that Shaun White himself uses in competition so you know it has to be a good quality protective helmet.

I like that it has vents in it so that heat can release and my son’s head won’t get hot and sweaty.

This helmet is hard too! You can tell just by slapping it with your hand.

The helmet came with extra pads for the inside so you can replace them if/when they become worn out.

The SWSC also sells “street pads” (elbow & knee pads). I need to pick up those for our son too. Either that or I’m going to wrap him up in bubble wrap when he starts to get the hang of the skateboard. Ha Ha.

My son is already asking for one of the SWSC ramps, not only for the skateboard but also so he can ride his bike over it. We’ll see. Let’s master the skateboard first. 🙂

If you or your child/grandchild are into skateboarding, or are interested in learning how to skateboard, you might want to check out the products and gear from the skateboard champion himself, Shaun White.

To check out all the products, or to learn more, visit www.ShaunWhiteSupplyCo.com. You can also check out the brand on Facebook. I don’t see that they have a Twitter page yet, but I’ll update this post if/when they have one.



*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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