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Valentine’s Day brings out the “warm fuzzies” in most people. Lovers like to exchange gifts with one another. Parents and grandparents like to give children little tokens of love. Even friends like to exchange “little somethings” with one another. Someone that brings a lot of love and joy to our lives are often overlooked on Valentine’s Day – your four legged family members. After all, you love them too, don’t you? They certainly show you unconditional love.

If you are thinking about giving that special furry someone a gift this Valentine’s Day, PetSmart has what you are looking for. From Valentine’s Day apparel to Valentine’s toys. They even have cute Valentine’s toys for cats.

I took our dog Espn to get groomed at PetSmart yesterday. They even gave him a cute, sparkly Valentine’s theme bandanna. In addition we also have a fun Valentine’s Day red bow tie, also from PetSmart. In fact he was wearing his bow tie up until I took him to get groomed. All our neighbor’s thought he looked so cute in the bow tie.

Left - Pre-grooming. Right - Bathed & Shaved (groomed)

Left – Pre-grooming. Right – Bathed & Shaved (groomed)

I think he looks pretty dapper in his snazzy attire. 🙂 And although he looks cuter before he’s groomed, he’s A LOT of work to take care of. He’s always getting food all over his facial hair and his “waste” gets stuck to his butt hair. It’s pretty gross. He’s not as cute the first few weeks when he’s shaved, but once his hair starts to come back in he’s cute again.

I tried the bow tie on our cats but it’s too big for their little necks.

Espn even has some Valentine’s Day toys from PetSmart including a Conversation Heart and Caterpillar. He received the Caterpillar yesterday. I always buy him a new toy when he gets groomed.


You can’t tell but the other side of the green fuzzy heart it says “Too Cute”, just a a candy conversation heart. I have no clue where his fuzzy Caterpillar went. It looks just like the one pictured below.


Our cats also have some sweet Valentine’s Day gifts too. One of their new toys is a pink plush heart with a feather hanging from the end. I don’t know what it is with cats and feathers, but they love them. One of my cats, Kitty, tends to rip the feathers off of things so I have to watch her with the toy. It’s not fair to my other cats because they love to play with the feathers on the toys.

Valentine's Cat Toy

Some of their new toys are not specifically for Valentine’s Day. They are actually from Martha’s Stewart pet product line that is carries by PetSmart. We have a few products from her pet line that we absolutely love. One of my favorites are her non-slip pet mats which are great for pet dishes/bowls because it keeps them from sliding around the floor. Plus they have sides on them to keep water spills from getting on the floor.

Martha Stewart

My cats LOVE the balls and “crinkle” ball. There are two balls made with twine that have bells in them that my cats can’t get enough of. They also liked the ones that are made out of some kind of wood (the brown and blue ones in the pictures). Our dog chewed up one of them and the other one got flattened and won’t roll anymore (I suspect one of my bigger cats pounced on it and smashed it).

The red crinkle ball is another favorite of my cats. It’s not as crinkly as others ones we’ve purchased from Petsmart. Those are made from Mylar. I’m not sure what this ball is made of. It’s similar, it’s just not as “crunchy” sounding as others we’ve had.

Here is our youngest cat, Bella (the one with really bad Asthma, allergies and Thyroid issues… sigh…) having a fun time swatting one of the balls (with a bell inside) around the hallway.

Bella and the Ball

She was having a great time when I took these photos. Our hallway is clear (except there was a box in the hallway we had to take to the recycle bin). That way the cats have a smooth, clutter-free area to swat around toys. Sometimes things are not as fun on the carpet. Balls are much more speedy on a smooth surface.

Another really fun toy that our cats have from the Martha Stewart collection is the Crinkle Tunnel. It’s a tunnel they can dash in and out of that makes the crinkly sound that cats go crazy for. At one end of the tunnel a toy is attached. Bella especially had fun with that until our other cat Kitty came along and chewed the string part and broke off the toy. Kitty is our odd cat. She destroys toys like that and she also does weird things like lick windows and eat tape. I have to hide the rolls of Scotch Tape or she’ll eat the tape from from the roll.



T0 be honest with you I think pets enjoy getting new toys and play things all the time. Unlike people they don’t look forward to holidays to receive gifts. They love to get gifts all the time (who doesn’t?).

I could literally spend hours on the PetSmart website making up a “Wish List” of toys and other goodies for my pets (including our fish!).

I used to wonder about who would want a PetSmart gift card. Then I thought about it some more and realized I would probably go crazy for one because it would allow me to spoil my pets like crazy and buy them a lot of toys, accessories and foods.

This Valentine’s Day as you are picking up a box of chocolates and flowers for your sweetie pie, don’t forget to get a little something for the other special someone in your life – your pet!

To find a PetSmart location near you, or to shop online, visit www.PetSmart.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

PetSmart Logo


*I received free sample products in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. Sandra K321 says:

    I think I prefer ESPN’s pre-groomed look with the cute shaggy fur; he looks cold in the 2nd photo, LOL.

    • He wasn’t cold, he was sleeping. I woke him up when I was taking his picture. He always sleeps like that no matter how much fur he has. 🙂 He also wears a sweater when he goes outside and he’s never out in the cold for too long (just to do his business). We take him on long walks when the weather is nice. He doesn’t even like to be out in the cold or the rain. He’s not a fan of the “elemenents”. LOL
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