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When I stop and look back on my life I often think about the things I wish I would have accomplished, but never did. I feel like I didn’t do much with my life. I had so many plans when I was younger, from African safaris to writing a NY Times Best Selling novel. There was so much that I wanted to see and do long before I was 50 years old. I’m 45 years old now. Sadly the thought of writing a best selling novel, or going on any trip outside of the state of New York, just seems like impossible dreams.

The older we get the more we think about our own mortality and what we are going to do with the years that we have left. No Stella. Stella is 95 and there is no stopping her.

Stella is 95 is a documentary airing on a lot of PBS stations throughout the month of November. Please check your local TV listings for date and airtime. If you happen to have a chance to watch it I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Here is a brief promo about the documentary. If you are reading this post via e-mail you can find the trailer here, http://bit.ly/ShzX17.


Stella is 95 is a dcoumentary that was filmed by Stella’s daughter, Robin Baker Leacock.

Here is a brief synopsis of the documentary;

Meet Stella.  At an age when most people are happily retired, choosing to live a quiet life or resting on the laurels of years of hard work, Stella is still out there, pursuing her dreams, refusing to stop.

Stella is 95 years old, but you wouldn’t know it to look at all she does.  After many years of pursuing multiple dreams and achieving pretty much all of her personal goals, Stella doesn’t believe that her age should be any reason for her to stop now.

In her “early years” she had many successes:

– Stella founded the “Cinema 16 Film Festival”, believed to be a precursor to the Toronto International Film Festival.

– She sold typewriters.

– She invented & marketed her own nail polish remover.

– Stella ran a World Adventure Series with speakers from all over the world.

In her 90’s, she became an active community leader, pushing through a plan to revive a public park in her neighborhood, which earned her the nickname “Park Lady.”

Most recently, at 95, she became a playwright and directed her own stage production.

Stell is 95, but she’s only just begun, and ther is no telling where she’ll go next!

I am very impressed with all that Stella has accomplished. My life is very dull by comparision. Not only that, there are days I don’t have the oomph to get out of bed, let alone anything else where as Stella is out directing plays. There is no stopping Stella!

Stella is 95 is an eye opening perspective about how age is just a number and that you can achive your goals and dreams at any age. Just because we have more gray in our hair then we care to acknowledge, or the wrinkles on your face are getting deeper, that doesn’t mean that life has to simply stop. Life goes on until you take your very last breath. Why not live it to the fullest and make each day count?

Look for Stella is 95 on your local PBS stations. For more up to the minute information and show airings visit the official Facebook page.


*I was an advanced screening of the documentary free of charge to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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  1. You know what, I’d watch this just because I’m curious how Stella invented her own nail polish remover and then marketed it! Wonder how that turned out. =)