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I’m not sure if many people are aware of this but Feedburner, which is what many bloggers and other website owners use to keep their readers up-to-date on the latest posts. Some people subscribe via e-mail and receive e-mails on a daily or weekly basis (depending on how often the site owner posts new content). Other people prefer to read things via RSS.

So far my RSS feed seems to be OK, but my e-mail subscriptions have suddenly stopped. I believe the last once went out this past Friday.

I have troubleshooted as much as I can but I cannot fix the problem. Since Feedburner is closing down (I believe completely by July) I’m sure it’s just part of their service slowly shutting down.

If you have not received any e-mail updates in a few days please know that I am working on getting it resolved. I’m going to be moving to a new e-mail service which should be set up in the next couple of days. It should be a “painless” transition. I’m not sure if there is anything current subscribers need to do. If I find out that there is anything needed on your part (like approving that you want to continue receiving post updates) I’ll let you know right away.

I’m not sure if everyone will transition over without any glitches along the way. I can only hope that everything goes smoothly. In the event someone gets knocked off the list for some reason it’s nothing personal. It is most likely just a fluke and I want to apologize for that in advance if that happens. It’s nothing personal. I all my subscribers! :-)!!!

I see that 700+ subscribers have already disappeared due to the lack of e-mail updates. Hopefully I can get everyone back ASAP.

I’ll keep everyone posted, either as a blog post or via Facebook.

Thank you for your understanding and patience while I get this all straightened out.

PS… I have several giveaways I need to pull winners for, as well as update the winner’s list. I am working on that as quickly as possible.



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  1. Robin Wilson says:

    Thanks for the heads up! I am on your site at least weekly, so will be sure to resubscribe if I don’t see anything from you shortly! Didn’t know that about Feedburner, might cause a little bit of a melt-down for some I would imagine! Have a wonderful week.

  2. Olivia Rubin says:

    I wonder if bloggers are automatically sending our subscription over to the service or if we are expected to update our subscription on our own? I had no idea they were shutting down services. I just ad several group giveaways ask in rafflecopter to join via feedburner.

    Well, I have you on my FB feed so I see those posts daily. And saw this post by just scrolling your blog. I didnt receive this via email, but then again its 1:30 am and possibly you haven’t sent out the post yet.

  3. Sarah L says:

    I’m bummed because Google RSS is going away. That’s where I keep up with blogs (including yours)

  4. It is a real bummer that Google reader is going away, I didn’t know feedburner was going away.
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted..Sweepstakes – Silver Dolphin Kids Books Prize Basket over $200 Value

  5. Karen Glatt says:

    I wonder what happened to the emails from you. Now I know. Feedburner is going away, and I will miss Google RSS, but a lot of bloggers are moving to Bloglovin. Are you going to be moving to Bloglovin? Thanks for the update and thanks for your giveaways!

    • Kimberly says:

      Hi Karen. I should be on Bloglovin. I did a search on there and found my blog. 🙂

      • Karen Glatt says:

        Thanks for the information! Glad to hear the emails from you are coming back! You have a nice day, too! I am adding you to bloglovin today!

  6. Tammy S says:

    Thanks for the update. I haven’t received any emails for about a week now. Just let us know if we need to resubscribe to your new email feed. I enjoy your daily emails and would miss them. I know bloglovin is the new big thing. I am not so impressed with it. I feel like I miss so much because all blogs are lumped together.

  7. I’m so bummed Google Reader is going 🙁
    Hedy @ Penny for my Thoughts recently posted..Lawyers

  8. Maria Iemma says:

    I visit your site often and I have been getting e-mails so far so good.

  9. I didn’t realize that Feedburner was going the way of Google Reader. Too bad–I imagine it’s a pain for you and other bloggers to make the conversion. Good luck! I’ll keep an eye out in case there’s anything I need to do to keep receiving your updates.