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I’m nuts for nuts. I have never come across a nut that I didn’t like. I also like nuts that are salted, roasted, honey roasted, chocolate covered, baked into a treat or sprinkled on a salad. Even nuts raw out of the bag they come in is great. I’m nutty for nuts!

When Superior Nut Company asked me if I wanted to try out a product (or products) on their site of course I jumped at the opportunity.

The Superior Nut Company is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They have been around since 1929. Not only do they provide nuts to people and companies from coast to coast (and even overseas), they also try and do their part to help protect our environment. The Superior Nut Company was recognized with an Environmental Merit Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for their forest plantation in Central America.

Superior Nut Company offers consumers a wide variety of products including many varieties of nuts as well as gift baskets, dried fruits, seeds, pies, cake and more. Their products are great for home use or for gifts.

I was very impressed with just how many goodies they offered on their website. The site was also very easy to navigate and ordering was a breeze.

Superior Nut Company

After about an hour of going through the whole site I finally narrowed down my choice to the 6-Section Cashew Assortment Gift Tray. The assortment comes with a section of each of the following cashews…

  • Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews
  • Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews
  • Yogurt Covered Cashews
  • Butter Toffee Covered Cashews
  • Honey Roasted Cashews
  • Large Salted Cashews

If you love cashews you will love this assortment. Not only that they give you a generous amount of nuts in each section. That was one of my concerns – that there would only be a handful in each section. That was not the case at all. They give you A LOT of nuts in each section.

The chocolate cashews and the large (and I do mean large) salted varieties were the first to go. My family didn’t even give me a chance to take a photo of the FILLED tray before they started to gobble up all the nuts.

All of the nuts were delicious. They tasted fresh, unlike nuts you buy in a jar or can from the store. The chocolate (both dark and milk) melted in your mouth and was rich and creamy, followed by the heartiness of the cashew.


Milk Chocolate covered, Butter Toffed and Yogurt covered Cashews

Chocolate Nuts

Milk Chocolate covered cashews

Large Salted Cashews

Large Cashews

 The Butter Toffee ones are hard and crunchy. They were hard like a peanut brittle. Don’t get me wrong – they were good. I’m just letting you know that they are super crunchy.

I love anything honey roasted and these cashews from Superior Nut Company did not disappoint. They were oh-so-good!

If you are planning on having a party or get together I would recommend getting this tray, or one of the other trays that Superior Nut Company offers. For around $25 you have more then enough nuts for many people to enjoy. The tray would also make a lovely gift, or even a house warming gift for a new neighbor. Teachers might appreciate this more then another mug for their collection (ha ha).

My order arrived quickly and it was packaged very well.

I am very pleased with my entire experience with Superior Nut Company and I will certainly purchase from them again when I am looking for special nut treats, or perhaps one of their other speciality items.

My whole family gives Superior Nut Company two thumbs up.

To check them out for yourself visit www.SuperiorNutStore.com. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter. They even have a Pinterest page. I love their pinboard entitled “Adorable & Nutty”. 🙂

Superior Nut Company Collage


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.

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