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Do you have a child heading off to college in a few weeks?

Back to school shopping is stressful enough just for regular school. Shopping for a child heading off to college is a whole different thing. There is so much more shopping to do for college students then just books, pens, paper and a backpack. College students need bedding, bath totes, curtains, plates, eating utensils, towels and so much more.

I have a college bound student, but thankfully she opted to stay local and live at home to save money (at least for a couple of years). That gives me time to gather up the things she’ll eventually need when she finally lives on campus.

Students do a lot of studying and homework. Some choose to sit at a desk or at a table. Others prefer to sit in their beds. Personally I don’t know how anyone can sit in their bed and do homework. That must be very uncomfortable, especially if you had a headboard that you have to lean your back on.

Some kids prop themselves up with pillows, but I have a better idea – a backrest from Bedgear.

Bedgear makes a backrest with an advanced performance features that provide better rest and maximum recovery.

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The Bedgear Backrests are expertly powered by the exclusive Dri-Tec® fabric, which works to transport heat and moisture away from the body and maintain even heat dispersion, and Air-X® ventilated gusset panels, to facilitate optimal air flow for a cool surface. In addition the backrest features a gel pad cover and latex fill for ultimate comfort and  convenient side pockets.

Some people might think the Bedgear Backrest resemble “husband” pillows. The do but the big exception is that these were created to provide maximum support and comfort. As someone who has used a “husband” pillow before I can tell you that there is a HUGE difference between a “husband” pillow and the Bedgear Backrest.

Just like regular pillows a “husband” pillow can lose it’s shape. In fact with repeated use they can actually lose so much of their original shape that they are uncomfortable to use. In addition they are not made to keep you cool. Heat can build up inside of them making them not overly comfortable to use.

We received a Bedgear Backrest to review. My kids both fought over it because each one likes to do things while sitting up in bed. Our son ultimately won out because he uses his laptop while sitting in bed and finds it so much more comfortable then leaning his back on his headboard.


Regular pillows do not provide any kind of support.


Bedgear’s Backrest pillow provide great support on your back – plus its very comfy too.

My son loves the Bedgear Backrest and uses it all the time when he’s on the computer and even when he’s watching TV. We have to pick up one for our daughter because she’s jealous and she really wants one too for when she’s sitting in bed ready, doing her nails, or just watching TV.

The Bedgear Backrest pillow is available in three color combinations that I would consider “unisex” meaning they are ideal for both men and women. The color combinations include: Grey/Lime Green, Navy/Grey and Black/Grey. We have the Grey/Lime Green combination.

A Bedgear Backrest pillow would also be great for someone who is on bed rest or anyone who finds themselves doing a lot of things sitting up on their bed.

If you would like to learn more about Bedgear’s Backrest pillow visit Bedgear.com. While you are there check out the other bedding and performance products they carrying including pillow, baby crib mattresses, mattress protectors, bedding and more.

I have one of their pillow which I sleep with every night. It’s an awesome pillow. You can read my review here.

You can also find links to their social media pages on the bottom of their website.

What do you think about the Bedgear Backrest pillow? Does it look like a product you would like to have?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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