Tablets? The “must have” gift of the season?

I have an Apple iPad and a Kindle Fire. I don’t seem to have a chance to use them as much as I’d like to, especially my Kindle Fire. I have several e-books downloaded on it that I would love to read. There simply isn’t enough time during the day for me to relax and squeeze some reading in.

It seems like tablets are the “in” gift to give this year. I’m surprised at how many there are on the market these days. When I think “tablet” I think iPad, Kindle or Nook. However when I was doing some research for another gift on the Carphone Warehouse website I noticed other tablets that I have never heard of before like the Versus TouchTab 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Versus Touchtab 9. Even Google has their own tablet, the Nexus 7. Not only that, unbeknown to me, my Kindle Fire has been upgraded to an HD version.

With so many different tablets on the market I’m sure it’s difficult to figure out which is the best one for your needs. I’m sure price factors into most people’s decisions on what tablet to get, but aside from that, it’s hard to figure out which is the best. Thanks goodness there are plenty of resources on the Internet that allow people to provide their honest feedback (including blog reviews :-)) to help you narrow down your tablet choices.

I know that the choice of apps is a “deal breaker” for some people. I know die hard Apple app fans. I also know people who love the Android market. Too bad there wasn’t one tablet that offered both Apple apps and Android apps. Honestly, it would appear to me that most apps are available on both platforms.

The other night I was out to dinner with several other bloggers and PR people that I work with on a regular basis. Myself and one of my colleagues had a conversation about tablets and whether or not they will eventually replace laptop and desktop computers. He was telling me about an article he read that talked about 10 or 20 years from now (I’m sorry I can’t remember specifically) and what the kids of the future will miss out on based on today’s technology. One of the things he mentioned for non-touch screen devices (meaning things with keyboards like laptops and desktops). I guess in the future everything will be replaced by touchscreen devices. In a way the tablets are going to eventually phase out laptops and desktops. Personally I don’t know too many people with desktops (although we have a brand new one that I love – and it has touchscreen technology too!).

I’m curious to see how big and how small tablets will become. Will they be as large as a table or as small as the face of a watch?

I have to chuckle when I hear other children’s wish lists. Even young children (around 5 years old) are asking Santa for their own tablets. A few years ago that would have been totally unheard of. No parent in their right mind would hand over a $$$$ iPad to a 5 year old. These days tablets are much more child friendly. Not only are they built to handle being uses by children but the number of apps available specifically for children is astronomical. It’s no wonder that companies such as LeapFrog have developed their own child version of a tablet, complete with child friendly apps and games.

I would very much love to hear from my readers. What are YOUR thoughts about tablets? Do you think they are the future of computing, or are they just a passing fad? Is someone on your holiday shopping list hoping for a tablet? Are YOU in the market for a tablet for yourself?

Feel free to share your thoughts. If you do have a tablet I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Leave a comment with a mini-review of your tablets (pros and cons).



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