Head back to school with great deals from Staples


Back to School

It’s that time of year again – back to school!

Many students have already returned back to school. Our daughter heads back to college this week and our son returns to high school (he’s a senior this year!) next week.

Heading back to school can be a source of excitement for some students and parents, and a stressful time for others.

Back to school shopping isn’t like it used to be when I was little. Our shopping lists were much easier back then. These days you need specific colored notebooks or folders, pricey calculators, flash drives and other supplies you wouldn’t expect to find on your back to school shopping list (for example, Ziploc bags).

Thank goodness for Staples. Staples is your “one stop shop” for all your back to school supplies. They carry a large assortment of colors and styles to suit everyone’s needs and tastes too.

Check out what happened Staples CEO, Shira Goodman, recently visited a Staples store in Westborough, Massachusetts. She met with over two dozen mothers, fathers and children regarding the upcoming school year. She gave them an extra special surprise to help them out during the school year.


Here is another video I think you might enjoy.

Staples brought in a group of students to find out what they thought about the back to school supplies available at Staples.

As a parent I fee like your child should have a say in what they want when it comes to back to school items like notebooks, folders and backpacks. After all, they are going to be looking at – and using – these products almost every day for the next 10 months. They should enjoy these things.


What do you think of the videos?

Do you do all your back to school shopping at Staples?

Staples offers convenient ways to shop in more than 1,300 stores, online at Staples.com or through their mobile app. Staples has also expanded their back-to-school selection on staples.com/backtoschool by hundreds of retail-only items to make back-to-school shopping easier than ever to buy online and pick-up in store.

Don’t forget to check them out on social media too.

Staples Logo


*I have partnered with Staples to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Head Back to School with Crayola


Back to school

It’s back to school shopping time.

I don’t know what I dread more – back to school shopping or holiday shopping? I think back to school shopping might be worse because you have to compete with people to take advantage of the amazing sales like .5 cent folders and a 10-pack of pencils for .50 cents.

What my family likes to do is take advantage of school supply sales all year long and stock up on the stuff that we’ll need. For example, we’ll always need pens, pencils and paper, so we stock up on those whenever we hit up a great sale. I’ll also purchase more during the year if I find the stuff my kids need at a good price. That way when it comes time for picking up school supplies we already have what we need and there is no need to venture out to the stores.

We also like to reuse things whenever possible. Take for example binders. Binders are expensive. At the end of the school year if my kid’s binders are still in decent shape we save them for the following school year. It doesn’t matter if they are doodled on. As long as they do what they are suppose to do that is fine with us. Why waste money and contribute waste in the landfills if they are still in good condition.

Crayola Crayons

One thing that was always a “must” is a brand new box of Crayola crayons. We always had plenty of used Crayola crayons at home, but we always bough new boxes regardless. There is something magical about a new box of Crayola crayons. Even a an adult I enjoy them. I think it’s because they bring back wonderful memories of my childhood. I can still remember sitting in class opening up a brand new box of Crayola crayons with the perfectly sharpened tips. It was like nirvana! LOL!

Even my husband – as an adult – appreciated a brand new box of Crayola crayons. We were into adult coloring long before it became a trend. We have always found coloring to be relaxing. My husband and I would sit on the floor next to the coffee table and color our hearts out. My husband prefers scenery where as I love to color cute things and animals.

No back to school shopping trip is complete with our Crayola.

Crayola was kind enough to send me a cute metal lunchbox filled with new Crayola products.

Lunch Box


The first thing I noticed was the ShopKins crayons and Ultra-Clean Washable Stampers.

I worked with kids grades Kindergarten to sixth grade in the AM last year (before school care) and grades fourth through seventh in the afternoon (after school care). BOTH the AM and PM girls were crazy about ShopKins. The afternoon girls even took the wooden blocks from the Jenga games (we had two Jenga games) and built homes, a school and a shopping center for their ShopKins (much to the dismay of the boys who wanted to play Jenga).

I have a feeling these two products are going to be VERY popular this school year.

ShopKins Stampers

ShopKins Dory

As you can see in the above photo with the Crayola ShopKins crayons is that Crayola also put out Finding Dory crayons, as well as Finding Dory products. Finding Dory was a popular film this year. Did you see it? We did and we loved it!


I like that Crayola put popular characters on many of their products.

Crayola sent me a package of their Scented Powerlines Markers. Oh my!!! These smell really good. I was very surprised at how realistic the scents were. I think I’ll spend more time smelling these than using them on my projects. LOL!

Scented Markers

Of course nothing beats the classics like a box of 64 Crayola crayons with the built in sharpener (our personal favorite!), colored pencils and markers. In fact, every Christmas for as long as I can remember I have given my husband a brand new box of Crayola 64 count crayons – and we’ve been married almost 20 years, so it’s been a long time.

Colored Pencils



Washable Markers

As someone who works with little children (I’m working with the Kindergarten kids only this year) I highly recommend washable markers and crayons. Washable glue too! ANYTHING washable. LOL!

I plan on using the colored pencils and markers when coloring in my many adult coloring books. My kids will be using them for projects as well.

You can find these and other Crayola products where ever such supplies are sold.

For more information about these and other Crayola products visit Crayola.com. On the Crayola website you can also find coloring pages, craft ideas, lesson plans and more.

Be sure to share the brand on social media too!



*I received free products to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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A must have school supply – a quality backpack



It’s back to school shopping time. Parents across the country are making lists and checking them twice to make sur their child has everything they need for the start of the new school year.

School supply lists have changed A LOT since I went to school. Back in the day we needed a binder, paper, pencils, pens and erasers. That was pretty much it. Anything else was a bonus. Nowadays kids are required to have pens in certain colors, special pencils, super expensive calculators, numerous folders and notebooks, as well as supplies for the classroom.

We always take advantage and stock up on school supplies when they are on sale year round. That way when we have to go school shopping we have almost everything we need and we can avoid the crowds and long lines. The only things we need to pick up are those specific extras teachers might require.

The cost of school supplies really add up, so it’s important to take advantage of sales and special.

There is on thing we learned NOT to skimp on and that’s backpacks. We learned that lesson the hard way over the years.

We used to buy our kids whatever character backpack they wanted from “bargain” type stores (I won’t mention brand names, but I’m sure most readers know what stores I am referring to). We would buy the kids $10 – $15 backpacks. We thought we were saving money but in the long run it ended up costing us MORE money because we always had to replace the backpacks a month or two after school started.

When it comes to backpacks it’s well worth it to spend a little more to get a quality backpack that will last the entire school year.

If you are in need of a backpack for your child for the upcoming school year, check out the great variety available at eBags, Here are just a few examples.



JanSport High Stakes

Available in 14 colors; retail price $29.99 – $39.99

  • Fully lined with Herschel Supply’s signature coated fabric
  • Fully padded and fleece-lined 15″ laptop sleeve
  • Magnetic strap closures with metal pin clip
  • Main compartment with cinch top closure
  • Front pocket with hidden zipper and key clip
  • Internal media pocket
  • Ventilated air mesh back padding
  • Contoured shoulder straps


Middle School/Jr. High

Adidas Prime

Available in 7 colors; retail price $60.99 – $64.99

  • Padded laptop sleeve for up to a 15.4’’screen
  • Tricot-lined tablet sleeve and media- safe pocket
  • Two side water bottle pockets
  • Front zippered pocket with deluxe organization
  • LoadSpringTM shoulder strap system and air mesh back panel will help ease the load
  • 3D embroidered brandmark


High School

Hershel Supply Co.Little America

Available in 21 colors; retail price $79.99 – $143.99

  • Fully lined with Herschel Supply’s signature coated fabric
  • Fully padded and fleece-lined 15″ laptop sleeve
  • Magnetic strap closures with metal pin clip
  • Main compartment with cinch top closure
  • Front pocket with hidden zipper and key clip
  • Internal media pocket
  • Ventilated air mesh back padding
  • Contoured shoulder straps

I recommend Jansport backpacks. My kids have used that brand’s backpacks many times over the years. They have plenty of great colors and designs to choose from.

My son has an Adidas backpack from eBags. I made extra certain to give it a good “once over” to see how well it’s made. I even tugged on the straps to see how well they are sewn on. It is a quality backpack.


The backpack suits his needs. It’s very room and can handle the super heavy and huge text books he’s bringing home.

There is also room for his laptop, but he doesn’t bring it to school with him.

Our daughter has a zebra print backpack from eBags. I don’t have a photo of it because she leaves it in her car (she goes to college). Every time I ask her for a photo she keeps forgetting to snap one for me. Ugh!

Her backpack looks just like this one.


I like that eBags has such a huge assortment of colors, designs, sizes, brands and prices available to suit everyone’s needs.

I’ve even found a lunch bag for work that I wan to pick up the next time I get paid. I love the design and that it’s insulated.


eBags has so much more than just school supplies (backpacks, lunch bags…). They also sell luggage, portable chargers, packing kits, clothing, sporting gear, automotive products and so much more. eBags an easily be your “one stop shop” for a lot of your family’s needs.

Ladies… eBags carries A LOT of beautiful handbags too!

If you would like to check out all that ebags has to offer, visit eBags.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of their links are found at the bottom of their website.

Have you ever shopped at eBags? Are you in need of a quality backpack?



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Help alleviate Back to School stress with a little help from Fruit of the Loom’s Bonus Bonus Contest



There are four words in the English language that can bring chills down the spines of both parents and children – Back to School Shopping.

When I was a child I hated to hear those words because I knew going back to school was right around the corner. I actually enjoyed the shopping part. I still remember how I would perfectly label all of my items and everything was in pristine condition. About a week after school started things were doodled on, pages were missing and I lost most of my pencils.

As a parent, back to school shopping can be very stressful. You have to run all over time trying to catch the best deals and weekly sales. You also have to keep up with the latest trends because you know your child is going to want the “must have” characters on their backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies.

My kids are teenagers, but I remember all too well how they had to have specific characters on all of their supplies.

I won’t even get started on back to school clothes shopping. That in itself is a nightmare, especially when your children get older and have to have the most trendy outfits and expensive shoes. Our daughter went from wanting a Barbie backpack to a Michael Korrs backpack practically overnight.

Another stressful thing parents think about when it’s back to school time is keeping on top of all of your child’s (or children’s) after school activities. You have to be able to juggle a lot of things at one time. It can be very overwhelming.

Here are some tips that I personally use to help alleviate back to school stress.


Stock up on supplies

Whenever we come across a great sale on school supplies we always stock up on them. We intentionally buy more than we need so that we have it throughout the year and when the next school year starts again. Such supplies include pencils, loose leaf paper, spiral notebooks, pens, highlighters and markers. These are items you can use for many school years (elementary through high school).

Because we stock up we rarely need to buy more supplies before school starts. It’s a great way to avoid the back to school crowds and lines.

Re-purpose School Supplies

At the end of each school year I always take stock of what my children have left over. When it comes to binders I have the kids reuse them for the next school year. Most of the time they are in decent shape. Sometimes they just need to be wiped down a bit with a wet cloth. Kids can even decorate them to give them a new look using permanent markers, stickers and even colorful duct tape.

Hold off buying a new wardrobe

If you want to save money on back to school outfits, wait to go shopping until October.

Kids always want a brand new outfit for the first day of school, which is fine. After the first day or two kids go back to wearing what they have in their closets.

If you wait until October you can take advantage of great sales. It also gives kids (and parents) a chance to see what are the “in styles” to wear.

But we always buy the essentials before school starts, like new underwear, socks and undergarments (tank tops, undershirts…). In fact, we stock up on them. You can never have too many underwear and socks.

Fruit of the Loom is offering “Bonus Packs” of kids underwear, just in time for back to school shopping. The Bonus Packs come with three extra underwear. That is a great bonus! Fruit of the Loom was kind enough to send us a package.


The Fruit of the Loom Bonus Packs with +3 extra underwear are available at Target or Walmart.

Fruit of the Loom is also hosting a contest called Fruit of the Loom Bonus Bonus Contest.

The contest gives moms and dads the opportunity to win a variety of prizes including:

  • 1 free month of Hello Fresh prepackaged meals
  • Movie Night out at AMC Theaters
  • Pampering from a national massage company
  • Dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • New beauty looks from a beauty-box subscription

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 U.S. & D.C., 18 or older. Enter by 11:59 p.m. ET 8/14/16.  For Official Rules, including prize descriptions and how to enter without purchase, visit http://bit.ly/29M9wo9. Void where prohibited.

Entering the contest is super easy.

  1. Follow @FruitOfTheLoom on Twitter or Instagram;
  2. Tweet or Post a photograph of any Fruit of the Loom® underwear product and/or package, opened or unopened, along with a caption telling your most humorous stress-related story from the back to school shopping season.
  3. You MUST also include the hashtag #BonusBonusContest.

I received one of the Fruit of the Loom Bonus Bonus Packs with one of the prizes you could possibly win if you enter. Mine came with a AMC movie theater gift card. You can read more about it below.

Calendar (1)

Invest in a good calendar

I cannot stress enough how having a good calendar to help you keep track of things and stay organized is a MUST. I update ours weekly (usually on the weekend for the following week). That way I can see the upcoming week in advance and know what I have to do and where I have to go. Without it I would be totally frazzled not knowing from one day to the next what I have to do.

Take some “me” time

It’s OK to take some time to yourself. As a parent we have a lot of pressure put on us to ensure our kids are totally prepared for the new school year. There are things to buy, forms to fill out, haircuts to schedule for… it can be a lot. I think the more kids you have the more stressful it can be too. There is a lot you have to juggle. Therefore it’s essential that you take some time for yourself to focus on the things that you enjoy and/or find relaxing. Don’t worry… your kids will start off the new school year just fine.

If you can find at least 30 minutes per day to do something that YOU enjoy and/or something JUST FOR YOU, that would be the best way to alleviate the stress that surrounds back to school time.

Something else I love to do (great “me” time or a fun time with a friend or loved one) is going to the movies. I love the movie going experience. Watching movies at home is fine, but nothing beats seeing a film on the big screen. Some movies are especially better on the big screen.

Movie Night

One of the Fruit of the Loom Bonus Bonus Contest prizes is a Movie Night out at AMC Theaters. The prize is an AMC gift card that can be used at AMC theaters across the country.

I LOVE going to the movie theater. I have even gone to see movies on my own, but nothing beats going to see a movie with my husband (aka “Date Night”). We try to get out to the movies at least every other month, usually a few times during the summer because so many great movies come out in the summer months.

Here is my hubby and me enjoying The Secret Life of Pets at our local AMC theater with the super comfortable and relaxing reclining seats. Talk about relaxing. I wasn’t stressing over a thing.



Are YOU ready for back to school time? Have you started back to school shopping yet?

What do you think about Fruit of the Loom Bonus Packs and the fun contest? Will you be on the lookout for the Bonus Packs? Will you be entering the contest?

What do you do personally do to ensure that you don’t get too stressed during the start of the new school year?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.




*I have partnered with Fruit of the Loom to bring you this information. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Add these HarperCollins Children’s Books to your backpack for back to school season!


Back to School

I know what you are thinking – WHY am I writing a post about back to school when school just ended. Sadly, back to school shopping will be here before you know it (about a month from now). It’s never to soon to think about school supplies and things to get kids ready for the new school year.

HarperCollins Children’s Books has many wonderful books that are either available now, or will be soon, to help your child/grandchild prepare for the new school year.


Lola Knows a Lot written by Jenna McCarthy

Lola Knows a Lot written by Jenna McCarthy and illustrated by Sara Palacios

9780062250179– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

Meet Lola! Lola knows a lot. She can cartwheel. She can tie her shoes. She can make her sister crazy. The only thing Lola DOESN’T know… Is if she’s really ready to go to school.

Otter Goes to School written and illustrated by Sam Garton

Otter Goes to School written and illustrated by Sam Garton

9780062352255– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

Hi! I am Otter. This is about the time I started my own school for Teddy, Giraffe, and the rest of my friends. We had a great teacher and did lots of fun things together . . . until Teddy said he didn’t like school anymore. Luckily, Otter Keeper came to the rescue and taught us the best lesson of all!

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled written and illustrated by Lynne Rae Perkins

Frank and Lucky Get Schooled written and illustrated by Lynne Rae Perkins

9780062373458– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

On a rainy day, Frank’s parents take him to the shelter to get a new dog. That’s how Frank finds Lucky, and from that moment on they’re inseparable. Not only do they have a lot to teach each other—as they explore the world around them they discover they both have a lot to learn.

Winnie & Waldorf: Disobedience School written and illustrated by Kati Hites

9780062311627– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

Waldorf has been misbehaving! Winnie decides it is time he enrolls in Winnie’s school for disobedient dogs. Waldorf learns his lessons quickly-his favorite subject is nap time; naturally he excels at it. But when it is time for gym class, something terrible happens. The neighbor’s dog is in trouble! Will Waldorf know just what to do to save the day?

On The First Day of Kindergarten written by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Laura Hughes

On The First Day of Kindergarten written by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Laura Hughes

9780062348340– $9.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

From making lots of friends to jumping rope in gym, this fun, build-on story counts twelve exciting firsts of big kid school. A sturdy paper-over-board cover makes it a perfect book for even the youngest students-to-be!

Pete the Cat’s Got Class written and illustrated by James Dean

9780062304100– $9.99 – Ages 4 to 8

Pete the Cat loves math. But when he sees that his friend Tom is having trouble adding and subtracting, Pete has an idea to make math fun! Will Pete’s teacher believe it when Tom suddenly knows all the answers?

Rappy Goes to School written by Dan Gutman and illustrated by Tim Bowers

Rappy Goes to School written by Dan Gutman and illustrated by Tim Bowers

9780062291813– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 

It’s Rappy the Raptor’s first day of school and he’s excited! But when Rappy spots a classmate being made fun of, he speaks up-in rhyme, of course! Parents and kids will snap, tap, and dance first day jitters away with this funny school story with a dino-sized heart.

I Am a Story written and illustrated by Dan Yaccarino

9780062411068 – $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 9/6/2016

From cave drawings to the invention of the printing press, and to our digital age, discover how a story has changed and evolved from the past to today. It’s always been around, making us happy, sad, excited, or scared, and bringing people together. With simple text and delightful illustrations, Dan Yaccarino reminds us of the power of the story.

Charlie Piechart and the Case of the Missing Hat written by Marilyn Sadler and illustrated by Eric Comstock

9780062370563– $17.99 – Ages 4 to 8 – On Sale 10/4/2016

Charlie Piechart and Watson are back in their second colorful picture-book mystery for young mathematicians. Instead of a missing slice of pizza, it’s a cone-shaped princess hat for the school play! ”It’s an emergency, Charlie!” Instead of fractions, the focus is geometry–and Marilyn Sadler and Eric Comstock are better than ever.

For more back-to-school picture book reads, check out—

  • Pinkalicious ABC (On Sale 5/24/2016)
  • Pinkalicious 123 (On Sale 5/24/2016)
  • How To Eat an Airplane (On Sale 5/24/2016)
  • Little Wing Learns to Fly (On Sale 6/14/2016)
  • Funny School Stories: Learning to Read Box Set (On Sale 6/21/2016)
  • Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes (On Sale 6/21/2016)
  • Clark the Shark: Lost and Found (On Sale 7/5/2016)
  • Dirt + Water = Mud (On Sale 7/12/2016)
  • Hello, My Name is Tiger (On Sale 7/12/2016)
  • The Cranky Ballerina (On Sale 8/9/2016)


Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome pb by Robby Novak

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome pb by Robby Novak

9780062438713 – $12.99 – Ages 8 to 12 

In his Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world, awesome interviews with his awesome celebrity friends (he has interviewed Beyoncé!), and a step-by-step guide to make pretty much everything a little bit awesomer.

Fancy Nancy Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune written by Jane O’Connor & illustrated by Robin Preiss

Fancy Nancy: Nancy Clancy Seeks a Fortune written by Jane O’Connor & illustrated by Robin Preiss

9780062269690– $9.99 – Ages 6 to 10 

How great would it be to be wealthy—that’s elegant for rich. Nancy Clancy sure thinks so, and with the help of her best friend Bree, she sets out to make a fortune one way or another. But when things don’t go as planned, Nancy learns something even more valuable-some of the best things in life are free.

 My Weird School Fast Facts Geography by Dan Gutman

My Weird School Fast Facts: Geography by Dan Gutman

9780062306203 – $5.99 – Ages 6 to 10 

New York Times bestselling author Dan Gutman has compiled hundreds of weird-but-true geography facts in this highly illustrated and funny fact book, featuring his beloved characters from the My Weird School series.

 My Weird School Fast Facts Sports written by Dan Gutman, illustrated by Jim Paillot

My Weird School Fast Facts: Sports written by Dan Gutman, illustrated by Jim Paillot

9780062306173 —$5.99—Ages 6 to 10

My Weird School author Dan Gutman has created the weirdest series of fact books ever! Whether you’re a kid who wants to learn more about sports or simply someone who wants to know why Major league baseball umpires are required to wear black underwear, this sports facts edition is the book for you.

Ms. Bixby's Last Day

Ms. Bixby’s Last Day by John David Anderson

9780062338174 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 

When Ms. Bixby unexpectedly announces that she won’t be able to finish the school year, three students come up with a risky plan to give Ms. Bixby the last day she deserves. Through the three very different stories they tell, we begin to understand what Ms. Bixby means to each of them—and what the three of them mean to each other.

 The School for Good and Evil The Ever Never Handbook by Soman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil: The Ever Never Handbook by Soman Chainani

9780062423054– $17.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale 7/12/2015

Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I inform you of your admission to the School for Good and Evil. For thousands of years, the greatest of heroes and villains have come through our classrooms before they ventured into the Endless Woods to find their stories-and now you join their ranks. Please use this Handbook as a resource as you navigate your way through your first year at school.

Moo by Sharon Creech

Moo by Sharon Creech

9780062415240 – $16.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale 8/30/2016

When twelve-year-old Reena, her little brother Luke, and their parents move to Maine, Reena doesn’t know what to expect. She’s ready for beaches and blueberries and all the lobster she can eat. Instead, her parents “volunteer ” Reena and Luke to work for an eccentric neighbor named Mrs. Falala, who has a pig named Paulie, a cat named China, a snake named Edna–and one very ornery cow named Zora. What begins as farm chores turns to fun as she and Luke learn that even the most stubborn and short-tempered of beings can become true friends.

Hamstersaurus Rex by Tom O’Donnell

9780062377548 – $12.99 – Ages 8 to 12 – On Sale 10/4/2016

After eating a package of DINOBLAST POWERPACKERTM protein powder, a regular hamster transforms into a fiercely adorable, super-hungry, sharp-toothed, spiky-tailed mutant… and promptly goes missing. Sam Gibbs, sixth-grader, social outcast, and amateur cartoonist, is determined to find and protect the weird little guy.

For more back-to-school reads, check out—

  • Big Nate Flips Out (On Sale 5/17/2016) – now in paperback!
  • Big Nate Doodlepalooza (On Sale 5/17/2016) – now in paperback!
  • Big Nate Puzzlemania (On Sale 5/17/2016)
  • Confidentially Yours #4: The Secret Talent (On Sale 9/13/2016)

If you would like to learn more about these other other books by HarperCollins Children’s Books, visit www.HarperCollins.com/Childrens. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter too (links found on the top right of their website).



*I received a few books in exchange for my participation, and to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Fun Back to School Snack Ideas



Are your kids raiding the refrigerator the moment they step in the door from school? My kids sure do. You would think they didn’t eat all day sometimes.

Both of my kids eat a decent breakfast. My daughter goes to college and works, so she’s always in and out. She grabs whatever she can to eat until she can get home to a good dinner.

My son on the other hand doesn’t like to buy lunch at school. He also finds it inconvenient sometimes to bring lunch (he does, but not on a regular basis). For that reason when he gets home he’s ravenous and will eat anything not “glued down.”

I always make sure to have something healthy for my son to eat when he gets home (he gets home around 2:20 – I leave for work at 2:45).

Not only does he want lunch, he also wants to follow it up with a sweet treat. I keep a variety of snack foods on hand for him to enjoy after lunch. My #1 rule is healthy foods first – snacks later.

Some snack items we keep on hand are the new Sara Lee® Snacks and Entenmann’s Little Bites® baked snacks. I wish the Sara Lee Snacks were easier to find. Only one grocery story local to me carries them. I wish more did because their snacks are yummy.

entenmanns_vector Sara-lee-logo

Kathleen Robbins, head baker at Sara Lee Snacks, Entenmann’s Little Bites and a full time mom, has some super cute and easy snack ideas that are just as fun to make as they are to eat.

  • Little Bites Party Cakes Caterpillars
  • Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Kabobs

This video (below) shows just how easy they are to make. In addition, both Sara Lee Snacks and Entenmann’s Little Bites have created a five-day planner that will make those on-the-go mornings a breeze. “The Lunch Box #KidzStyle” five day snack planner was designed so kids can choose which snacks they want in their lunch box for the week, encouraging well balanced meals and some fun treats. It also lets mom and dad plan ahead when grocery shopping and getting ready for the morning madness. Giving the kids the responsibility of choosing from a variety of options makes their lunchtime more fun and parents’ mornings a little easier.

Great tips! And the treats are so easy to make.

I would have made the Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Snack Kabobs, but my kids (and my husband!) dove into th box of brownie chip snacks without saving me enough to make kabobs with. They know better than to gobble up things I need for review/posts, but they couldn’t resist these snacks. Frankly, neither could I. I blame myself because I opened the box to try ONE, so they figured if the box was opened it was OK to enjoy them too. They are VERY good!

Sara Lee Snack Cake

These freshly baked, individually wrapped snack cakes are great to pop into a lunchbox/bag or backpack for on-the-go snacking. The Sara Lee Brownie Chocolate Chip Cakes are filled with a double batter mix of brownies and the classic favorite chocolate chips. They are SO GOOD! That is why I wish I was able to find the Sara Lee snack cakes locally. I would keep these on hand often.

We have been a big fan of Entenmann’s Little Bites since my kids were littler. Did you know they have been around for 15 years?

Little Bites are pre-portioned packages of bite sized muffins and brownies. They are also great for on-the-go snacking.

Entenmann’s newest flavor is Little Bites Party Cakes. These golden mini cakes are chock full of rainbow sprinkles, and the perfect delicious fun treat.  Where there are Little Bites Party Cakes, there’s always a party!

I found them to be delicious. I also found the caterpillar recipe to be super easy to make too. The frosting on the Party Cake turned them into mini cupcakes.

Little Bites 1

Little Bites 2

I used some Mike & Ike candies at the end of the antenna and for the eyes. I didn’t have any chips handy. You can decorate them any way you see fit and use how much frosting that you want (even what flavor frosting you want).

These would be fun to make at a birthday party too!

Look for both Sara Lee Snack Cakes and Entenmann’s Little Bites at a grocery store near you.

You might want to check out the sweepstakes Little Bites is hosting too. It ends on Friday (September 25th). For information about the “ Life of the Lunchbox” sweepstakes please visit the Little Bites Facebook Page.

For more information about Entenmann’s products visit their official website, www.Entenmanns.com.

For information about Sara Lee Snacks visit www.SaraLeeSnacks.com.

Look for both brands on social media too.

FYI… For all you pumpkin lovers out there be sure to try Entenmann’s Little Bites Pumpkin Snacks which I am almost certain will only be available for a limited time.

Little Bites Pumpkin


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