Easter is just around the corner! Get ready to celebrate with HarperCollins Children’s Books


Our son gathering Easter Eggs taken approx. 12 years ago.

Our son gathering Easter Eggs taken approx. 12 years ago.

This time of year you expect to see Valentine’s Day cards, candy and decor. After all, stores started to stock their shelves with Valentine’s Day stuff practically the moment the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Day (or so it would seem).

Believe it or not I have seen EASTER candy on store shelves already – and Easter is not until April 16th of this year. We have a very long time to think about it.

Our kids are 17 and almost 20 years old. Needless to say it’ been a while since the Easter Bunny stopped at our home delivering Easter baskets (although my kids still wand candy on Easter).

We never put too much candy in their Easter baskets because we knew their grandparents and great-grandparents would spoil them like crazy with candy. Instead we put in the basket a small plush toy, coloring books, crayons, a movie and a book. We also included some candy too.

If you are like us and you like to include a book in your child or grandchild’s Easter basket, you should check out these titles from HaperCollins.

I work with Kindergartners and I think these titles look (and sound) adorable for young children.


Written & illustrated by Kevin Henkes

9780062408723 — $17.99 —Ages 4 to 8 

The multiple-award-winning and national bestselling author Kevin Henkes’ 50th book for children is a graphic novel for preschoolers about four eggs, one big surprise, and an unlikely friendship. Egg is not only a perfect Easter gift but a classic read-alone and read-aloud for all year round.


The Runaway Bunny: A 75th Anniversary Retrospective 
Written by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

9780062489944 — $19.99 —Ages 4 to 8 — On Sale 1/24/2017

A 75th anniversary edition of the bestselling classic story, The Runaway Bunny, with a historical essay by Leonard Marcus, featuring archival materials all presented in a beautiful linen case cover with a commemorative foil sticker.


The Story of the Easter Bunny Board Book

Written by Katherine Tegen, illustrated by Sally Anne Lambert

9780062381552 — $7.99 —Ages 4 to 8 — On Sale 1/24/2017

Everyone knows who the Easter Bunny is, but not everybody knows where he comes from. This fresh, innovative story describes how one little rabbit became a legend. Now in board book!


Otter Loves Easter
Written & illustrated by Sam Garton

9780062393395 — $9.99 —Ages 4 to 8 — On Sale 1/24/2017

For her next paper-over-board picture book, Otter celebrates Easter with a little too much chocolate and a lot of creativity.


How to be a Bigger Bunny
Written by Florence Minor, illustrated by Wendell Minor

9780062352552 — $14.99 —Ages 4 to 8 — On Sale 1/24/2017

Perfect for springtime and Easter, Florence and Wendell’s joyous picture book celebrates the powers of persistence and learning from good books. Featuring lots of adorable bunnies as illustrated by the inimitable Wendell Minor!


Fancy Nancy and the Missing Easter Bunny

Written by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

9780062377920 — $4.99 —Ages 4 to 8 — On Sale 2/7/2017

Fancy Nancy can’t wait for Easter… and this year, the family is in for a treat. Join Fancy Nancy in a fabulous storybook adventure about Easter, complete with fancy stickers!

Are you gearing up for Easter?

What do you put in your child’s/grandchild’s Easter basket? Do you often include books?

This is an Easter cake that I make often.

This is an Easter cake that I make often.


*I was not compensated for this post. I shared this information for the benefit of site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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Fill your Easter baskets with the World’s Smallest classic toys



When my children were little one of my favorite things to do was to put together their Easter baskets. I could have easily purchased a pre-made basket, but I had fun creating the baskets so I wanted to do it myself.

Since the grandparents and great-grandparents showered my kids with candy, I kept the candy to a minimum. Trust me, they had more candy than they could possibly eat. They never complained about the lack of candy in the baskets that the Easter bunny brought them.

Whenever I created their baskets I made to include all or most of the following items:

Coloring book & crayons

  • Movie
  • Book/Books
  • Plush Toy
  • Small Toys (bubbles, sidewalk chalk…)

Finding small toys is not always that easy. You want something that will fit into the basket, but it has to be fun to play with too.

Blowing Bubbles

I would often shop for small toys in the party favor section of the party store. Those toys are nice and all, but often they are not well made and break easily.

One year we gave the kids scooters for Easter. That was a BIG toy. LOL!

I’m a big fan of classic toys, especially the ones that I grew up with from Fisher Price and Playskool.

How about filling an Easter basket with classic toys like a Rubiks Cube, Etch-a-Sketch, Fisher Price Telephone or a Fisher Price Rock-a-Stack.

I know what you are thinking… those are not really small toys. An Etch-a-Sketch and Fisher Price Telephone would take up almost the entire basket and leave no room for anything else… or would they?

A company called World’s Smallest has recreated these classic toys, and more, but in miniature version.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my post of some of the World’s Smallest toys next to my coffee mug.

World's Smallest

How cute are they?

Not only are they adorable – they work too! You can really use the dials on the Etch-a-Sketch to create an image or design. The Rubiks Cube really does twist and turn. Even the Fisher Price Telephone’s go up and down when you movie it – just like the larger version.

I think the rings come off the Rock-a-Stack but I am afraid I might break it if I pull on them too hard.

As someone who is a HUGE fan of Fisher Price classic toys, I am totally in love with these miniature versions.

They even have a miniature version of the Fisher Price School Bus. I MUST find this one!


If you happen to find the World’s Smallest Fisher Price School Bus on your travels PLEASE let me know. I would love to add this to my collection.

World’s Smallest toys can be found in most Walmarts, Barnes and Nobel, Learning Express and other smaller shops.

Other World’s Smallest toys include Little Green Army Men, Duncan Yo Yo, Magic 8 Ball and Perplexus.

These sweet little toys would make the perfect addition to an Easter basket. You can leave the in their original packaging or pop them out and put them inside a plastic Easter egg for an even bigger surprise.


In addition to fun Easter basket fillers, World’s Smallest toys would make great stocking stuffers, party favors or gifts for the “big kid” in your life who enjoys classic toys.

I keep mine on my desk and I actually do play with them. They are a fun distraction from my work.

I collect classic Fisher Price toys and toys from my youth. Now that I know about World’s Smallest I am looking forward to adding more of their toys to my collection. I am determined to find them all.

World’s Smallest is made by the brand Super Impulse. They make other cool toys. If you would like to learn more visit SuperImpulse.com.

What do you think about thee adorable little toys? Do they look like something you’d like to give to your child/grandchild? What about a fun toy for YOU?



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Fun Easter basket additions kids will love



March is a busy month. We have the change in time (Daylight Savings), St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Easter falls on March 27th this year.

I miss the days my kids still believed in the Easter Bunny. It was fun to see the looks on their faces Easter morning when they woke up and ran to the door to see what the Easter Bunny brought them.

I used to put together our own baskets. I liked being able to control how much candy the Easter Bunny gave them. It’s not that I didn’t want my kids to have too much candy, it’s just that their grandparents gave them A LOT of candy on Easter and they also received candy from their great-grandparents too. If anything it was candy “overkill.”

When I made up Easter baskets for my kids I would always include the following:

  • Coloring Book/Books
  • Crayons
  • Reading Book
  • Movie
  • Plush/Stuffed Toy
  • Toy/Toys

Of course they also had chocolate, jelly beans and PEEPS in their baskets too.

One year the Easter Bunny gave them scooters. He was feeling mighty generous that year. LOL!

If you are looking for non-candy Easter basket ideas that your kids will enjoy, here are a few suggestions.

Jelly Belly Bubbles

Jelly Belly Scented Bubbles

Packaged in a Jelly Belly ($3.99) bean shaped bottle (12fl oz), kids can blow bubbles from a bean shaped wand. The bubble solution is scented and smells just like popular Jelly Belly flavors: Very Cherry, Grape Jelly, Berry Blue or Green Apple.

PEEPS Scented Bubbles

The PEEPS ($2.99) scented bubbles smell just like marshmallows (yum!) and come in a cute bunny shaped bottle (3fl oz) – there’s even a bunny shaped wand inside!

We have both types of bubbles. I had a great time the other day blowing bubbles off our balcony. The cats and our dog had fun chasing them and the few that flew down below amused our neighbors.

Peeps Bubbles

I love the packaging. How cute are they? They are PERFECT for Easter baskets! Kudos to whomever came up with the idea of making PEEPS and Jelly Belly shaped bubble containers.

These are quality bubbles too. They don’t pop right away like some bubbles do. And you can get a lot of bubbles out of one dip with the wand.

I’ve been stuffy for weeks (thanks to seasonal allergies) so I haven’t been able to smell the bubbles too well. I can smell the Jelly Belly bubbles more so than the PEEPS bubbles.

Jelly Belly and PEEPS bubbles are currently available in stores at Toys”R”Us, CVS and Five Below.

Plush toys are always a great Easter basket filler idea too.


Cloud b’s Hugginz Grey Plush Bunny is a favorite of mine. He (or she) is SO SOFT! Even as an adult I want to cuddle with it. Not only is it’s fur so incredibly soft, the bunny has the more precious face. It’s had not to fall in love with it.

The Hugginz Grey Plush bunny is available in three different sizes – 15″, 10″ and 7″. It’s the perfect size for an Easter basket as well as carrying it around and snuggling with at night.

Cloud b has another great toy for Easter baskets – their Dream Buddies plush toys. They made miniature versions of their popular toy which would bit in perfectly in an Easter basket.

Just like their larger counter parts, the mini Dream Buddies have a light up back that projects stars and a moon on the ceiling. You can choose from three soothing color lights or let the toy cycle through each color. It will automatically shut off after 45 minutes.

Cloud b

The Dream Buddies minis are available in the form of a bunny, puppy or sheep.

We have the bunny and I must say I am impressed by how much of a reach the light has. I put it on in the middle of the living room to test it out and the stars projected on almost the entire living room ceiling. You wouldn’t think it would have such a reach being so small.

The Dream Buddy is also super soft, just as soft and cuddle as the Hugginz plush toy.

Cloud b also have a musical plush toy too.

For more information about Cloud b products please visit Cloudb.com.

I’m all for giving children thing that will get them off the computer and/or their video games and outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

Other Easter ideas are…

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Hula Hoops
  • Sports Balls (Basketball, Baseball, Soccer…)
  • Kites
  • Water Balloons

If your child likes having water balloon “fights,” you should look into these really cool reusable water “bombs” called Hurricane Water Balls. They look like unassuming balls but inside they hide a secret – water!

Prime Time Toys re-invents the water balloon with this innovative new self-sealing version that features instant refills for an even GREATER water balloon fight. Turn Easter’s outdoor play up a notch with wet and wacky play time fun.

Water Balls

Hurricane Reusable Water Balls are self-sealing. You don’t have to fumble trying to tie off those tiny water balloons. The Water Balls fill and seal with just a squeeze of your hand. You can toss them and throw them and quickly refill them without missing a beat. They are good for up to 1,000 uses.

We have a set of the Water Bombs. We haven’t had the chance to have a water fight (yet) due to the crazy weather, but we are looking forward to giving them a try.

If you would like to learn more please visit PrimeTimeToys.com.

American Plastic

Another fun idea is using a sand bucket in place of a traditional basket. You could fill it with grass and treats, as well as sand toys. Once Easter is over your child will have a fun collection of sand toys.

American Plastic Toys has the perfect Beach Bucket that could double as an Easter basket. The Beach Basket comes with everything kid need to make the best sand castle ever including buckets, shovel and fish molds. In addition, the top of the Beach Bucket is also a sifter that can be used to look for hidden treasures buried in the sand.

American Plastic Toys are carried by many retailers across the country. You can also AmericanPlasticToys.com for more information.

Do you put together your own Easter baskets for your child/grandchild? What is your favorite non-candy item to put inside the Easter basket? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinion expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 



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Check out this mouth-watering Easter menu from Tastefully Simple


Group Of Friends Enjoying Outdoor Dinner Party

When you think about grandiose holiday meals, Thanksgiving is usually the first one to come to mind, followed by Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. In my opinion, Easter dinner is following very closely behind Christmas Eve/Christmas Day.

My favorite part of the Easter dinner menu is the spiral ham. Mmm… I’m drooling just thinking about it. We should be picking ours up this coming weekend. Fingers crossed that we find a big, juicy one.

Aside from the ham we usually make several side dishes including a few different vegetables, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and rolls. Of course we follow up dinner with a delicious dessert. I usually make my bunny cake and some other sweet treats.



Because I tend to make the same thing over and over again, my family is bored with the meals I make – including holiday meals. That is why I am always on the look out for new and exciting things to make for my family.

Are you familiar with Tastefully Simple? Until recently I wasn’t really sure what exactly the company made.

As per the company:

Tastefully Simple provides exceptional tasting experiences and lifestyle solutions, through simple, delicious food and enriching business opportunities.

Tastefully Simple offers consumers a variety of food options from mixes to spices and from beverages to main meals and desserts.

Tastefully Simple has created a delightful Easter menu that is worth checking out.

Tastefully Simple Easter Recipes

The Chick Deviled Eggs are adorable! I am planning on making those out of the eggs that we color. We are not going to color eggs until this weekend, so I won’t be able to try making the Chicks until then. If they turn out as adorable as the ones in the photo I’ll make them again for Easter dinner.

I love the Flower Fruit Kabobs with Luscious Fruit Dip too. I wish I was talented enough to make flowers and other fun shapes out of fruit. Instead I plan on cutting up fruit into bite size cubes for people to dip into the fruit dip using toothpicks.

The Cheesy Blossoms recipe would make an ideal hors d’oeuvres for guests.

I’ve check out all the recipes on the Tastefully Simple Easter Menu. They are all easy to make and don’t require too many ingredients (many of which you probably already have on hand). Even the Cheddar & Spinach Egg Strata recipe is easy to make and requires few ingredients.

Tastefully Simple was kind enough to send me some of their products used in the Easter Menu recipes. Until now I have never tried products from Tastefully Simple.


One of the products I received is the Italian Garlic Seasoning. Where has this been all my life? It is SO GOOD!!! I’ve been sprinkling it on a lot of things including mashed potatoes, rice, chicken and pasta to name a few. The jar is a very generous size and a little goes a long way (unless you find yourself using it on just about everything in which case it won’t last long – LOL).

Another product they sent me (to make the Fruit Kabobs recipe with) is their Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread.



I couldn’t resist trying it right away. I’ve enjoyed it on toast, rice cakes and crackers. Mmm… just writing about it makes my mouth water. I have a feeling I’ll be enjoying some as soon as I finish writing this post.

I wish my cousin was coming down for a visit soon because she would LOVE the Samba Sangría Slush™ Drink Mix that I was sent. Everything you need is in the bucket. All you need to add is red wine and warm water. I have the wine and I have the water – I just need my cousin because I know this is something she would get a kick over.


You can purchase all of the Tastefully Simple products used in the Easter Menu in one convenient package called the Easter Collection. The package not only includes the Samba Sangría Slush™ Drink Mix, Rhubarb Strawberry Fruit Spread and Italian Garlic Seasoning (mentioned above), it also include the following products:

  • Key Lime Cheese Ball Mix
  • Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix
  • Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix
  • Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix™
  • Pomegranate Chipotle Sauce
  • Artichoke & Spinach Warm Dip Mix
  • Cinnamon Muffin Melt Mix™
  • Bountiful Beer Bread Mix

You can use the products in the Easter Collection Menu recipes, or use them however you see fit.

The recipes are found on the website and are available as a free download.

Tastefully Simple Easter

Tastefully Simple also sells other “kits”/collections featuring great recipes and Tastefully Simple products including Family Game Night, Baby Shower, Birthday and Bridal Shower. In addition Tastefully Simple also includes free downloadable party tools, invites and more.

You can even find a Tastefully Simple party being held near you or host one yourself. More information can be found on the brand’s website. If interested you could even become a Tastefully Simple representative too.

For more information about the Easter Collection entertaining kit and other Tastefully Simple products visit TastefullySimple.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of the links are found at the bottom left of their website.

Have you ever tried any Tastefully Simple products? If so, what was your favorite?

What do you think about these products and/or recipes?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 



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Welcome Spring & Easter with affordable (and adorable) decor


Christmas Decorations

SOME of our Christmas decorations. We have about 40+ storage boxes in total. I love to decorate!

I love to decorate for the holidays and season. People who know me might even say that I’m obsessed with decorating my home.

The sad thing is that we have an itty bitty condo, so I don’t have the physical space to do all the things I envision in my mind that I want to do. We also don’t have a yard, so I don’t have the opportunity to decorate my yard. Maybe… someday… we can have a house with a yard.

My husband always jokes that “IF” we had a house he’d need a second job just to afford all the decorating I would do. LOL!

Now that Spring is almost here, and the weather has been getting warmer (finally!), I am REALLY into swapping out our Winter decor with cheerful, colorful, spring-like decorations. Easter is also fast approaching, so I like to decorate for the Easter holiday too.


Our daughter all dressed up for Easter.

Decorating your home to reflect the season and/or holidays does not need to “break the bank.” You can find wonderful decorations (and more!) from an unlikely source – Oriental Trading Company.

Some people that I know personally (co-worker, friends, neighbors) who are familiar with Oriental Trading Company think of it as a resource for inexpensive, bulk items (party favors and supplies, prize boxes for the classroom…). While it is true that you can buy a lot of thing in bulk from Oriental Trading Company that you can use as prizes, trick-or-treat goodies and party favors, Oriental Trading Company offers so much more.

I recently added some new holiday/seasonal decorations to our home, thanks to Oriental Trading Company.

I love fun, cute and whimsical things. They have so many to choose from. It was hard to narrow down my favorites.

Check out the delightful decorations I selected.

Happy Easter

Easter Egg Table Decoration  IN-92/454 $9.99

I keep this on the television stand in front of the TV. It’s low enough that it doesn’t interfere with the television screen.

I moved it from it’s currently location to take a photo. It wasn’t turning out right in front of the TV (the light was not good enough).

This piece is so cute and full of details – right down to the pink cheeks on the bunnies.

You can’t tell from the photo but this is a decent  size too.

eggs 1

eggs 2

Sparkly Decorative Easter Eggs IN-13726055 $10.00

I really like this set. You get a dozen sparkly “eggs” in a cardboard egg holder (like the kind you might find in the store). The eggs are very colorful and sparkly. They look real!

eggs 3

I put these eggs in a cute Easter basket and I am using them as a centerpiece on our coffee table.


Spring Bunny Table Topper  IN-92/724 $10.00

In hindsight I should have removed my Peanuts canvas print located behind the Spring Bunny Table Topper.

You can’t tell from the photo but this decorative piece is a decent size (not too big, not too small). I love the soft colors. It’s very “spring-like.”

I’m not sure what it’s made of but it’s well made and heavy (not too heavy, but it certainly won’t tip over if slightly bumped).


Lilly Long Ears  IN-92/802 $18.00

This is lovely decoration. It looks like it’s made out of wood (it’s not). It’s so much bigger than I thought it would be (which was a nice surprise).

I wish the photo came out better. He/She is so pretty!

Bunnies are often associated with Easter. They can also represent Spring. I think I am going to keep this piece out year round – or at least most of the year (I’ll probably put it away during the Winter holidays).

basket and bunny

I took a photo of her (above) next to the Easter basket filled with the eggs from Oriental Trading to give you an idea of her size. Please ignore my daughter in the background.

FYI… the wooden “LOVE” blocks in the background are also from Oriental Trading Company.

Easter Sign 1

Easter Sign 2

Happy Easter Wall Hangings  IN-13725728 $7.48

The wall hangings come in a set of two (the two pictured above).

The hangings are super adorable. They are lightweight so you could use a single tack to hold them up (as pictured in the bottom photo with the egg).

The egg shaped one has a real fabric bow tie on the bunny’s neck.

I love the rustic look to them. They are also very colorful.


Light Green Light Up Paper Lanterns  IN-13628053 $9.99 (Light Green)

These are much nicer in person than I thought they would be.

I’d love to hang them outside but I’m afraid they might blow away. For the time being we have one between the dining room and living room and my son has one in his bedroom.

The blades from the nearby ceiling fan can be seen behind the lantern. They are not a part of it.

The blades from the nearby ceiling fan can be seen behind the lantern. They are not a part of it.

The set comes with three lanterns. They light up when you insert two AAA batteries. I’m surprised by how much light they give off.

I tried to get a good photo of one of the lanterns in the dark (with the light turned on). They are really pretty and give off a nice glow. They are available in different colors too.

Pillow 1

Pillow 2

Plush Egg Shaped Printed Pillows IN-13627558 $10.48

My kids think these pillows are funny.

These are more for decoration than for sleeping with (although you could cuddle with them). You could even use these year round. They are egg shaped but they don’t necessarily look like Easter eggs.

Each of my kids has one and the third one in the set is on our couch in the living room. The one in the living room is green (the green one is not pictured).

As you can see, you don’t have to “break the bank” to add some fun and colorful decor to your home when you shop at Oriental Trading Company.

The official website is www.OrientalTrading.com. Be sure to check out all they have to offer for upcoming holidays including Earth Day, Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

You can also find DIY craft ideas on their site.

Oriental Trading can be found on found on all social media sites. The links are found on the bottom of their website.

Have you ever ordered from Oriental Trading? What is your favorite thing to order from their site? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I received free product samples to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Holidays are always “sweeter” with PEEPS & COMPANY® & DIY Easter Basket/Centerpiece



One of my favorite photos of our son at Easter time.

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, behind Christmas and Halloween.

I still remember the excitement of waking of Easter morning and rushing downstairs to our front door to see what goodies the Easter Bunny brought me.

One year the Easter Bunny brought me a SOLID chocolate Easter basket filled with candy. Even the handles were made out of solid chocolate. Sadly I dropped it when walking down the stairs in my home. It shattered into a million pieces. I know some people would think it was still OK to eat (“5 second rule”) but we had a house full of pets and it was a high traffic area (people walked in that area all day long). There was no way to rescue it. All that was left for me to enjoy were the wrapped candies.

Every year I would find PEEPS® Chicks or Bunnies in my Easter basket. No Easter basket could be complete without them. My husband feel the same way. Even when my kids were little their Easter baskets always included PEEPS® .

I love how PEEPS® have evolved over the years. There used to be a time there were only Chicks and Bunnies, and you could only really find PEEPS® around Easter. These days you can find PEEPS® year round (yeah!) and they are available in different shapes, colors and flavor. They even come dipped in chocolate. Yummy!!!


PEEPS & COMPANY® have plenty of great options to stuff your child (or grandchild’s) Easter basket with. They were kind enough to send me some of their products to review.

5-inch PEEPS® Plush: Spread the joy of PEEPS® when you give this plush PEEPS® chick as a gift to those of any age (assortment of colors).

I have a couple of these. They are so cute! They can be used as a holiday decoration or enjoyed year round. They are very soft and cuddly.

PEEPS® earbuds: If you need a sweet bit of time to yourself, let your favorite yellow PEEPS® Chick take you away with your favorite music through these PEEPS® earbuds. Get a dose of stress relief, in stereo, every time you put them on and crank up the tunes!

We have a set of these earbuds. I am not a fan of earbuds (I prefer the over the head earphones) but my kids like these. I am holding on to them for the next time one of my kids needs new earbuds (they go through the quickly).

PEEPS® luggage tag: From candy to cute accessory, these PEEPS® luggage tags add a pop of color and whimsy to your gear (assortment of colors).

Super cute! My luggage is buried in the basement (we don’t travel often) but the next time we did it out I am attaching this to my bag. I love the shape and color.

Orange PEEPS

PEEPS® Orange Delight Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in Orange Fudge: These three Chicks are orange delight flavored and dipped in orange fudge to enhance the flavor. Share them with your friends or keep them for yourself!

Normally the thought of orange and chocolate sounds kind of gross, however it really is a great flavor combination. Only the bottom are dipped in fudge so you get the flavorful marshmallow with a touch of fudge.


PEEPS® Marshmallow Chicks: The five and 15 count packages of the iconic PEEPS® Chicks are available in classic Easter colors including yellow, pink, blue, lavender, green, and orange Chicks! The 10 count package of Chicks is available in all of the classic Easter colors as well as white.

PEEPS® Marshmallow Bunnies: The four count bunnies come in classic yellow, pink and blue colors. The 12 count bunnies come in classic colors as well as lavender, white, green and orange. The 16 count are packaged in classic colors plus lavender and green.

PEEPS® Decorated Eggs: Nine white eggs iced with pastel colors in 3 unique designs, these eggs are great for recipes, crafts and immediate consumption.

These are really cute.

Party Cake

PEEPS® Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Ten delicious vanilla cake flavored marshmallow chicks sprinkled with fun rainbow confetti.

These are one of my personal favorites. I love the vanilla flavor. I don’t think they necessarily taste like cake, but you can taste the vanilla. I LOVE the color of these too. They even have “sprinkles” like a real party cake.

Sour Watermelon

PEEPS® Sour Watermelon Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Sweet and sour flavors collide to create a burst of watermelon in these ten green chicks with a blush pink center.

I’ve had mini-versions of these are so good! They are like potato chips – I can’t stop at just one.

PEEPS® Chocolate Dipped Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Chicks: Three delectable chocolate mousse-flavored Chicks dipped in either creamy milk or dark chocolate.

Chocolate + mousse + marshmallow =’s HEAVENLY treat!


PEEPS® Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks: Individually wrapped marshmallow chicks covered in either milk or dark chocolate.

I LOVE THESE!!! Chocolate covered marshmallow – what is not to love!

PEEPS® Rainbow Pop: Four chicks in colors yellow, green, pink and blue marshmallow on a stick- it’s like a colorful PEEPS® lollipop.

These are really cute and colorful and make a perfect addition to any Easter basket. You can also tuck them inside floral arrangements and use them at your Easter dinner table on each guests place as a dessert/favor.

I wanted to do something fun with all our yummy PEEPS® . I decided to make an Easter basket and/or centerpiece with them. It was so quick and easy to make.

You’ll need…

  • Four equal sized packages of PEEPS®
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Easter grass
  • Assorted Easter candies and other goodies.

Using tape, tape together the four packages of PEEPS® – side to side – to form a “box” (without a top or bottom). Try to use clear tape so you can’t see it. I taped from the inside too so a to hide the tape.

Cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the “bottom” of the basket. Attach with tape.

*I used tape because it’s quick and easy. Glue would have been messy and took too long and I didn’t want to compromise the PEEPS® or risk ruining the packages.

Flip the “box” back over so that the open part is on top.

Fill with Easter grass and other Easter goodies, like the PEEPS & COMPANY® products mentioned above (Plush, earbuds, candy…).

This is the finished result.

Easter Basket

Basket 2

Basket 3

I wanted to make a handle for it so that it could be carried like a real basket, but I couldn’t figure out a strong enough solution.

PEEPS & COMPANY® also represents MIKE AND IKE® and HOT TAMALES®. They also have Easter goodies that would make a great addition to anyone’s Easter basket.

MIKE AND IKE® Easter Treats: Bring chewy, fruity goodness this Easter season with a 10 oz. gift bag of MIKE AND IKE® Easter Treats flavors. Filled with grape, pineapple-banana, strawberry, lemon-lime, and cherry-flavored MIKE AND IKE® candies – and all made with real fruit juice – this gift will put a spring in anybody’s step as the bright new season gets underway.

MIKE AND IKE® Jellybeans: The Assorted Fruits MIKE AND IKE® JELLY BEANS are a fan favorite.

HOT TAMALES® Jellybeans:  Celebrate Easter with our cinnamon-flavored jelly beans (14 oz. package)

I filled some plastic Easter eggs that looked like chicks with the MIKE AND IKE®and HOT TAMALES® jelly beans and included them in my Easter basket/centerpiece.

Hot Tamales

Mike and Ike

The HOT TAMALES® are really hot – just like fireballs/red hots.

Have you tried any of these products from PEEPS & COMPANY®? Which is your favorite?

What creative recipe and/or craft have you made with any of these products – or what would you make with them if you were challenged to do so?

You can find PEEPS & COMPANY® products are many retail locations across the country. You can also shop online at PeepsandCompany.com. There you can find even more sweet treats and fun products.

You can also save 20% off your purchase, no minimum required, from now until April 15, 2016. The discount code is: EASTERTREATS.

You can also check out the brands on their official websites and on social media.

PEEPS & COMPANY® – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

PEEPS® – Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

MIKE AND IKE® – Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

HOT TAMALES® – Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The official hashtag is #PEEPSEASTER.

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*I received free product samples from PEEPS & COMPANY® to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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