Jam Jars – a unique way to enjoy your “tunes”


Mason Jars

Mason Jars… they have so many uses. Not only do people use them to can foods, but they are also used as drinking glasses, vases, as storage and in amazing craft projects.

I have a few Mason Jars left over from when I tried making my own jams and jellies. I use them for a variety of things, but mostly for storage.

I love visiting Pinterest (Pinterest is my “happy place,” LOL). If you do a search for “Mason Jars” on you’ll be amazed at how many things come up. It never fails, after I look up a few ideas for Mason Jars I am always inspired to want to do something creative with the ones that I have.

A new use for Mason Jars, one I would have never thought of, is to listen to your favorite music.

How can you listen to music from a Mason Jar?

Matt Gira, a college student, found a unique purpose for Mason Jars – speakers!

Jam Jar

Using a bit of technology, Matt has been able to turn a regular Mason Jar into a speaker. The Mason Jar serves as a vessel to amplify the music. I have heard of people doing something similar with cardboard boxes. A Mason Jar is much more decorative, and when not in use you would never know it’s a speaker.

I was sent a Jam Jar to review. I received one that was colored a bright and cheery yellow color. The Jam Jar also came with the power source and plugs needed to turn it from a decoration to a speaker.

To use the jar as a speaker you simply connect them to your iPod, iPhone or other device through a 3 foot auxiliary cord, the same way you would connect your music device to headphones. You also have to make sure that the Jam Jar is connected to a standard electrical outlet to boost their sound. A power cord is included.


You don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” to set this up. I was “jamming” to my favorite tunes in little over a minute. I just needed to plug the Jam Jar into my iPhone (via the earphone plug outlet on the phone) and plug the jar into the outlet.

Initially there was a little crackling sound, but after a few moments it disappeared.

The Jam Jar amplifies music nicely. You can make it very loud (I don’t out of consideration for my neighbors). It works just as well as any other external speaker I have used.

Jam Jar Etsy

As far as a speaker is concerned – Jam Jar delivers. It’s a very nice speaker. I use it when I am cooking and/or cleaning. I find that listening to music helps make them seem like like a “chore.”

I also like that the Jam Jar serves as a decoration too, when not in use. When it’s unplugged from the outlet and your device it’s just a regular, colorful, Mason Jar.

It’s a fun conversation piece too.

Jam Jar would make a fun gift, especially for someone who loves crafty things, decorating with Mason Jars or anyone who could use an external speaker to listen to their favorite tunes. It’s a fun way to listen to your favorite holiday music.

Honestly, the only “downside” I can come up with is that the electrical outlet plug is very big and heavy. And that is not really a big deal if you ask me.

If you would like to learn more about Jam Jar visit their Etsy shop – Etsy.com/Shop/LioProducts.

I also like that Jam Jar was created by a college student. I am all for supporting small businesses, especially a college student.

Jam Jar Logo


*I recieved a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Stunning handmade, 3D artwork from My Happy Heart Art


Image of female hands on the keys typing documents

One of the best thing about being a blogger is being introduced to products and brand I might not otherwise have known about. I’m not a world traveler. I’m not one to hang out at the mall and keep up with the latest trends and I only search the internet when I have something specific in mind. Needless to say I do not have many opportunities to learn about new products and brands. As a blogger people reach out to me – which I love.

I’m sure many readers have heard of the website Etsy before. Etsy is a site that allows crafters to sell their crafts. Think of it as a giant craft fair but online.

You can find some of the world’s most beautiful things on Etsy. I visit Etsy often just to look around. I admire the crafter’s talents. I wish I had even a fraction of their talent.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely women who has an Etsy store called My Happy Heart Art. Even before visiting the site I was in love with her business name. The shop owner’s name is Debbie.

My Happy Heart Art offers consumers the most beautiful 3D artwork I have ever seen. Each one is made BY HAND by Debbie herself. The artwork literally “pops” or “flies” off the artwork.

Here are a few examples of the art found at My Happy Heart Art.





As you can see, My Happy Heart Art has elements that literally pop off the background like the flowers in the above picture and the butterflies in the sunshine picture.

Very creative!

Butterflies seem to be a favorite at My Happy Heart Art. Butterflies are a favorite of mine too. I have always loved butterflies. I’ve even toyed with the idea of getting a butterfly tattoo, like a tiny Monarch Butterfly on the back of my neck.

A dear friend of mine also refers to me as “My Precious Butterfly” (long story). In addition, I am big fan of Elton John and one of my favorite songs from him is “Someone Saved My Life Tonight.” Some of the lyrics in the song are…

You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away bye bye

For some reason that has always resonated with me. I think it has to do with a low sense of confidence and self-esteem. As we all know, butterflies don’t start out as beautiful beings. They eventually metamorphosized into the creatures people love. I also interrupt the part about “butterflies are free to fly” as “you can do and be anything you want to be” and not to let anyone or anything hold you back.

The song is about someone contemplating suicide – I won’t go there! I don’t “hear” the song in that way. I just love the music and SOME of the lines, mostly about the butterflies.

But I digress…

I was asked if I wanted to review a piece of artwork from My Happy Heart Art, to which I replied with an astounding “YES!”

I looked over all of the examples and opted for a heart, because I am a loving person. I wanted a heart like this (referred to as an “Ombre Heart” because it changes color from light to dark).


I didn’t want it personalized (like the one pictured). Instead I used a quote from the Elton John song I mentioned above in this post.

I was truly amazed by how well the artwork turned out. It’s stunning! You can tell that a lot of love was put into making it. It’s perfect! It’s so much more beautiful in person than it is in a photograph.

Butterflies are free - My Happy Heart Art

The artwork is hanging up in our hallway and is the first thing you see when you walk into our home. The photograph does not do the artwork justice. The red is much more vibrant and the white background is brighter and whiter. Do to the fact our hallway is narrow I couldn’t get a photo further away. There is also no sunlight in the hallway (only a ceiling light) which explains why the color is off.

The butterflies literally fly off the page. It’s amazing!

I asked Debbie how I can clean the dust off it it. She recommended canned air. For now I just blow on the butterflies wings to get off any dust or dander. So far that is working for me. I clean a few times per week so it shouldn’t be an issue.

I LOVE that Debbie was able to personalize the artwork with a quote that means something to me. That makes this even more special.

Debbie can personalize her artwork for you too with a favorite quote or a person’s name.

Everything is handmade to order. These items are not mass produced. She has many deigns and colors to offer.

I don’t know if they all come as a standard size. If so, it’s a significant sized piece (it’s not little – it’s large).

These pieces of art would make wonderful gifts for a newborn, newly married couple, a child or a special someone in your life.

To check out all the beautiful artwork visit MyHappyHeartArt.com. It will forward you to the Etsy page.

What do you think about this artwork? Does it look like something you would love to have in your home or give as a gift?



*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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A whimsical gift idea based on a childhood game (giveaway ends 12/31/13)


Rock Paper Scissors

Stop for a moment and think back to your youth. For some of us (me!) that would mean going back to the “stone age”. Ha Ha.

What were some of your favorite games growing up? I enjoyed a lot of games. Me and my cousins played board games all the time. Some of my favorites were Candyland, Life, Monopoly, Operation, Don’t Spill the Beans and Twister.

If we didn’t have a board game handy, no problem! There were still plenty of games we could play such as cards, charades, kick ball and rock paper scissors. Rock paper scissors served a dual purpose. It was a fun game you could play anytime and it helped chose who would have to do something when no one wanted to. For example, if it was pouring rain outside and the dog needed to be walked and no one wanted to do it, you could play rock paper scissors to decide who was the unlucky one.

The rule of thumb is “rock” (your hand in a fist) beats “scissors” (your fingers made to look like scissors) and “scissors” beats paper (your hand out flat). “Paper” beats “rock” because you can cover the rock with paper. It’s a tie if both players choose the same “weapon”.

I think it’s impossible to cheat at this game, unless you have an opponent who tends to use the same option all the time.

My cousins and I have had many epic rock paper scissor matches. My kids use it to decide who does which chores (usually taking the dog out in the rain). My husband and I often use it to decide who gets to do the dishes.

If you have fond memories based on that game I thought you should know about a very sweet piece of jewelry. It’s a Rock Paper Scissors necklace from an Etsy seller called TheBowedArrow.

If you are not familiar with Esty its an online market place where artists and crafters sell their products. The products you find are not mass produced. Some items are even made to order. Etsy is my first stop when looking for unique gift ideas. You can find some truly beautiful finds on the site and some incredibly strange things too.

TheBowedArrow owner says that they specialize in handmade original designs using vintage, natural, and metal findings. I like that. I’m totally into vintage/retro things.

Rock paper scissors must have been the store owners favorite game too because there are a variety of rock paper scissors jewelry items to choose from.

Each handmade item comes with a antique chain, rock, piece of “paper” and a tiny scissor charm. There are a few different styles to choose from and even a holiday version featuring a piece of paper from a holiday story. There is even a holiday ornament version.


Holiday necklace

I LOVE the three individual necklaces (one rock, one paper and one scissors). They would make great friendship necklaces or a special necklace to share with your siblings – whoever you enjoyed playing the game with.

Rock paper scissors

I received one of the necklaces to review. It’s similar to the holiday design except the “paper” is different.


The necklace came in an itty bitty little box.

You’ll have to excuse the poor quality of the photos. My camera broke and all I have to take pictures with is my cellphone. I hope Santa knows that I am dire need of a new camera.


Rock Paper Scissor Necklace in Box

The pictures do not do this necklace justice. It’s not as dark as it appears in my cellphone photos. It looks more like the professional photograph just above.

The chain is supposed to be 20″. I can’t wear it because it’s like a choker on me. I gave the necklace to my daughter. I thought I had a photo of her wearing it but I can’t find it, unless it’s on my broken camera.

The necklace is well made and would make a wonderful gift. Personally I would love to give one to my cousin to remember all those summers we spent together, and all the times playing this game helped pass the time during long road trips.

This is a whimsical design which is sure to thrill both young and old.

If you would like to learn more about this necklace, or other available designs, visit www.TheBowedArrow.com.


Two lucky readers will each win one (1) of the rock paper scissor necklaces, compliments of TheBowedArrow.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on December 31, 2013  at 11:59 PM (EST). The winners will be chosen at random  using a  random number  generator from all eligible entries. The winners will be  notified via e-mail  and will have three days to reply or a new  winner will be chosen in  their place.

To enter please comment on this post and share with me a memory playing this game – OR – why you would like to win this necklace?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter  widget (below) but you must complete the  initial entry requirement or the additional entries  won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I received a free product sample to review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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