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When it comes to buying gifts for family and friends, ideally I would like to gift them a unique gift that cannot be easily found at the mall. This applies year round, not just for the holiday season.

I have a few “go-to” sites when I need to find the perfect gift. Chances are I’ll be able to find something at one of the sites (I am not a fan of shopping at the mall).

I’ve recently added a new website to my “go-to” list. It’s called Pavilion. They have a plethora of lovely gift ideas including Angel Figurines, Baby Fashion, Cute Accent Pieces,  Holiday Decor, Refined Gifts and more.

Pavilion reached out to me and let me pick out some items to review. Let me tell you, that was NOT easy! There are so many wonderful products on their site that it was difficult to narrow it down.

Here are just a FEW examples of the lovely gifts you can find at Pavilion.








As you can see, they have a delightful assortment of gifts for everyone on your gift list. In addition they also have products in just about every price point. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the affordable prices.

Pavilion sent me to review three lovely ornaments and a gift for my husband.

Each year my kids get a new ornament for our tree. My mom did that for me when I was a young girl so when I got married and moved out I already had a nice collection of ornaments for my new Christmas tree. We have carried on that tradition for both of my kids. Each year we either gift them an ornament or let them pick one out.

For my on I choose a cute snowman that simply reads “Special Son,” because my son is special to me. He also loves snow (Winter is his favorite season). This adorable ornament even has a tiny snowflake “charm” dangling from it. You can’t see it in the picture (below). The charm is hanging off his elbow.


For my daughter I found THE PERFECT ornament for her on the Pavilion site. She keeps asking for a teacup pig (it used to be a rabbit, now she’s moved on to pigs). With five cats, a dog and a fish – a well as my family – living in a small condo, a teacup pig is not exactly an ideal addition. If we had a house with a yard, maybe. But not in our current home.

My daughter is also OBSESSED with bags. She has so many handbags, totes and purses that she doesn’t know what to do with them.

On the Pavilion site I found a very “girly” ornament with a teacup pig that reads “Happiness is a new handbag.” How PERFECT is this for her? They have other, including one that says “There is no such thing as too many shoes.” I’m sure many ladies can relate to that.


Her ornament even blinks with flashing white lights. We don’t put the lights on because we found that our eyes keep going to the ornament, even when we are watching television. We also keep the ornament up high because it has feathers on it and feathers are like magnets to cats. LOL! Because it’s up too high I couldn’t get a good photo of it (I’d have to wait for my husband to reach it and take it down for me).

My husband was gifted a new ornament this year too. Normally I buy family ornaments (one with all our names on it) but I didn’t have a chance to this year. In keeping with the new ornament tradition I picked up one that simply reads “Love You,” featuring two snowman. It’s so cute! It’s a good size ornament too. It look heavier than it is as well.

love you

The “Love You” snowman couple ornament (above) is also very sparkly. There is glitter on their hats and sweaters. It really shimmers at night when the Christmas tree lights are on.

It might not seem like a “manly” gift, but my husband loved it.

Speaking of my husband, I found a beautiful gift for him. It’s a decorative globe that reads “You are my world,” because my husband is my world and means the world to me too.

I think this will look great on his desk at work. It’s small (not like the size of a regular globe) – measuring 9″ tall.

I neglected to take a picture of it BEFORE I wrapped it. It’s currently buried under the tree along with the rest of the gifts.


Pavilion has several similar globes, each with a different saying. You can check out all the globes here. They range in price from $30 – $40 depending on the height (a few are 10.5″ tall).

Christmas is a 10 days away (from today when I am writing this post). They are currently offering FREE 2 day shipping up to December 20th on orders of $25 or more, so you still have some time. In addition if you spend $75 or more you’ll get an extra 10% off, including the free 2-day shipping.

Other shipping options are also available for rush delivery.

To see what other gift ideas are available at Pavilion, visit PavilionGift.com. You can also check them out on social media. All of the links are found on the bottom right of their website.

What do you think about the wonderful gift ideas found at Pavilion? Did you see anything that you like? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Pavilion Logo


*I received free product samples in order to to this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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Stay organized and protect your things with Stuck on You ($50 gift code giveaway ends 8/31/15)



We love labels – where would be without them? From identifying whose school uniform is who’s during the morning school rush, to labeling things around the home, labels are incredibly helpful for busy or love-to-be-organized parents.

Stuck On You started over 20 years ago with iron on and write on labels, now our range has now grown to include over 30 types of labels as well as lunch pails, clothing, party wear, gifts and more – all of which can be personalized!

Whether the kids are just starting out in Kinder or Primary School, or heading off to College, our huge range caters for any age and stage.

Our personalization works by allowing you to not only add yours or your child’s name to the products, but you can also choose from a range of funky colors, prints and fonts and you can preview everything before it’s shipped directly to your door!



So the kids have left school? Flown the coop? Our labels still come in handy trust us! From labeling your pantry, office space and laundry, the labels are so versatile.

Our write on labels come in both stick on and iron on versions, so you can use them for just about everything.

And if you still have some small feet running around the house, our shoe labels and dots are the best way to keep things sorted!


Drink Bottles 

We’re not big fans of having to go through the school’s lost property bin, hoping that our child’s jumper, hat, sock or shoe will be in there somewhere! The best part about having your child’s belongings labeled and personalized (besides from it looking incredibly cute!), is that they can’t misplace their personalized items without them coming right back to you! It also means that other children won’t get confused as to whose drink bottle is whose and accidentally sip from your child’s! Our gorgeous drink bottles are spill proof, BPA free and we have a huge selection of colors and pictures to customize them with- your little one is bound to find a pattern they love. 

Lunch Pails and Boxes

Similar to the drink bottle, our lunch pails and lunch boxes are unique to you and your kids. With a huge new range of pictures and classic colors, these are sure to be a hit with everyone. And dads, if you add some beers and an ice block, the insular water repellent liner will make sure they stay cold for that fishing trip!

Apart from our fantastic mentioned best sellers, Stuck on You is a one-stop shop for all personalized gifts for family members and friends.

Puzzle 2

For Aunties and Uncles looking for something cool and exclusive for their niece or nephew, our personalized kids wooden name puzzles are educational as well as being bright and fun.

Our party range has everything you think you needed and more to make sure every event you have is a hit – including invitations, party bag toppers and straw toppers!  You can even customize your cupcakes with our circular toppers including name and a cute animation – we’ve compiled our 10 Best Cupcake Decorations here.

Get even more personal with our photo gifts range – We have mugs where you can add a photo and wording, photo wall art and print cards and bag tags!

Whatever stage you and your loved ones are at, our Stuck on you products are perfectly designed for every age!

Check out our whole range at http://www.stuckonyou.com/.


To help those parents heading into the back to school time, Stuck on You is offering a lucky reader the chance to win a $50 Stuck on You Coupon to ease the pain of those school costs.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and will end on Augusts 31, 2015. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via email and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me what you might purchase with the $50 gift code to Stuck on You if you were the lucky winner?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


*I have partnered with Stuck on You to bring you this information. This is a compensated post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 

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Hallmark for the Holidays!



Christmas is next week. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were watching fireworks while celebrating the Forth of July. In a matter of days it will be 2014! I’ve already seen Valentines Day products at the local drug store. Sigh…

If you are still in need of last minute gifts, holiday cards or décor you should swing by your local Hallmark store. You are sure to find what you are looking for.

Hallmark is the place to go for holiday cards. Sure, you could pick up a box or two of card from the Dollar store, but if you want quality cards that sparkle, shine or even plays music, you only have to stop by your local Hallmark store. I prefer to give family and friends cards that I specifically picked out for them – not a random card from a box. The holiday season means a lot to me and I want the cards that I give to loved ones to show them how much they mean to me too.

If you sign up for Hallmark Rewards you’ll earn points that you can use towards perks for every five cards that you purchase. If you are like me your holiday card list might be rather long, so you can easily rack up rewards points in no time.

I can easily spend an hour or more shopping for holiday cards at Hallmark, only because I love to check them all out. I especially love ones that make sounds, have pop-ups or parts that move. Hallmark cards are MORE than just a card – they are an experience.

One of my most favorite things about the Hallmark stores this time of year are the Keepsake Ornaments. My entire family gets a new ornament every year and our first stop is always Hallmark.

Hallmark Christmas Cards

The new ornament every year tradition started with me and my mom. She would let me pick out an ornament (or she’d buy me one and gift it to me) every year when I was little. That way when I moved out and was on my own I would have enough ornaments to decorate my own tree. I do the same for my kids too. We’ve bought the a new ornament every year since they were born. My mom used to buy them ornaments each year too until she passed away. The both have a nice collection of ornaments to call their own.

Each year as we decorate the tree the kids take their own ornaments and hang them up. Its fun to see how they have grown over the years based on their ornaments. They started out with cute, cartoon’ish ornaments when they were younger to more grown up ones as the years go by. Each ornament marks their “growth” and how much they have changed personally as they develop over the years. I still remember how excited our son was to hang up his Bob the Builder ornament the year we bought it for him. Now he’s into more grown up ones. My daughter is the same way. She went from Barbie ornaments to ornaments that are pretty and classy.

My husband and I always prefer retro looking ornaments or ornaments based on our favorite holiday shows and movies.

My ornament this year is the Cozy Coupe. My mom bought our son a Cozy Coupe for his 2nd birthday. He loved that car so much. He played with it every day for years. When get got too old for it he refused to let us give it away, so we put it in my father’s basement. Our son is 14 now and can’t even sit in it. He still refuses to let us give it away. I guess he wants to save it for his kids some day.

I couldn’t find a picture of our son trying to squeeze inside the Cozy Coupe a few years ago, but I do have one of my favorite pictures of our son who is sitting inside his cousin’s Cozy Coupe (we were at my sister’s house – this was my nephews car which was the “older model” than the one we had).


Hallmark Cozy Coupe Ornament

Hallmark Cozy Coupe Ornament – This looks like the car we have.

I contemplated giving the Cozy Coupe Ornament to our son. For now I think I’ll keep it. I think it would be a fun remembrance of our son for my husband and I when our son is grown up and on his own. We’ll see.

The ornament is currently on our tree. I can’t get a good photo of it because it’s up high (I’m short – my son it taller and he put it on the tree). It’s adorable!

I have other great ornaments from Hallmark that reminds me of my youth and good times, like my Fisher Price Airplane.

Fisher Price Airplane

If you are looking to start a holiday tradition, gifting a new Hallmark ornament each year is a tradition that many people will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

Speaking of traditions, do you and your family read holiday books together each year? We do. We held on to a few of our kids favorite holiday books and leave the out on the coffee table for all of us to enjoy again and again. Even if they are not little anymore they still enjoy looking through and reading the books.

I LOVE Hallmark’s recordable storybooks. You can record yourself reading the story. This is great to give someone when you are far away from them. For example, a father in the military could read and record a story for their child before deployment. That way they can sort of be there for their child and read them a story at night before going to bed.

I wish they had these when my kids were little. It would have been fun to record them reading the stories (as children) and have the ability to hear their sweet voices again and again over the years. Our son had such a cute, squeaky voice. Now he sounds like Barry White (that is no joke – he has a very deep voice and he’s only 14). The Hallmark recordable storybooks are a great way to capture someone’s voice to be enjoyed year after year.

Hallmark Recordable StorybookIt would have been sweet to have my kid’s grandparents records stories for them. That would have been a sweet way to remember them by.

If you are looking for gifts or holiday décor, Hallmark has you covered. Just the other day I was at the dentist office and heard the receptionist tell another patient that she had a hard time finding a gift for her son’s in-laws. The patient told her she should check out the Hallmark store. The receptionist replied that she should have thought of that earlier and that she was going to stop by the store on the way home.

You can find gifts for young and old, as well as males and females, at your local Hallmark store.

Hallmark stores also carry holiday and seasonal décor. They always have fun things that move, talk or play music too. I love to go around the store and press buttons to see things in action.

Hallmark has a fun product called the Christmas Fun Kit. It features fun props you can use in holiday photos including a background and props. We have this kit. My kids got into it and had a blast taking pictures but we have yet to get a family photo together with them. The kit is all over the place at the moment. Most pieces are in the box but my kids have some of the pieces around the room too. It’s a fun way to make your holiday photos more festive and fun.

As you can see there is something for everyone at your neighborhood Hallmark store. Many products are available online too at www.Hallmark.com. You can also connect with the brand through the various social media sites.

Do you shop at Hallmark during the holidays? What things do you like to shop for at your neighborhood Hallmark store?

Christmas Fun Kit - Photo props and more!

Christmas Fun Kit – Photo props and more!


*I received a few product samples to review, however I already shop at Hallmarks stores. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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Looking for the perfect stocking stuffers?


Mirth in a Box

As you are preparing to battle it out with other bargain hungry shoppers on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season, do you ever think about stocking stuffers? Are stocking stuffers a priority, just like the perfect gift, or are they an after thought?

When I was a young girl, and all the way through my young adult years, my parents (or should I say “Santa”) has always made sure that I had some fun goodies and tasty treats in my stocking. Every year I would get an apple, orange, some candy and some small toys and games. Sometimes my stocking was just as exciting as the gifts under the tree. 🙂

I love to fill my kid’s stocking. Event though they are teenagers and don’t believe in Santa anymore (well… my son still holds on to a glimmer of hope that someone like him could be real), I still make sure to put some small gifts and treats in their stockings.

Sadly I think my kids might be getting bored with the contents of their stockings. Usually I fill them with candy and small make up items for my daughter (nail polish mostly) and a small bottle of cologne for my son.

I am THRILLED that I found out about a site called Mirth in a Box. Thanks to them my kids (and my hubby’s) stockings will never be boring again.

Mirth in a Box offers consumers a variety of fun items that are sure to please both young and old. From games to jokes and from toys to some truly bizarre items, Mirth in a Box has plenty of items to suit your needs.

What I love about the stocking stuffers found at Mirth in a Box is that they are not silly, boring, one time use only type of products. Most of them can be used and enjoyed again and again, so you really get your money’s worth out of them. They also carry products to suit any budget with items ranging in price from $1.00 up to $20.00+. Most products are in the $3.00 – $5.00 range.

Mirth in a Box sent me some products to check out for myself. Here are some of my favorites.

Borrow My Pen

Borrow My Pen – Do your pens seem to “disappear” from your desk? I know it happens to me a lot. My kids tend to take my pens and I never see them again. What do they do with them? Eat them? LOL!

I’m sorry that the picture is horrible. These pens have REALLY embarrassing things written on them. Here is one example:

Verdant Fields Nudist Camp. Get in touch with Your OUTER Self!  Enjoy ping pong, volleyball, & our famous bottomless pit.

Some other examples include Springfield Sexual Addiction Center, Howie’s House of Hair and Stuffed with Love Taxidermy. These pens will sure get people thinking. 🙂 These would be a fun gift to give someone who works in an office.

My kids won’t take my pens anymore.

Table Saw

Table Saw – This is so much fun! Imagine the look on people’s faces when you go to slice a piece of pie or cake using a SAW. 🙂 My husband thought this was kind of silly, until I he had a chance to saw into a cake. Now he tries to use it all the time, most recently with meatloaf (my meatloaf was too hard to “saw”).

This would make a great gift for a “foodie”, baker, newlyweds or those with a great sense of humor.

Wind Up Mouse

Windup Mouse

Wind Up Mouse – I’m pretty sure these are not meant for cats, but try telling that to my cats. They thought this was a lot of fun to play with. Personally I though it was fun to watch is racing around the kitchen floor.

This would make a great practical joke on someone who is not too keen about little furry things that race across the floor.

Deli Sandwich Coasters

Deli Coasters

Deli Sandwich Coasters – I LOVE THESE!!! These coasters look like REAL deli cut meats, bread and veggies.

This set would make a great stocking stuffer for someone who loves to entertain, someone who loves sandwiches or even a fabulous hostess gift. I can’t wait to have company over so I can put these out. I wonder how many of them are going to give them a second look.

Dashboard Monk

Dashboard Monk – Do you know someone who tends to get a bit of “road rage”? Or maybe you know someone who travels a lot and could use some company?

I have the Dashboard Monk in my car. He likes to “dance” to the music on my radio. It’s fun to watch him wobble around. It’s very comical. It’s hard not to smile when you see him.


Games – Mirth in a Box has plenty of games you can choose from. They have games I have never even heard of before (but sound like fun). A lot of these games are ideal for traveling. When you are going over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house, these games would be ideal to take along with you – not only to keep kids busy during the long card ride but also in the event you get snowed in your house and need something fun to do to pass the time.

Lil' Snuggler Duck

Lil’ Snuggler Duck – These is no point in buying a lot of gifts for a baby because they are too little to play with toys. If you are looking for a sweet (and snugly) gift for a baby or toddler, the Lil’ Snuggler Duck would be an adorable option. The Duck opens up to be a small blanket that a child can snuggle up to. Its like a plush duck and tiny blanket all in one.

Flingshot Monkey

Flingshot Monkey – I don’t know who enjoyed this more – me and my husband, our kids or the dog. 🙂 To use you slip your fingers into the monkey’s hands, pull on his body and let him go and he FLIES across the room (pretty far too). We all had a blast with it. It’s hard to control where he lands or how far he goes, so this little guy flew all over our home. On a few occasions our dog got ahold of him and we had to chase him around to retrieve him. This cute little flying simians even squeals when he flies through the air. It sounds silly but it’s a lot of fun.

Do you have someone who needs a little “stress relief”? Perhaps you might need some after the holidays are over. Here are few fun items that might help make your stress and tension disappear.

Hot Dog

Squeeze Hot Dog – Squeeze away your stress and tension with this colorful light size hot dog.

Inside Out Ball


Stretch Ball

Inside Out Stretch Ball – I keep this on my desk. I fiddle with it a lot when I am at the computer. I gives me something to do with my hands when I’m not blogging. I also find it to be a bit distracting. I sometimes play with this too much – especially when I have work to do. It has an interesting feel to it too.

For the newly engaged or recently married person on your shopping list (or just someone who loves “bling”) the Diamond Bling Key Chain would make for a fun stocking stuffer.

Diamond Bling Key chain

If you are looking for more practical stocking stuffers Mirth in a Box has those too, like the Travel Sewing Kit. As someone who travels from time to time this is a great thing to have stuffed inside your luggage. I once needed a sewing kit to fix the hem on my dress just before a red carpet event. Thankfully I had one with me.

Sewing Kit

Another practical gift is a business card holder.

Business Card Holder

As you can see, Mirth in a Box has something for everyone – and then some!

If you would like to check out their stocking stuffers visit the Stocking Stuffer page, or you can go to www.MirthinaBox.com.

Mirth in a Box also offers pre-made “care packages” that are worth checking out. They would also make great gifts. They have pre-made care packages to celebrate a birthday or a new baby. They also have more unique ones like “Quit Smoking”, “Bed Rest Survival Kit”, “All Nighter”, “Zombie Snack Attack” and even “Everyday is April Fools Day”.

You can also check out Mirth in a Box on the various social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as their blog.

SAVE 15% on your purchase using discount code SS2013 upon check out (valid until 12/24/13).

What do you think about the fun products available at Mirth in a Box? Do you think you might check them out to fill your stockings this holiday season?

Mirth in a Box


*I received free product samples in order to do this review. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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The “ungrateful” brides vs the “cheap” guests – What are your thoughts?

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Have you been following the story on the Internet about the “ungrateful” brides and the “cheap” wedding guests? I’m using the terms “ungrateful” and “cheap” because I don’t want to truly label anyone.

In a nutshell a woman and her boyfriend were invited to a co-workers wedding. As a wedding gift they gave them a wicker basket filled with goodies – Tri-color pasta, salsas, Balsamic vinegar and Olive oil, Gourmet croutons, Panko Breading, Pesto, some baking ingredients, Biscuits from Godiva. They also included other goodies such as Sour Patch Kids, Butterscotch sauce and Marshmallow Fluff. The note on the gift read “Life is delicious….Enjoy“.

One of the brides (it was a same-sex marriage) texted the gift giver asking for the receipt for the gift because her spouse couldn’t have glutten. The guest pointed out that just a week or so before they were all together at a restaurant, eating pasta, and there was never any mention of gluten. He apologized because he was unaware of a gluten issue and dug the receipt out of the garbage.

The next day he gets a text from the other bride, lecturing him on “wedding etiquette”, and informing him that they spent $100 per plate per guest and that they should have given them cash, or at least a gift worth that amount. To quote the bride  “Weddings are to make money for your future. Not to pay for peoples meals.”

The gift giver pointed out that weddings are a celebration, not a way to make money.

They went back and forth with each other via text messages and Facebook messages. The argument eventually made it’s way to the local paper (online). You can read more about it here and here.

My husband and I eloped. Sometimes I miss not having the fancy wedding and beautiful dress. Other times I am grateful that we did to avoid all the headaches, drama and expenses.


My husband and I are humble people. We don’t have a lot of money and we live below our means. When we give each other gifts it’s gifts from the heart, not $$$$ gifts. For example, one Christmas all I was able to get my husband was a Matchbox/Hot Wheels type car (I can’t remember which one it was). He used to talk about his favorite toy car when he was a little boy. It was the same car from the Smokey and the Bandit movies. After doing much research and looking around I found the exact toy car he had and bought it for him. It cost me around $12 but it’s one of the best gifts he’s ever received, as per my husband.

This past Christmas I got him a plush teddy bear. Not just any teddy bear. It’s Ted E. Bear from the Christmas special The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas. It’s one of his favorite holiday specials. He loved it and proudly displayed it on the back of our couch.

My husband has given me gifts from the heart too such as a poem he wrote me that he had printed on a sweatshirt. When our daughter was an infant I needed a new diaper bag because the one I had was falling apart and he gave me a new one. Was it an exciting or expensive gift? No. But he knew it was something I wanted and needed.

If I had a fancy, $$$$$$$$$, wedding I wouldn’t expect all my guests to compensate me in cash or gifts for the amount of money it cost me to feed them. That is a horrible thing to expect. I know that people have budget issues. I wouldn’t expect a family member or friend who can barely get by to shell out hundreds in cash just to attend my wedding. I would want that family member or friend to be a guest at my wedding to celebrate the day with me.

My husband was in the wedding party for his best friend. We knew we would have to buy them an expensive gift only because he was a member of the bridal party. His friend told him he did not want a gift from us. All he wanted was for my husband to take a sip of champagne. My husband is 45 years old and has never, ever tasted alcohol. He has no interest in it. His friend on the other hand loves to drink and all he wanted was for my husband to take ONE SIP of champagne in lieu of a gift. My husband opted for a gift.

His wedding cost about $100 per person, but all we could afford was $150 in cash. I doubt his friend would have complained. After all, he didn’t want a gift he just wanted my hubby to sip some champagne.

They spent over $50,000+ on the wedding AND bought a (then) $250,000+ house. He cheated on his wife and two years later they were divorced. Sigh…


My husband and I haven’t gone to many weddings because of the pressure to give expensive gifts. I even get stressed out at bridal showers and baby showers because I feel it’s a competition to see who can give the biggest, best and most expensive gift and that the little gifts are pushed aside.

For my cousin’s bridal shower I got her things to bake and cook with. Since she LOVES to cook and bake I also gave her a cookbook personally autographed by Chef Bobby Flay. The products I purchased didn’t cost a lot (around $50) but I thought the autographed cookbook would have been something special. She loved it. 🙂

We didn’t attend her wedding because my husband couldn’t afford a suit, I had nothing special to wear and we couldn’t bring out kids. The wedding was out of state and we would have been gone all day and couldn’t leave our kids home for that long. I regret not going to that wedding. Her husband died unexpectedly three months after they got married. To this day I regret not being able to go. 🙁

Someone on one of the articles (linked above) made the suggestion of putting on the invitations that “we expect guests to give us $$$ to attend our wedding” so people know whether or not they can afford it.

Did you know that the average wedding guest shells out over $500 to attend a wedding between the gift, clothing, hotel stay and so forth. Ouch! That is a lot of $$$.

What do you think about the situation? If it was your wedding and you received such a gift, would you complain and ask for the receipt? Or would you humbly accept it and if you didn’t need/want it donate it to a local charity?

Do you think the guests were being “cheap” by giving the gift basket, or just creative (I like the “Life is delicious” part)?

Are the brides “ungrateful” or the guests “cheap”?



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CafePress – Customized on demand products (Giveaway ends 1/18/13)


If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you know that I love the show The Walking Dead. If you haven’t seen it you must check it out when it returns next month. Some people assume it’s just a zombie gore-fest but that is not the case at all. The show is not about the zombies as much as it is about the survivors. It’s hard not to get invested into their lives and hope that they can some how survive and carry on.

I even have The Walking Dead theme as my cellphone ring tone. 🙂

If you are a fan of the series, did you know you can find some great Walking Dead shirts over at CafePress? Not only that, if you are really into the whole Zombie thing (Vampires are so yesterday) you’ll be happy to know that CafePress has A LOT (and I do mean A LOT) of cool Zombie related shirts, bags, iPhone cases and more.

I know it sounds weird, but I would love to get this cellphone case for my iPhone. This one is for the iPhone 4. I know CafePress carries the iPhone 5 case too, I’m just not sure what designs.

Zombie Response Team iPhone Case Cafe Press

I travel from time to time for press events. If you travel by plane you know that going through the TSA check points can be a long, boring process. That is why I would love to get this bag from CafePress. I think it might generate a few raised eyebrows and perhaps a few chuckles from those waiting in line with me.

Zombie Outbreak Response Team Bag from Cafe Press

Don’t think that CafePress is just about Zombie stuff. No way! CafePress has a lot of personalized gifts including teddy bears, mugs, buttons, bumper stickers, magnets, clothing and more. They have items from today’s popular shows like Once Upon a Time (another show I love to watch), Big Bang Theory, Revenge and Castle. They also have fun stuff for popular characters and movies like Ted, Star Trek, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, The Hangover… the list goes on and on!

With CafePress you have the ability to purchase pre-made designs, or design your own personalized products. Say for example you are a blogger (they have some fun blogger/blog/blogging items too!) and you want a shirt made up with your logo. You could easily do that with CafePress. Simply upload your logo, pick out the product/products you want the logo on and make your purchase. I am thinking about doing that for my own blog.

Personalized products such as clothing, hats, mugs and calendars are a great way to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or birthday. Personally I would love to get t-shirts made up for my family’s next family reunion. We had one two years ago in Pennsylvania and it was AWESOME! Some of my relatives I haven’t seen in almost a decade so it was wonderful to see everyone. The next time we get together I want to get t-shirts made up with Jones Family Reunion (Jones is our family name). Maybe something else everyone can have as a keepsake, like a key chain.

Do you like those hilarious Someecards? CafePress has some funny Someeecards products too.

I thought about getting this magnet for my hubby (inside joke).


Someecards always make me chuckle.

If you would like to check out CafePress yourself visit CafePress.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

CafePress would like to give a lucky reader a $25.00 CafePress gift certificate. Thank you CafePress.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end at 11:59 PM (EST) on January 18, 2013. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and has three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen.

To enter please comment on this post and tell me what you think you would use the $25 gift certificate to purchase from CafePress? Do you have something specific in mind or a general idea of what you might want?

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify.

* PLEASE NOTE * Extra entries are OPTIONAL.

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*I will be receiving free products to review at a later date in exchange for my participation. There was no compensation. The opinion expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way. CafePree will be providing the prize.


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