Beautiful Girls Dresses for Special Occasions


Every now and then a young lady requires a dress for a special occasion. Whether it’s for a confirmation/communion, wedding (flower girl) or special dance, eventually most young girls need something extra special to wear.

My daughter is already checking out prom dresses, even though she’s only a sophomore. She also has high hopes that we’ll be able to afford a spectacular Sweet 16 birthday party for her next year. I WISH we could afford something amazing to celebrate that special birthday. Sadly we won’t be able to. It’s unfortunate because many of her friends have Sweet 16 parties at special event halls which are so elaborate you would think it was a wedding, not a birthday party.

In searching the Internet for dresses I came across a site with a wonderful selection of dresses. The site is called Noori Dresses. They carry sizes from infants to plus size girls (14-18). They even carry formal wear and tuxedos for boys, shoes and accessories. They also have Christening/Baptism outfits for both girls and boys.

I like the “Perfectly Picked” Ring Bearer tee shirt. That would be cute to put on a little boy to wear at rehearsal dinner.

Ring Bearer

Compared to other sites I have visited, Noori Dresses carry reasonably priced dresses, outfits, shoes and accessories.

One Easter my mother in law purchased a dress for our daughter and paid over $60 for it (she wore it only one time too). It was similar to the one on the right (black/silver) except ours didn’t have the flower accent on the waist. I looked for the photo but it must be in an actual photo album (we have many) and not on my external hard drive. But it was a lot like the on on the right. On the Noori Dresses website it’s $34.99. I know my mother in law paid over $60+ because I remember thinking she was nuts to spend so much on a dress for a toddler.

Noori Dress

If you are looking for a fancy dress our outfit for your infant, toddler or young child you should check out the HUGE selection from Noori Dresses. They are currently offering 10% off orders over $120.00 using the code Christmas10. Hurry! I don’t know how long that discount code will last. They also offer free shipping on orders over $99.99 and have a flat rate shipping of $4.99 on all other orders. That is not a bad shipping amount. I’ve paid triple that amount to ship items from other sites.

I really wish they had dresses for my teenager daughter. Compared to other sites, Noori Dresses are a lot more reasonably priced and more “budget friendly” (at least for our budget). My daughter even saw a couple of dresses she liked on the site, but they simply do not come in her size.

If you are in ther market for a fancy outfit or dress for your child or grandchild visit NooriDresses.com. You can even find them on Facebook (NooriDresses).



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