Are you a cheater?



Are you a cheater? Do you cheat on your significant other?

Wait! Don’t assume I’m referring to infidelity. No, no, no… What I am referring to is watching shows on Netflix.

I think we are all guilty of doing that. I know that I am. I’ve jumped ahead on my favorite series without my husband knowing about it. A good example would be when we first watched Stranger Things on Netflix. We watched the first episode together, then he went to bed. He had planned on watching the next episode a few days later. Oh no! Not me! I had to watch the next episode right away. In fact, that night I watched four episodes in a row. I never told him about that. We he finally watched the next episodes I “played dumb” about it and acted as if I was seeing the story unfold for the first time – even though I knew what was going to happen.

I did the same thing with the new Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet. We watched the first episode together, then he fell asleep in his chair, so I went ahead and watched two more episodes. He slept the whole time. He never knew that I cheated and watched the next two episodes.

I know I’m not alone. I know there are plenty of other people who cheat on their significant other, or friends, and “sneak watch” episodes of their favorite series on Netflix. In fact, new data reveals 46% of streaming couples around the world are watching ahead of their partners and most only plan to cheat more. This cheating behavior only continues to grow with 60% of consumers saying they’d cheat more if they knew they’d get away with it. And once you cheat, you can’t stop: 81% of cheaters are repeat offenders and 44% have cheated 3+ times. I am definitely a repeat offender. I’ve cheated many times by binge watching and watching ahead a few episodes without my husband knowing about it.

I know he cheats too. He has access to Netflix and work and I know sometimes he sits at his desk to eat his lunch and watches Netflix. I just don’t know how many times he’s cheated on me. If he has cheated, he’s good about it because he never slips up.

Here are some more interesting facts about cheating with Netflix.

Cheating happens all over the world….though it varies a bit by country. The most cheaters are in Brazil and Mexico where 57%-58% of streaming couples have cheated, respectively. The most loyal viewers are in Netherlands (73% have not cheated), Germany (65%) and Poland (60%).

While no show is off limits, top cheating temptations are The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, House of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, Narcos, and Stranger Things.

Most don’t plan to cheat…it just happens: 80% of cheating is unplanned. The trigger for the growing trend in cheating? Two-thirds (66%) of cheaters said that “the shows are just so good we can’t stop bingeing.”

Sleep with one eye open: 25% of cheating happens when one partner falls asleep. But whether this is even cheating is hotly debated. Half say “sleep cheating” doesn’t count (53%), but the morality of “sleep cheating” varies across the globe. Chileans think it’s no big deal, Japan sees it as unforgivable. Many are still cheating in secret: 45% never admit to their indiscretions.

If you stray, don’t beat yourself up about it. Cheating has become more socially acceptable, with 46% saying it’s “not bad at all.” Unless of course you live in Hong Kong, where 40% think watching ahead of your partner is worse than having an actual affair.

Cheating comes in many forms. Netflix has created a series of assets to help explain the phenomenon. Cheating Profiles highlight the most common types of offenders lurking in households around the world. This infographic illustrates cheating motivations and behaviors, and reaction GIFs help couples work through their indiscretions so they can protect their relationship…or keep on cheating.

Even our teenage daughter has cheated on her ex-boyfriend with Netflix. She admitted it to her ex that she did.

If you still plan on being a “serial cheater” on your significant other, and continue to watch Netflix shows behind their backs, as least make sure you don’t get caught.

Check out some great tips on how to cheat and get away with it.


I love that term – “steaming infidelity.”

If you would like to check out all the great cheat-worthy programs on Netflix, visit Netflix.com. You can also check them out on social media.

Do you cheat on your significant other when it comes to watching Netflix programming? What is your favorite series to commit “streaming infidelity?” Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.


*I am a member of Netflix’s Stream Team. I receive free service in exchange for my participation. There is no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own (unless otherwise noted) and not influenced in any way. 


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The “Anti-Fairy Tale” – When are your kids old enough to watch more mature programming?



When our kids were little we tried to keep them away from television as much as possible. I was a stay-at-home mom so I was always trying to engage them with toys, games and crafts. They watched very little television.

One night my husband and I were watching Titanic (back then we watched it on DVD).  We were engrossed in the movie, as well as our daughter who was about two years old at that time. She was fascinated by it and she was really into the character of Rose as well as her “heart of the ocean” necklace. She was so into it that she asked to watch the movie. My husband still chuckle about how she said Titanic and “Jack and Woes” (Woes instead of Rose).

We let her watch it (we made sure she didn’t see any bad parts like when they engaged in sex). We even bought her a beautiful Rose doll and the heart of the ocean necklace.

Anther movie she got into for some odd reason was The Mummy (1999). It’s not a scary movie for adults, but she caught us watching it one time and wanted to watch it with us. She enjoyed that movie too.

Our son has never really been into watching television or movies. Even now that he’s 17 years old. He rather listen to CNN or MSNBC (on in the background) than watch television.

When he was just a toddler I had fallen asleep watching the movie The Ring. When I woke up (a short time later) our on had crawled out of his bed (he was napping too, which is why I fell asleep) and sat on the couch in the living room next to me. When I woke up he was watching The Ring. He was not phased by it at all, but I felt like the worse mother ever knowing that my toddler was watching a scary movie. Thankfully I think he was just too young at the time to understand any of it.


As a parent, when do you know if your child is ready to watch “grown up” movies and television?  When does a child transition from Princesses and Fairy Tales to zombies and violence? When is a child ready for the “Anti-Fairy Tales?” What I mean by that is movies and shows that don’t feature singing princesses, talking animals, sunshine, rainbows and unicorns (make believe, fairy tale stuff).

Our daughter will be 20 this year and I still cringe when I know she’s going to see an “R” rated movie. She’s legally able to, but as a mom I am not always accepting of it.

Her and her best friend went to see the film Sausage Party which probably should have been X-rated if you ask me. It’s a very raunchy film with A LOT of sexual references and foul language. I wish she had seen something else.

It reminds me of the time one of her friends went to see the film Knocked Up when she was only 9 years old. That movie is VERY inappropriate for 9 year olds. Sigh…

I think the child’s maturity level has a lot to do with it. Our daughter was never really into things like Barney or Sesame Street. She seemed to gravitate towards movies and shows for older children (or adults).

I am NOT suggesting that parents let their young children watch programming with sex, violence and foul language. I think when it comes to shows like The Walking Dead, which is very popular with the kids in middle school, and American Horror Story, which many teens watch – it’s up to their parents to decide if they are mature enough to watch them. I am still not keen on our daughter (almost 20) watching American Horror Story. There is a lot of sex and innuendos in that series. But she’s almost 20, so she’s mature enough.


When it comes to watching television or movies together as a family I always look for things that are more “family friendly.” Take for example Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (premiereing on Netflix on January 13, 2017). The series is a dark comedy that will entertain older kids just as much as their younger siblings. Even parents will enjoy it.

Based on the internationally best-selling series of books by Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler) and starring Emmy and Tony Award winner Neil Patrick Harris, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events recounts the tragic tale of the Baudelaire orphans — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny – whose evil guardian Count Olaf will stop at nothing to get his hands on their inheritance. The siblings must outsmart Olaf at every turn, foiling his many devious plans and disguises, in order to discover clues to their parents’ mysterious death.

I had the opportunity to check out the new series. I even asked my 17 year old son to watch with me to get his feedback.

As an adult, I enjoyed the show. It’s a bit corny at times, but in a fun way. I found it to be very entertaining. Neil Patrick Harris is rather scary looking in his role of Olaf.

My son is hard to impress. As I mentioned earlier he’s not a big television watcher. He said it was “pretty good.” Sadly, he’s a man of few words. I did ask him if he would watch it again and he said “yes.”

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events is fun and entertaining for both young children, ‘tweens, teens and adults. It’s the ideal “family friendly” series.

The series premieres on Friday, January 13, 2017. I think it’s funny that this dark comedy debuts on the dreaded Friday the 13th. LOL!


Other Netflix original series that are ideal for families to watch together include Fuller House, DreamWorks TrollHunters, Dawn of the Croods, Some Assembly Required, Dragons: Race to the Edge, Tarzan and Jane and even Stranger Things. I LOVE Stranger Things and I think it’s OK for older children, as well as ‘tweens and teens. I’m an adult and I LOVE that show.

When did your child transition into more grown up shows? What age were they when it happened? Why did you feel it was time?

If your child is still too young, at what point do you think you’ll let them watch more grown up programming?

I would really love to hear reader’s thoughts on this subject matter. I would love it if you could comment and share your thoughts.

For more information about Netflix please visit Netflix.com. The brand can also be found on social media. All of their links are found on their site.



*I have partnered with Netflix to bring you this information. I have received free service and promotional products in exchange for my participation. There is no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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Looking for a last minute gift idea? Give the gift of entertainment

holiday shopping

It’s crunch time! Christmas and Hanukah are less than a week away. Have you completed your holiday shopping list yet?

I think we are done shopping. I would have loved to have picked up a few more things for our kids but we already exhausted our holiday budget. They are also teenagers. They don’t need a zillion gifts like a child would. Plus their gifts costs more than they did when they were kids (I think gifting our daughter a new car battery and an oil change is a wee bit more expensive than a Barbie doll. LOL!).

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list that enjoys great movies and television shows, why not gift them a one year subscription to Netflix?

Netflix stars out at only $7.99/mo. There are other plans for people who want to stream on multiple devices. For a six month subscription you’ll be paying around $50. For a one year subscription it will be about $100.

When you think about it a quality gift if going to cost you in the $50 range. I think six months of unlimited movies, original series and favorite television shows – available 24/7 – is a great gift idea.

Netflix is great for everyone – young and old.

Our daughter never goes a day without watching her favorite series on Netflix.

Netflix has so much to offer. Check out some of the new series arriving this month.


My husband and I binge watched the first season of Fuller House in two nights. Over the holiday break we’ll no doubt binge watch the second season too.

Just in time for long holiday trips “over the river and through the woods” to grandma’s house, Netflix recently announced that members can now download many of their favorite series and movies at no extra cost.

To start downloading today, make sure your Netflix app is updated to the latest version and head to the ‘Available for Download’ menu on your tablet or mobile device. Don’t miss out on all the Netflix movies and series available to take with you, anywhere you go.

Coming to Netflix this week is a new series from Dreamwork Animation called Trollhunters. The new series will provide families with 13 hours of adventure, suspense and limitless imagination.


Sadly, Anton Yelchin was killed earlier this year. I guess his character will have to be voiced by another actor for their second season.

Most kids are off from school the week after Christmas. Trollhunters is a great way to ward off boredom.

DreamWorks Trollhunters can help parents keep the whole clan excited with 250+ inspiring moments from the epic saga. And parents, this is no ordinary kids fare… you’re just as likely to get hooked.


To get you even more excited about the new series, Netflix has some DIY projects to make your own sword and Hard Rock Candy (my husband loves Hard Rock Candy).

Simply click on each image to get the instructions you can download and/or print out.



If you would like to learn more about Netflix, or to check out the new series, visit Netflix.com. You can also find them on social media (all of the links are found on their website).

Are you a fan of Netflix?

Would you gift (or like to be gifted) a membership to Netflix?

Do you plan on checking out Trollhunters? Why or why not? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I receive free membership in exchange for my participation. There is no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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‘Tis the season… to watch heartwarming television and movies



The weather outside is “frightful” (it truly is!), and our artificial fireplace is so delightful. And since we are not fans of snow and cold, my family and I will be spending a lot more time indoors the next few months while we ride out yet another winter.

My father and stepmother recently moved to Florida from New York (where we live). I bet they are happy with their decision to move (we’re not… but that is another story).

Being stuck inside can be boring. Thanks goodness for television, books and board games.

Admittedly we watch a bit more television during the winter months than we do the rest of the year. We simply do not want to be outside too long in the cold, and where we live there is really nothing else to do except go to the mall and we’ve done that more times than we care to count.

Thank goodness for Netflix! Netflix offers all of my family members something enjoyable to watch – either together or on our own. Our daughter especially can’t live without Netflix. She’s a big fan of shows like One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls. In fact, a new Gilmore Girls series is premiering this week – Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. 


The new series is set a decade after the original series ended. The new series features original cast members Lorelai, Rory and Emily Gilmore. It depicts their lives now and follows them through an entire year (all four seasons).

I now my daughter is especially psyched about this and is already planning to tune in on Friday when it debuts.

FYI…, Netflix released today that 62% of mothers and daughters say sharing TV shows helps build a stronger relationship.

It’s great to watch movies and shows about the different types of families. After all, families come in all different “shapes and sizes,” so to speak. You have mixed families consisting of step parents and step siblings. You also have single parent families with just a father or a mother. You also have families with same sex parents.

In my family I was raised by my paternal grandparents, as well as with my biological father. My biological aunt and uncle are, in my eyes, my sister and brother because that is how I was raised.

Not all families are the same. There are plenty of examples of that on Netflix.


You have prehistoric families, like the Croods and not necessarily a family friendly family like that on Family Guy.

The series The Fosters prove that you don’t have to be blood related to be a family.

In The Secret Life of the American Teenager, you have someone who was a bit too young to start a family.

The Bluths of Arrested Development overshare a bit too much and the Fullers of Fuller House are squeaky clean and love to hug a lot.

Some families are full of drama, like Switched at Birth and some totally redefine what makes a family like in Baby Daddy


Other shows and movies about unique families – those that redefine what a family is – worth checking out on Netflix include;

And my personal favorite – the Byer family from my favorite Netflix series Stranger Things (I cannot wait for season two!).

So grab your favorite fuzzy blankets, whip up some hot cocoa and enjoy some quality family time together checking out how other families live and spend time together on Netflix.

You may also want to check out what’s new on Netflix.


For more information visit Netflix.com. You can also find them on social media.

Do you have a favorite television or movie family? Feel free to comment and tell me about them and why they are your favorite? I always love to hear from readers.



*I receive free membership in exchange for my participation. There is no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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Have a haunting good time with Netflix



Halloween season is one of my favorite times of the year (Christmas is my favorite season). I LOVE to decorate for the holidays, and Halloween is certainly a fun time to decorate.

Our home is decorated from top to bottom with Halloween decorations.

When our kids were younger I kept the decorations “G” rated (meaning they were not scary). Once my kids were older I replaced the cute and colorful decorations with more creepy ones.

The photo (above) was our dining room just prior to putting the zombie (seated at the table) and one of the mummies (in the corner) outside. The skeleton is still seated at our table, as are the plush Alien monsters (“face hugger” and “chest buster”). One of the mummies is still in the corner too (one was broken, so we kept him inside).

I can’t forget “Chucky” from Child’s Play either. LOL!


Needless to say, I have a “thing” for horror movies. I love horror movies!

I can watch a zombie rip the guts out of a victim and eat them, but I can’t clean up hairballs that our cats puke up. Go figure.

I enjoy doing movie reviews, most especially for horror movies. Sadly, they don’t make horror movies like they used to. It’s been a long time since a horror movie actually creeped me out. Movies like Amityville Horror (the pig eyes in the window), Salem’s Lot (the little boy floating outside the window), and Prophecy (1979 movie that stars Robert Foxworth, Talia Shire and Armand Assante) with the “inside out” bear are rare these days. Still, I enjoy watching horror movies, even if I find them more laughable than scary.

Often there is nothing to watch on television – most especially during the summer months and when shows go on their winter hiatus. Instead of watching repeat after repeat, my husband and I will opt for “Scary Movie Night.” Scary movie night is when we hop on to Netflix, go to their horror movie genre section, and select a movie from one of the different categories. Their categories include:

  • B-Horror Movies
  • Creature Features
  • Cult Horror Movies
  • Deep Sea Horror Movies
  • Horror Comedy
  • Monster Movies
  • Satanic Movies
  • Slasher and Serial Killer Movies
  • Supernatural Horror Movies
  • Teen Screams
  • Vampire Horror Movies
  • Zombie Horror Movies

We’ve watched movies from all of the categories. I always check to see what is new first and foremost, since we’ve watched A LOT of horror movies already on Netflix. There are some I’ll watch over and over again like World War Z, Stitches, Children of the Corn (the original), Hellraiser and Nightbreed. Those are ones I find entertaining.

Netflix offers a variety of horror movies, from films that appeared in the big screen (and did very well), to independent films that no one has ever heard of before. Sometimes the lesser known ones are really good. Take for example the film Stitches about an evil clown. If you are afraid of clowns you WON’T want to watch the film. If clowns don’t bother you it’s worth checking out. It’s a gross film (a lot of blood and guts) but it’s also funny (yes… funny!).

Some movies are just really awful (Firestarter 2: Rekindled), where as others will surprise you like 12 Days of Terror, The Hoard, The Legend of Hell House, Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead and The Hallows. 

Some channels offer horror movies in honor of Halloween, but it’s only a handful. One channel only shows family friendly Halloween themed movies. And most horror movies have to be censored to make them suitable for regular television (meaning less blood and guts). Netflix offers movies in their un-censored versions so you don’t miss any of the gory action.

Best of all… these movies are available to you year round, not just for a month or few days around Halloween. In fact, all of their holiday related films are available year round. So if you are in the mood for Christmas movies like Christmas with the Kranks, White Christmas and Disney’s Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas, you can watch them right now on Netflix.

Of course Netflix is more than just a “go-to” source for horror or holiday movies. They also offer so much more from original movie and series to children’s programming and more.

Stranger Thing is one of my favorite original Netflix series. I cannot wait for season two!

Check out what’s new to Netflix.


To learn more about what Netflix has to offer, visit Netflix.com. You can also check them out on social media.

Netflix offers subscriptions for steaming and for DVDs. Their DVD subscription service gets you access to recent movie released such as The Shallows, Me Before You and Jungle Book.

Are you a fan of the horror movie genre? What is your most favorite horror movie of all time? Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I receive free membership in exchange for my participation. There is no monetary compensation. The opinions expressed are entirely my own and not influenced in any way.

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Wishes do come true! Disney films are now on Netflix



I love Disney films. I always have. Even as an adult I get giddy when I see the infamous Disney film opening featuring the castle.

I grew up watching Disney films. I was also fortunate that a local movie theater where I lived used to play a different Disney film each week all summer long. My mom would take me each week. Thanks to that movie theater (which sadly went out of business decades ago), I got to see such classics as Fantasia, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Lady and the Tramp on the big screen – even though the films were made many years before I was even born. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Some people consider Disney films are “kiddie movies.” That is not the case at all. I know plenty of adults who thoroughly enjoy watching Disney films – myself and my husband included. Yes! Even man appreciate Disney films.

I think we have a good chunk of Disney films on Blu-ray and DVD, but there are still plenty we are missing in our collection. I would love to get Song of the South with Br’er Rabbit and Uncle Reemus. My husband has never seen (or heard of) the film before. Sadly it’s not available for purchase anywhere.


If you are a huge fan of Disney films you’ll be excited to hear that Netflix is now offering Disney films! And not just old Disney films. They will also be carrying newly released Disney films too.

Before we know it the weather will start getting cooler and we’ll need to find thing to do indoors. Snuggling up with your significant other, or children, and watching a Disney film – an old classic or a new release – is always a great option.

Here are just a few suggestions that are currently available on Netflix.

  • Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection – This is a great collection of short animated films featuring beloved characters from Frozen, Mickey Mouse and one of my all time favorite Disney animated short films – Paperman.
  • Robin Hood – This is one of my husband’s all time favorite Disney films.
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – The 1977 version – I love the classic Winnie the Pooh)
  • Secret of the Wings – I LOVE the newer Tinker Bell movies. Netflix has a few of them too.
  • Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) – This is an oldie but a goodie. I loved this movie as a child.

And the various Air Bud / Buddies films. They are adorable!

These are just SOME of the wonderful Disney films – both animated and live action – available on Netflix, with more to come.

The film’s mentioned above are available for streaming. Other titles are also available from Netflix’s DVD subscription like Finding Nemo. 

Speaking of Finding Nemo, the sequel, Finding Dory, is one of the film’s Netflix will have available for subscribers. I loved that film! It was such a wonderful film with a lot of adorable new characters.

Ok… since I already let one movie “out of the bag,” I might as well let you in on another. Zootopia is coming to Netflix later on this month! Yeah!

It’s not just animated Disney films that are available on Netflix. Even non-animated/live action films are available including The Finest Hours. 

If you would like to learn more about Netflix, or check out their delightful of currently available Disney films (with more coming!), visit Netflix.com.You can also check them out on social media.

What is your favorite Disney film?

What Disney films would you love to see available on Netflix?

Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from readers.



*I was not compensated for this post, however I did receive a free membership with my partnership with Netflix. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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