Taking Care of Your Aquarium the Natural Way


Ever wonder how animals (or plants) survive without or very little human care? It’s amazing if you think about it. It’s one of the many wonders of nature. Animals, communities of animals, and even entire ecosystems thrive without human intervention. Don’t you wish it were the same with your pets at home?

Owning a pet is never easy. It costs money, it takes time and requires a lot of work.  Maintaining an aquarium is no exception. Yoni Szarvas, AquaBella Organic Solutions’ founder and CEO notes that the main reason “people give up on this hobby is simply because maintaining a healthy ecosystem can be very problematic. But here’s the good news – there is a solution! One solution saves aquarists a lot of money, time and water.!

AquaBella4Aquariums has released a new aquarium maintenance product, made entirely of organic ingredients, replicating the natural cleansing process of natural water ecosystems. Its revolutionary claim “No Water Change for 1 Year” is guaranteed by the company. This product contains twenty different strains of beneficial aerobic and anaerobic bacteria that work symbiotically to reestablish a balanced ecosystem. Simply put, it uses the power of nature to take care of your aquarium. AquaBella Bio-Enzyme reduces maintenance to a bare minimum, making fish keeping more fun.


AquaBella4Aquariums puts the fun back in this hobby.  It even runs a monthly contest on Facebook aimed to help aquarium owners enjoy their hobby. This month, parents can ask their children to draw their “dream aquarium” and join the contest for a chance to win 3 tickets to a public aquarium of their choice.

To order and to get  more information about this revolutionary aquarium product, go to: www.AquaBella4Aquariums.com. You can also call 1-888-285-7665. Kit prices are: $22.95 for freshwater aquariums and $29.95 for saltwater aquariums.

To join the “Dream Aquarium” Kiddie Art contest, go to their Facebook Page: www.Facebook.com/AquaBella4Aquariums or email the Kiddie Art to contest@aquabella4aquariums.com.

AquaBella Contest


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