The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders (Giveaway)

I grew up in the county, or as my husband refers to it as “cow country”. There were no tall buildings where I grew up and taxi cab sightings were few and far between. I don’t even remember locking the door except at night.

Back in the day when I was a child there was no such thing as computers, iPads, Nintendo, XBox or even a mall. We made our own fun out of what we had available to us.

There were woods behind our home (which has since been replaced by pricey home developments. Sigh…). My cousins and I would be outside from sun up to sun set. We’d create adventures in the woods, build forts, ride bikes, catch fireflies and even hunt for bones. Our home was located on the site of an old farm. My cousins and I would always come across a cow skull or a mysterious bone. It sounds gross but when you are a child it is the coolest thing ever. They weren’t cow bones, they were bones from a Dinosaur (in our minds).

My mom and my aunt were always there to help encourage our creativity. I still have very vivid memories of my mom taking a sheet and spreading it across the front porch to make a tent for me and my cousin. I remember it like it was yesterday. You wouldn’t think a sheet across the stairs could provide hours of creative fun, but it did.

My Dad worked for the phone company and would bring home miscellaneous “trash” because he knew me and my cousins would come up with something creative to use it for. Once my Dad brought home a cardboard barrel. My cousins and I would squeeze ourselves into the barrel and roll down the slope in the back of my house. Oh my! We did this for hours at a time. Its no wonder I don’t suffer from something like Vertigo! LOL!

My parents, as well as my Aunt Sandra, always found ways to help us have a lot of fun growing up. I still remember making taffy with my Aunt Sandra. Wow! What a sticky mess that was. LOL!

There days I fear that parents and children don’t “connect” the way they used to when we were little. Personally I make it a point to do creative and fun things with my kids whether its making gingerbread houses or sitting outside blowing bubbles. I feel its important to have those special moments with our children. Many years from now when our children are adults and out in the real world I guarantee they will recall the times we shot hoops in the back of the school or skipped rocks along the river. I doubt they will care as much about the new Nintendo game we bought them or hanging out at the mall with friends.

In the book, Childhood Wonders, author Susan Magsamen masterfully blends a vintage design and feel with a collection of activities, poems, nursery rhymes and art that underscores her philosophy on the best ways to encourage learn-through-play experiences and create special memories to last a lifetime. 

Divided into five sections that illuminate a child’s world and interests — Magic and Make-Believe; Outdoor Exploring; Crafts and Construction; Yummy for the Tummy; and Bedtime, Bathtime, and Dreamtime.  

Childhood Wonders is more than a great gift book.  It gives families a tool to reconnect with childhood whimsy and explore the importance of learning through play.  

During this season of off-the-hook consumerism and more, more, more, Childhood Wonders is a unique and lasting gift for kids, families, new parents and grandparents.

If you have a chance you should check out Susan Magsamen’s Family Stories website, www.FamilyStories.org. The site has a lot of great FREE downloads for crafts and games. 

I have TWO copies of The Classic Treasury of Childhood Wonders to giveaway to two lucky readers (one copy for each winner).

To enter please comment on a favorite childhood memory where you and your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle “connected” by engaging in something fun and creative.

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  1. My grandmother used to knit, and I would roll the yarn into balls. I always had alot of fun doing that.

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  4. Some of the best memories with my mom include working on craft projects and baking together 🙂
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  6. Our dad took us outdoors a bunch to go biking or hiking or swimming or some combination of the above. I know one of his best memories was when we started climbing up a rock face because it was there, bypassing someone with a bunch of gear. My personal favorite was when we took a “shortcut” while hiking and followed the Blue Trail for way longer than the shortcut we had expected. 🙂

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  8. i love this giveaway! absolutely hands down the sweetest!
    my childhood memory is of my mom and brother out of town..and my dad secretly letting me eat 2 FULL scoops of icecream on a winter day. (something i never got to do otherwise since i would fall sick easily). but luckily i didnt fall sick(coz my dad gave me medicine before hand) and it became our small little secret that i – to this day have kept. 🙂 a little father daughter bonding time i call it!

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  12. GrandmaAllen says:

    One of my favorite memoriies is singing with my Dad. He loved to sing and had all of singing when we took a trip or around the campfire. We all especially liked “You can’t get to heaven.”

  13. I loved to go to my grandma’s house. She always baked and spent time with me. I miss her alot.

  14. I stayed with my Grandma one summer and that was a whole summer full of fun creative memories.

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  19. My great uncle often took us out and went fishing with us.

  20. Stephanie V. says:

    Remember the first time built a snowman with my dad – teamwork, laughs, freezing cold
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  21. When we were kids my mom, sister, and I would string popcorn and cranberries for our Christmas tree. I remember it being really fun.

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  27. My most cherished childhood memories are going on family birke rides and playing games (board, card or outdoor games) as a family.

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  33. My Grandma and I along with my brother would go in the woods in the back of her home and act like we were lost. We would have a picnic, and sometimes act like we were spys. We would go to the pond and fish. I miss those days with her so much.

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  35. Linda Kish says:

    When I was small all of the time I spent with my dad was fun. Mostly we did chores..yard work, wash the car, do the marketing. but as long as I did it with him, it was fun.

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  38. my favorite memory from childhood is when my father took me out hunting for the first time (and also let me drive once we hit the oil road for the first time also)
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  42. I remember when the whole family used to cook, even the kids too! great way to bond

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  46. One of my fondest memories as a child was helping to make the gravy for Sunday dinners with my Dad and making popcorn in a pan on top of the stove every Friday night with my Mom.

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  49. i use to love rolling out the crackers that our family uses to make stuffing, i was taught this recipe, and make it to this day.

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  62. Me and my papaw would go pick pecans and the shell them together(and eat them) Then my Meme would make a pecan pie! It was so much fun! I miss it!

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  73. My brothers and I went with my Dad on a week long boating trip. When we reached our destination my Dad and I went out on the dinghy. We had a most marvelous conversation.

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  78. My great-aunt had a stereo viewer that she would bring out when we visited. We used to sit with her and look at all the interesting world view cards in 3D. Good old-fashioned fun!
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  79. My parents used to transform our living room into a giant fort all the time.I still do this with my kids.My kids and I love to go outside and make mudpies and pretend to sell them to each other.Thanks!

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  83. Adrienne gordon says:

    My uncle taught me about building computers.

  84. my grandparent use to always read with me when i was a kid

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  86. trippyjanet says:

    I used to love going fishing with my grandma and grandpa…that was our time!

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  88. My mom used to make trays of chocolate for our neighbors every year for Christmas. I distinctly remember making my first pot of hot coocoa on the stove while we made chocolate candies. I was 8 or 9.
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  93. Ed Nemmers says:

    Mom and Grandma let us bake with them!

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  95. Trisha Lynn says:

    I remember y grandma and I always watching the cooking how together the decde to go to the kitchen and try to re create it! Soetimes it would work others were disaters but they were always fun!

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  99. Thanks for the giveaway…my Father & I “bonded” with a mutual love of politics, and playing golf.

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