The Croods coming to Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Download on October 1, 2013 #TheCroodsDVD


The Croods

Coming to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on October 1, 2013 is the box office hit The Croods. The film grossed a whopping %584 million world wide.

The Crood family dynamics, though unfolding a few million years ago, feel  like they could come from your own household. Like most fathers, family  patriarch Grug (Nicolas Cage) is fiercely protective of his wife and three kids.  His hyper-vigilance has kept his cave-bound family safe, secure and….super-  bored. Grug’s strong and dutiful better half, Ugga (Catherine Keener), accepts  her husband’s “fear is good; change is bad” mentality, as does their son Thunk  (Clark Duke), who’s content with the static status quo. Feisty mother-in-law  Gran (Cloris Leachman) never tires of needling (or sometimes assaulting) Grug;  and stone-tough toddler Sandy might be the fiercest Crood yet.

But leave it to a rebellious teenager (is there any other kind?) to stand up  to parental authority. Grug’s sole focus is survival, but Eep (Emma Stone) wants  to actually LIVE, and her curiosity about the world outside their cave collides  with her dad’s primitive rules (ever the defiant outsider, Eep gets her own  ledge to sleep on while the rest of the Croods form a “sleep pile” for some  group shut-eye).

A cataclysmic event forces the Croods to venture into parts unknown and  rethink their way of living. En route, they encounter Guy (Ryan Reynolds), whose  dazzling new discoveries – like fire…and shoes – shake up the Croods in  unexpected ways. Most of the 2 family (especially Eep) is smitten by Guy’s  vision of a new place called “tomorrow,” but Grug sees the biggest calamity yet:  a charming teenage boy from which he must “protect” Eep.

The Croods soon realize that if they don’t evolve…they’re history.

The Croods is directed by Chris Sanders & Kirk DeMicco, and  produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell. The screenplay is by Kirk DeMicco & Chris Sanders, with a story by John Cleese, Kirk DeMicco and Chris  Sanders. The music is by Alan Silvestri.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming release.


There is also a special package that contains a plush Belt toy (Belt is the sloth character from the film).

Check out all the great bonus features.

DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods Blu-ray™ Deluxe Edition

The Croods Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy Deluxe Edition include a Belt plush toy for a limited time and more than an hour of bonus features:

Feature film in high definition 

Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Features:

  • The Croodaceous Creatures of Croods! – Find out more about your favorite Croods creatures!
  • Be An Artist! – Now you can draw Belt, Macawnivore and Mousephant
  • The Croods Coloring & Storybook Builder App 

Additional Bonus Features:

  • Belt’s Cave Journal – Take a journey with Belt and Guy as they rescue a Jackrobat
  • Croods Cuts (Lost Scenes) – The Croods’ directors share scenes that were deleted from the film
  • World of DreamWorks Animation – Music videos from your favorite DreamWorks Animation feature films


DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods Blu-ray™ 3D Deluxe Edition

The Croods Blu-ray™ 3D + Blu-ray™ + DVD + Digital Copy Deluxe Edition includes the following:

Feature film in high definition and 3D

All the Blu-ray™ and DVD content listed above


DreamWorks Animation’s The Croods DVD

The single disc DVD includes a Belt plush toy for a limited time plus the following:

Feature film in standard definition

Bonus Features:

Belt’s Cave Journal

Croods Cuts (Lost Scenes)

World of DreamWorks Animation


In honor of the film’s release I have some cute coloring pages that you can download, print and enjoy with your family. To download simply click on the text link under the image (below). It’s a zip file. If you are unable to open it please feel free to reach out to me (SheScribes “at” Optonline “dot” net) and I can send them to you individually.


The Croods Coloring Pages

I also have a copy of the film that I will be giving away. Look for the giveaway post coming soon!

Did you see the film when it was in theaters? What did you think about the film? Do you have a favorite character?

The Croods special packaging with plush Belt toy.

The Croods special packaging with plush Belt toy.


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  1. I cant wait to see this movie. The characters are so cute looking. thanks for the review and the coloring pages too.

  2. Looks so cute, I will have to see this! (:

  3. Michelle Elizondo says:

    I love movies about love and family. They are the best.