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The Croods

The hit movie, The Croods, will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on October 1, 2013. There will even be a special packaging that contains an adorable plush Belt toy (Belt is the sloth character from the film).

The film touches a lot upon the relationship with Grug (voice by Nicolas Cage) who is the father of Eep (voiced by Emma Stone), a typical teenager who loves to test boundaries. Most teenagers do. As a mom to two teens I can certainly relate.

The relationship between a father and his daughter is a very precious thing. Some of the most touching scenes from movie history are the loving moments between dads and daughters. In The Croods, we watched as Eep and Grug slowly come to realize how much they truly love each other. Take a look at five of the most memorable dad and daughter moments in movie history.

Eep and Grug

Eep and Grug from The Croods

Teenagers always go through that phase of life where they feel that they are being smothered by their parents. Eep is definitely feeling these emotions when her over-protective dad keeps her under tight boundaries.  But it turned out that Eep and Grug were more alike than they realized. Eep’s heart is broken when she thinks she lost her opportunity to tell her dad how much she loves him. In a very memorable moment, Eep and Grug are reunited and our hearts melt as we watch them embrace in a great big word that rhymes with Grug… a hug!

Bella and Charlie Swan

Bella and Charlie Swan from the Twilight series

Throughout the Twilight saga, there are multiple adorably awkward father-daughter moments shared between Charlie and Bella. Charlie may not always know exactly what he is doing, but there is no denying that he is an excellent father! Our favorite Charlie and Bella memory is the day of the wedding. Before heading off on her honeymoon, Charlie tells Bella how much she means to him and the two share a meaningful moment.

Bryan and Kim Mills

Bryan and Kim Mills from Taken & Taken 2

Every girl wants a father who makes them feel safe and is willing to protect them from any kind of harm that comes their way. Bryan Mills represents the ultimate dad in Taken and Taken 2 as he takes down anyone who comes between him and his daughter. Kim is lucky to have such a fierce father figure in her life and their relationship benefits from the difficult situation that she faces.

George and Annie Banks

George and Annie Banks from Father of the Bride parts 1 & 2

In Father of the Bride, George might be having a hard time giving up his little girl, but in the end he accepts the wedding as a reality and the two have a major bonding moment.  On the night before her wedding, Annie and George play basketball in the driveway and hundreds of female viewers thought back to the times they played sports with their dad as a kid.

Graham, Sophie and Olivia

Graham, Sophie and Olivia from The Holiday

Being a single dad and raising two daughters is no easy task. In The Holiday, Graham seems to be one of the greatest single parents we’ve ever seen. From being Mr. Napkin Head with his two adorable daughters to building a dreamy tent with fluffy pillows and hand-cut stars, Graham goes the extra step to make sure Sophie and Olivia have a great childhood. We love the moment when we find out that the father and his daughters call themselves “the three musketeers.”

These are some great movies too! In fact I love all of them. 🙂

Look for The Croods where ever movies are sold on October 1, 2013.


I also have a copy of the film AND a plush “Belt” toy to give to a lucky reader.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on September 28, 2013 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator from all eligible entries. The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen in their place.

To enter please comment on either question – Which is your favorite Croods charater and why – OR – tell me about a father/daughter duo from your favorite movie.

For extra entries you can use the Rafflecopter widget (below) but you must complete the initial entry requirement or the additional entries won’t qualify (I do check). Extra entries are optional.

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  1. Vader/Leia – Star Wars!

  2. My favorite duo is Father of the bride.

  3. Maria Malaveci says:

    We did not get the chance to see this in the theater. I had heard that it was really cute. Would love to win for my son and daughter. My favorite son and daughter duo is Father of the bride!

  4. Guy was our favorite, because he was funny.

  5. Sandra Dupal says:

    Grug — Was such a funny guy the way he was trying to take care of his family and protect his daughter. Would love to win so I could sit with my kids and watch it over and over again.

  6. Kimberly Schotz says:

    Loved George and Annie Banks from Father of the Bride

  7. jeanette sheets says:

    michael landon and melissa gilbert from little house on the prairie (charles and laura ingles)

  8. favorite character is eep because she is so brave and fun.

  9. wendy dickinson says:

    The Little Mermaid: Ariel and her father at the end of the movie where he lets her be who she wants to be!

  10. We love belt. But we loved the whole movie. My son watches the trailers waiting for tge movie release.

  11. Sue Ellison says:

    I haven’t seen this movie. I love the special bond in Father of the Bride.

  12. Sue Ellison says:

    FB Fan of Blonde Mom Blog

    KARENALBERTWINSLOW recently posted..New products from Ocean Spray

  14. christine jessamine says:

    we love belt

  15. christine mondy says:

    I haven’t seen the Croods yet! I hope I win this so I can watch. My favorite father/daughter duo from a movie is Arnold Schwartzeneggar (sp?) and Alyssa Milano from Commando. Omg I grew up watching that movie and loved it even though I am not one for action movies.

  16. I love Laura and her dad on Little House on the Prairie. He is so understanding.

  17. Michelle Elizonod says:


  18. Belt is my favorite Croods character and my favorite father/daughter team is Simba and Kiara from The Lion King II : Simba’s Pride.

  19. My kids love Eep.

  20. The Father of the Bride moment where he looks across the table and sees her as a little girl. Too cute! They grow fast!

  21. Father of the bride was cute father daught duo OH and Meet the Parents

  22. We loved Belt. Belt was hilarious. My younger daughter stills just randomly goes, “Dunh, dunh, DUNH!!!”

  23. Renee Walters says:

    My favorite character is eep!

  24. Our favorite character is Belt because he’s just so cute.

  25. Cassie Sudduth says:

    I really liked Charlie and Bella. We didn’t have a chance to see this movie in theaters but heard it was really cute

  26. Cassie Sudduth says:

    Followed on Bloglovin

  27. My favorite is The Holiday, father daughters scenes. But can I just tell you that I love how someone wrote Vader and Leia from Star Wars. Awesome!!!—

  28. Cassie Sudduth says:
  29. The The Last Song is one of my favorite father/daughter movies.

  30. I like Eep because she reliazed her father loved them so much because he sacrificed himself by staying behind towards the end of the movie.

  31. follow on bloglovin’ melina ramirez mramirez999

  32. Hi,I have not seen this movie. My fave duo is: Twilight, Bella and her Dad, Charlie. Thanks. Vicki.
    Vicki Hale recently posted..Rachelle Ayala – Book Review

  33. I like George Banks and his daughter from Father of the Bride.

  34. Priscilla P. says:


  35. My favorite character is Guy because he’s funny and goofy.

  36. I haven’t seen the Croods yet. But my favorite father daughter duo is Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin in Definetly Maybe.

  37. steve weber says:

    Belt is my favorite.

  38. Serena Powell says:

    I love Belt because he is so adorable!

  39. The father and daughter in Brave were cute (although it was about the mother and daughter) 🙂
    Kristie recently posted..First Day of School 2013

  40. I liked Bella and Charlie Swan from the Twilight series
    Denise Taylor-Dennis recently posted..Giveaway & Review – New Purex UltraPacks Plus OXI

  41. my niece and I love the croods!!!!

  42. My favorite character is Belt because he makes my children giggle hysterically.

  43. Grug because he was too funny

    kport207 at gmail dot com
    Kathleen recently posted..Bloggers Wanted: It’s Halloween Giveaway Event

  44. George and Annie Banks are my favorite!

  45. Lalita Malone says:

    I love Ryan and Tatum O’Neal in Paper Moon. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

  46. I haven’t seen this one yet but I think my favorite father/daughter duo would have to be Belle and her dad in Beauty and the Beast.

  47. I haven’t seen it yet, but the Grandma character looks really funny. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  48. Joseph Stowell says:

    My favorite is Gran, of course.

  49. Belt because he’s so cute

  50. I love Reverend Sullivan and Jamie from A Walk to Remember. Loved the book and the movie

  51. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    I like the Father of the Bride movie as a father/daughter duo.

  52. I like the grandma
    Allie recently posted..Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade Book Giveaway

  53. I love the father daughter combo in the movie despicable me!

  54. we really like guy and belt.

  55. April Yedinak says:

    My favorite father/daughter movie duo is Atticus and Scout Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” I love her spirit and I love that he sets an exemplary precedent for what humans should be.

  56. DorothyTeel says:

    Father daughter combo – would have to be on Little House on the Prairie with Pa and Laura, was really a great show

  57. Belt and the baby have to be our favorite! This was such a fun movie

  58. janna johnson says:

    Belt is the best

  59. I really like guy…

  60. My favorite father daughter duo is Anna Chlumksky and Dan Akroyd from My Girl

  61. I have to say that Belt is my favorite 🙂 He’s cute! and the kids love him too, so that makes him my favorite 🙂

  62. I follow on Bloglovin’ – Anastasia Falling

  63. I loved the duo from Father of the Bride – one of my favorite movies!

  64. Wanda McHenry says:

    One of my favorite father/daughter duos is Joe and Peyton in The Game Plan!

  65. April Brenay says:

    My kids love belt! He’s their favorite!

  66. I haven’t seen it but my grandsons did and they loved Grug.

  67. I love the Father/Daughter relationship in Curly Sue

  68. my favorite father daughter movie is really more of mother daughter movie but I just love the interaction between the father and daughter in Divine Secrets of the YaYa sisterhood. I bet I watched that movie a thousand times or more.
    Madonna recently posted..Weekly Recap

  69. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    I like belt, Father of the bride for sure

  70. I LOVE The Father of the Bride with Annie and George. It reminded me so much of my father and I’s relationship, who I was, and who he was. It also reminded me of my wedding and my husband.
    Thanks for the giveaway!! Would LOVE to win the Croods for my twins!

  71. I havent actually seen it yet.

  72. I loved Grug in the movie

  73. I like the original “The Parent Trap” when the father realizes he’s got the wrong twin.

  74. I love all of the Father of the Bride’s. Such a heart warming set of movies.

  75. Jenn McClearn says:

    I like Sandy

  76. I haven’t seen the Croods yet and I have no idea of my favorite father/daughter duo… maybe a TV duo – JAck and Kim Bauer from 24

  77. tina reynolds says:

    We havent seen croods yet cant wait. I love the father in the bride movies

  78. Gotta love Steve Martin in Father of the Bride.

  79. Monique Rizzo says:

    I like Belt because he is so cute and makes silly noises.
    Thanks for the chance.

  80. KIM CRAWFORD says:


  81. Kellie Conklin says:

    I like the complexity of the relationship between Coraline and her father and her “other” father in the movie Coraline! Thanks!

  82. Jill Myrick says:

    My favorite was The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear.


  83. Rowdy Boys Mom says:

    We adored Belt! Thanks.

  84. Kathleen Downes says:

    I love the movie 50 First Dates and Drew Barrymore’s character and her dad have a very special relationship because she has amnesia and he helps her everyday.

  85. Susan Smith says:

    Belt is my favorite Croods character

  86. guy is our fav character

  87. Wendy Pesce says:

    Haven’t seen Croods yet, but we love The Father of the Bride and George and Annie Banks

  88. Our favorite is King Fergus and Merida. He always allowed her to be herself!

  89. I always like the father/daughter in Curly Sue
    Carmen recently posted..Finding Precious and chickens on the roof

    • Rebecca Orr says:

      Oh my gosh. I have not seen that movie in years but I loved it as a child! I would watch it, rewind, and the watch it again. The good ole days of VHS!

  90. Karen Drake says:

    I haven’t seen the Croods yet so I don’t have a favorite character. I liked the father and daughter duo in Father of The Bride.

  91. Karen Drake says:

    I follow you on Bloglovin.

  92. Rebecca Orr says:

    I like Pam (Burns then Focker) and Jack Burns from Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, and Littke Fockers. They have a good father daughter dynamic.

  93. david cosgrove says:

    Grug is just so Hilarious!

  94. Jennifer T. says:

    We love Gru and his adopted daughters, Agnes, Margo, and Edith from Despicable Me.

  95. I loved Grug. He really showed how a parent will do anything for his family. Maybe a little to much at times. But he was just following his heart.

  96. Patty White says:

    We love Eep!!!

  97. Patty White says:

    I follow on bloglovin – Patty White

  98. Paula Tavernie says:

    I like Belt!! Hes my favorite!

  99. Paula Tavernie says:

    I shared on FB(Paula Tavernie)

  100. Shirley Hicks says:


  101. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I like Belt

  102. Eep; I just adore anything that is Emma Stone!

  103. Rebecca Peters says:

    we like eep

  104. I haven’t seen this movie but one of the Father/Daughter moments I like was when the father realized he was wrong in Dirty Dancing.

  105. I liked Belt.

  106. I really like Grug. He was the strong father figure who thought his way was the best way until he learned that things could change and still be okay.

  107. My girls loved Eep– such cute characters all around!

  108. Terry Cross says:

    Grug because I thought he was funny

  109. Maurice and Belle in Beauty and the Beast!

  110. jazzy wynter says:

    my fave father/daughter couple would have to be Bryan and Kim Mills from taken! He would do anything for his daughter!

  111. I like Gran, Cloris Leachman is perfect in the role.
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..Menu for week of 9/23 – 9/29

  112. I follow you on Bloglovin
    Sherry Conrad recently posted..Menu for week of 9/23 – 9/29

  113. I love the grandma in this movie. I can’t remember her name but she was so funny!
    Melanie Johnson recently posted..Cool Gear Can Review & Giveaway

  114. Stephanie Larison says:

    Harry and Vada from My Girl

  115. We like Guy, he was funny.
    Lisa recently posted..Ultra Sleeves™ Clear, Disposable, Protective Sleeve for tablets Review

  116. I like Belt the best.

  117. Christmas Helper says:

    My Favorite father daughter duo is Belle and Maurice from Beauty and the Beast I love how supportive they are of each other, and how they dont see how odd the other is they just love each other for who they are.

  118. Haven’t seen the Croods yet, but Father of the Bride with Steve Martin had one of the best father/daughter relationships – could watch that movie over and over again!

  119. Melinda Stephens says:

    My favorite duo is Belle and her father in Beauty and the Beast.

  120. Katherine Newton says:

    I agree with Gloria. Laura Ingles and her father 🙂

  121. kathy pease says:

    I would say my favorite father and daughter duo in a movie and in real life would be henry and jane fonda in on golden pond

  122. Lisa Neutel says:

    We love Eep….. And Belt

  123. My favorite father and daughter show is switched at birth. Sorry couldn’t think of a movie.

  124. Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor in ‘Fathers Little Dividend’. One of my favorites.

  125. My favorite father/ daughter duo is Bella and Charlie Swan from the Twilight series

  126. I just think Belt is adorable – want to cuddle (ok – we are into monkeys here) – (and I love the commercial – shoes! LOL) love it!
    Janice Crespo recently posted..Giveaways Added September 28 2013

  127. Brenda Elsner says:

    Father of the Bride movies are the perfect father/daughter duos.

  128. Belle and Maurice from Beauty and the Beast. Love that movie.

  129. Christian Alejandro says:

    Belt is the best because my sis says so!

  130. Follow you on bloglovin’.

  131. Elizabeth Owens says:

    I have unfortunately not seen this movie yet! :/ but I did love the father, daughter relationship between Ronnie and her dad Steve I think it was in The Last Song!

  132. Todd Lovessweeps says:

    My favorite is Belt because he is so cute

  133. Colin Glendon says:

    Favorite duo: Hitgirl and big daddy from kickass

  134. gran she is funny and wise

  135. Carolyn Daley says:

    My favorite character is Belt the monkey because he is cute and funny.

  136. My favorite Crood is Belt!

  137. Briana VanderToorn says:

    Father of the Bride, definitely.

  138. we like belt

  139. I definitely can’t get enough of George and anniebanks!

  140. Barbara Butler says:

    love to win so I can watch this movie with my grandkids

  141. susan smoaks says:

    grug is my favorite favorite

  142. Belt is our favorite…just the most fun to watch.

  143. Nicole Sender says:

    My grandson likes Guy!

  144. Favorite father/daughter duo…kickass. Hit girl and big daddy.

  145. Belt is my favorite.

  146. Gru & the girls – Despicable Me!