The Heroes Project (warning… tissues needed)


Many people have some kind of “quirk” or “flaw” that they personally feel prevents them from living life to it’s fullest. I’m not talking financial means. You don’t necessarily need money to accomplish your life’s goals. I’m sure there are plenty of financially well off individuals who feel like that can’t live life ot it’s fullest. I’m leaning more towards things about ourselves that we feel limit our ability to be all that we want to be.

I’m overweight (obese is more like it). I feel like that limits me from doing the things that I want to do. Every day I feel like life is passing me by because there is so much I want to do but I can’t seem to find a way to do it, or I feel like due to my weight it’s just impossible. Low self-esteem and lack of confidence doesn’t help matters either.

Sometimes what we need is a slap in the face with reality. There are people worst off who find the inner strength to achieve the impossible.

Could you imagine loosing BOTH of your legs, yet still be able to climb one of the world’s tallest peaks? I certainly can’t. I live on a top floor condo with six flights of steps (3 inside and 3 outside). There are days I feel like I’m never going to make it to my condo, especially carrying groceries. I joke with my husband that if I die young it will be carrying milk upstairs into our condo. I joke about it but deep inside I worry that it could happen.

There is an amazing nonprofit organization called The Heroes Project that supports soldiers, veterans and their families.  Right now they are taking wounded warriors up the world’s 7 highest peaks to help them find a renewed purpose in their lives.   

Check out this video that explains what they are all about. I promise you that it’s worth it but keep a box of tissues on hand just to be on the safe side. If you are reading this post via e-mail you can see the video here, http://youtu.be/xG5mgroLTBk.


Wow. All I can say is just wow. These brave men risks their lives for our country, and in doing so lost limbs. However they didn’t let it stop them from achieving what others might see as impossible.

My favorite part is towards the when the one young man reached the peak and got on one knee (some might say he was “Tebowing’). You can clearly tell that his tears were tears of absolute joy, which made me tear up too.

The next time you are feeling sorry for yourself or feel like there is something that is preventing you from reaching your goals and living the life you want to live, just remember the men in the video. Hopefully that will give you the encouragement to give it all you got and go for it.  

About The Heroes Project:

In 2009, Tim Wayne Medvetz started The Heroes Project, a foundation dedicated to raising funds to help wounded warriors climb the world’s highest peaks and find a renewed purpose in their lives. The foundation is predicated on the idea that we can make a difference and change the lives of our wounded veterans, soldiers, and their families – one soldier, one veteran, one family at a time (http://www.theheroesproject.org). 

The Heroes Project works with the veterans, solider and military families community on all levels. Its mission is to improve the care and protection of heroes through individual support, community empowerment and systemic change. The core work of the Heroes Project includes three initiatives:

Climbs for Heroes – Under the leadership of Tim Medvetz, the Heroes Project supports climbing programs for wounded soldiers and veterans. After a serious accident left Tim injured and in long term physical therapy, he vowed he would climb to the summit of Mt. Everest, which he ultimately did in 2007. The comeback Tim experienced in conquering that challenge transformed his life. It also inspired him to share the challenge and triumph with those who need it the most – wounded warriors – which he has done in a volunteer capacity. On August 16, Tim reached the peak of Elbrus in Europe with a wounded veteran. Tim is now planning climbs to the seven summits of the world, each with soldiers and veterans, as part of the Heroes Project. Video footage of the climbs will be used as part of advocacy and empowerment programs.

Hope for Heroes – The Heroes Project aims to encourage and expand community service programs that support our nation’s heroes. The Heroes Project promotes and augments the good work of organizations working with this community across the country.

Voices for Heroes – Finally, The Heroes Project plans to conduct media campaigns to highlight success stories in veterans care as well as conduct education activities to decision makers and the general public about the needs and successes in caring for veterans and military families.



*I was not compensated for this post. I posted this for the benefit and enjoyment of my site readers. Any opinions expressed are my own.

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