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The Sandlot 20th Anniversary

Do you want to feel “old”? OK, no one in their right want WANTS to feel old. Sometimes hearing how long something has been out can suddenly make you feel really, really old. Take for example the movie The Sandlot. It’s currently available on both Blu-ray and DVD to celebrate it’s 20th Anniversary.

TWENTY YEARS! It seems like only yesterday the movie came out. All those boys in the film are in their 30’s now. I went to IMDB (International Movie Data Base) and looked up a few of the young actor’s birth dates. It’s weird to think they are in their 30’s now.

I received a free screener copy to review (there was no compensation). I have seen the movie before (it’s a family favorite) but not on Blu-ray. Everything is better on Blu-ray. 🙂

The Sandlot is the story of a young boy name Scotty Smalls. Him, his mother and stepfather moved to a new town and he doesn’t know anyone or have any friends. With his mother’s encouragement he sets out of find some neighborhood kids to hangout with. He happens to find a group of boys that get together every day at a nearby sandlot to play baseball. The boys eat, breathe, drink and sleep baseball (so to speak) but Scotty knows nothing about the sport.

With his stepfather’s help Scotty learns a little about baseball and then asks the boys if he could play with them. The boys are reluctant since Scotty knows nothing about baseball, but their best player, Ben, encourages the others to give him a chance.

One day when the boys are playing ball Benny hits a home run right into the neighboring junk yard. The boys would retrieve the ball if it wasn’t for one rather ginormous problem – the junk yard dog known only as The Beast.

The Sandlot Beast

Wanting to stay on the boy’s good side Scotty runs home and takes a ball from his stepfather’s collection. Once at the ballpark he hits a home run and once again the ball goes into the yard. Scotty is visibly upset because he thinks the ball belongs to someone because it had the name Babe Ruth written on it.

Knowing the value of the baseball, and not wanting Scotty to get in trouble, the boys set out to find a way to get the ball back before The Beast destroys it.

What ensues are a lot of failed attempts to ball back, that is until Benny takes matters into his own hands.

Will the boys retrieve the ball? What special surprise awaits them in the junk yard? What else happens that summer? To find out you’ll need to pick up a copy of The Sandlot, now available on Blu-ray and DVD where ever movies are sold.

This movie is a classic. It’s one of the few films that my whole family enjoys watching over and over again. Even my teenager daughter loves this movie.

The Sandlot Scotty Smalls

This is the type of movie that leaves a smile on your face when you are done watching it. It’s hard not to.

I love the sense of nostalgia the film has (it was shot to resembled the 1950’s). It also makes me reflect on my own childhood and days gone by. I think everyone can relate to having that one magical, memorable summer with your family and friends.

There are bonus features on the Blu-ray. I was a bit disappointed in them. I was hoping for more.

The bonus features include a brief look at the making of the film (shot back when the film was made 20 years ago), the movie’s trailer and some TV spots. Considering this is an anniversary edition I was hoping that they would go into more detail about the making of the film and what has become of the boys for the past 20 years. I was hoping for a reunion of sorts.

I was also hoping to see some bloopers and deleted scenes too.

Even though the bonus features are disappointing the movie it’s self is not.

A special “goodie” in the 20th Anniversary edition of the film includes baseball cards featuring the boys from the film. I thought that was a really fun and creative idea.

Look for The Sandlot where ever movies are sold.

The Sandlot Group Shot


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.


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  1. Vickie Couturier says:

    id love to watch this with my grandsons,they would love it,theyve not seen it yet

  2. June M. says:

    It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since this movie released. My young nephews might enjoy this movie 🙂

  3. I remember seeing it way back then and it was a good movie. Im sure my grandson and I will enjoy watching it together. Thanks for the info