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I really don’t like to clean. I do it because I have to but I don’t do it willingly. I know some people find cleaning enjoyable and somewhat therapeutic. Not me! I dread having to clean. Even though I hate to clean I love having a fresh, clean home. That is my reward for the work I do to keep my place clean. I actually sleep better at night when I know our place is clean.

I received to review a bottle of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle, a bucket and a sponge. Normally cleaning products wouldn’t excite me but I had special plans for this one – one of my LEAST favorite places to clean – the litter box.

We have five cats. Our condo doesn’t have enough space for multiple litter boxes so we just have one giant one that I clean all day long. Whenever a cat uses the “facility” I am right there behind them to clean it up. In fact I’m a bit obsessed with my home smelling clean and free of pet smells. I pride myself on the fact that people come into our home, including real estate agents, and don’t realize that we have a dog and cats. You can’t smell them. You can only see them and all their stuff (beds, cat tree, toys…).

I have to fully clean out the box and the hood at least once a week. That is my LEAST favorite thing to do. I rather scrub the toilet out every day then do that but unfortunately it’s something that has to be done. With so many cats we need to make sure the litter box is fully cleaned at disinfected at least once a week. It’s not only for their health but our health too.

I will spare you the disgusting procedure but what I did was fill the bucket that I received in my “Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Kit” with hot water (hot enough that I can put my hand in it without burning myself) and squeezed in some of the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaner. The Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaner has a special “stop” feature that lets you squeeze in just the right amount of product without using too much or two little. I like that feature. So many times I have used too much of a product simply because I didn’t know how much to use or I as too busy (or lazy) to measure it out.

Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is concentrated. You can dilute it in water or squeeze some directly on to a sponge.

You can see the gunk that gets along the inside of the hood that needs to be cleaned off weekly.

You can see the gunk that gets along the inside of the hood that needs to be cleaned off weekly. The litter box has NOT been cleaned I this photo. I am just using this as an example of how dirty it gets and why it needs to be cleaned.

Mr Clean

Use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on a sponge for spot cleaning. I neglected to wipe off the bubbles in the photo to the right.

With the littler box I took the bucket of hot water and Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and poured it into the empty bottom of the litter box (I disposed of all the litter that was inside of it first). I let it sit for a few minutes then I used a clean rag to “whoosh” the liquid around and scrub the plastic until it was free of litter and residue from the “cat waste”.

For the hood I squeeze a little of the clean on a clean rag and wiped the areas that needed to be cleaned. I rinse both the base and the hood out with hot water and let it air dry before filling it up with fresh litter.

Not only did it get the litter box so clean that it almost looked brand new, the scent was really nice too. Instead of the noxious cleaning smells I’m used to the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaner had a nice, fresh scent. Its available in different scents. The one I received to review was scented with Febreze Meadows and Rain.

The litter box is not the only place I used the cleaner. Because I can use it directly on a sponge I have used it to clean out the inside of the sink. Our sink is not metal. It’s some kind of plastic-like material. I don’t like to use harsh, abrasive cleaners on it in case it scratches the finish. The Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaner is gentle enough to clean more surfaces because it’s not abrasive.

I normally use spray cleaners but after using the Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle I might never go back to sprays. I get much more product to clean with when I fill the bucket I received up with warm water and add the Liquid Muscle it. All I need is a sponge and I can clean my entire kitchen with the product including my stove top, microwave and even the finger prints off the refrigerator. I’ve even used the cleaner to clean the bathroom (different sponge of course). I also used it to wipe the dirt and grim off some outdoor furniture. How it gets so dirty I’ll never know.

Mr Clean Liquid Muscle

My husband cleans our home (yes, a man that cleans!) and he prefers to use one brand of all purpose cleaner (he’s very loyal to brands he likes). I didn’t take him long to discover that using just a little squeeze of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle was all we needed to clean A LOT of surfaces in our home. Not only does it work great for everyday cleaning but it’s also budget friendly because you can get a lot of cleaning power from just one little bottle.

Whether you are cleaning up cooking messes from your stove top or muddy footprint from the kitchen floor, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaner has got you covered.

For more information about this product visit MrCleanLiquidMuscle.com. You can also keep up to date with new products/scents as well as hear what others have to say on the brands Facebook and Twitter pages. See what others have to say by searching for the hashtag #MrCleanMorePower.

Have you tried Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle yet? If so, what do you think about the product?

What areas in your home do you think you would use Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. Feel free to share your thoughts. I always love to hear from my readers.

I found this video on YouTube that gives you more information about this great cleaning product.



*I received a free “Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle Kit” from She Speaks and Mr. Clean in order to do this review. Although compensated the opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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