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Toy Story of Terror

We are big time Toy Story fans in my home. The first movie my husband and I saw when we first started dating was the original Toy Story.

We are also fans of Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 (the last installment was very sad).

I was thrilled to watch Toy Story of Terror when it premiered last year. It was great to see the gang carry on in a new story with their new owner Bonnie.

Even though the title is Toy Story of Terror the short animated film is not scary, and it’s not necessarily a Halloween film.It can be enjoyed at any time.

In Toy Story of Terror Bonnie and her mom are on a road trip. The toys come along for the ride. They hang out in the trunk of the car watching a scary movie.

Bonnie and her mom stop for the evening to rest at a roadside motel.

While Bonnie and her mom sleep some of the the toys decide to do a little bit of exploring. Buzz and Woody don’t think it’s a good idea so they go out to round up all the other toys. They soon realize that Mr. Potato Head is missing.

The toys try and find Mr. Potato Head but one by one they are picked off by a mysterious figure. The only ones remaining are Buzz, Woody and Jesse.

The trio find themselves under the floor where they come across Mr. Potato Head’s arms. The arm is able to point the toys in the right direction to help them find their friends.


Soon Buzz and Woody are taken by the mysterious being. Now only Jesse is left.

Will Jesse be able to find her friends before it’s too late? Will Jesse be able to keep herself from being taken by the mysterious being? What happens when Bonnie wakes up and finds all the toys missing? To find out you need to pick up a copy of Toy Story of Terror, now available where most movies are sold.

This is a cute short animated film. Most of the Toy Story toys are featured in this film, as well as some new characters like Combat Carl.

There are A LOT of bonus features with Toy Story of Terror. My personal favorite is the Toy Story short cartoons. There are three short cartoons with (or without) audio commentary (I rarely listen to commentaries).

In addition there are cute vintage toy commercials including one for the new character Combat Carl (I hope we see more of him and his mini-version).

You’ll also find deleted scenes and a great behind the scenes look at the making of this film. A lot went into the making of this film.

Believe it or not there are even MORE bonus features not mentioned here.

If you are fan of the Toy Story films and characters you’ll certainly want to pick up a copy of Toy Story of Terror to add to your family’s movie collection.

Check out this fun trailer.



*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way. 


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