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Zippo Cologne

I often have a difficult time finding gifts for my husband and teenage son. For some reason I have a much easier time buying gifts for women, or my teenage daughter. I guess it’s because I am also a woman and I know what many woman like and don’t like.

During the holiday season, as well as birthday’s and our anniversary, I always drive myself nuts looking for a gift for my hubby or son. I usually end up buying my husband something football related.

Cologne is always a nice choice, but let’s face it, how much cologne can one man have? Most men only need one or two good scents.

What if the cologne came in truly unique packaging?

Are you familiar with Zippo? When most people think about Zippo they naturally think about lighters. After all, that is what Zippo is most famous for.

I don’t smoke, but I do have a couple of Zippos lighters for my candles (I’m obsessed with candles :-)). I the Zippo’s Candle Lighters which are a bit different then regular lighters. The Zippo Candle Lighters have a long tip so that you can reach down inside a deep candle and light it without burning yourself.

I never knew that Zippo made cologne. The cologne it’s self is nice, but it’s the packaging that really makes the cologne stand out. That is because the cologne comes in a big lighter. It’s not a real lighter (it doesn’t product a flame) but everything else about it is exactly like a real Zippo lighter.

When you first look at the cologne your first thought is that it’s a huge lighter. When you flip the top you’ll see the spray nozzle. You open and close the lid when you use the cologne.

Zippo On the Road Cologne

How cool is this?!

I received one of the colognes to try out. Well… I played with the packaging, my hubby and my son tried the cologne.

From a women’s standpoint the cologne is really nice.

According to the Zippo website;

The man who wears Zippo On the Road fragrance is the master of himself with character and a good dose of unconventionality. This fragrance is a symbol of strength and vital force – where the energy of the Mediterranean sun mixes with fascinating oriental notes to create an unforgettable scent.

The classic shape of the Zippo windproof lighter embraces this new Zippo fragrance. The metal and glass container opens and closes with the famous Zippo “click.”

Follow the road lights that will lead you On the Road, out of the city, and toward an adventure.

I cannot pick up the tones or undertones of the fragrance. I can see why they describe is as “Mediterranean sun mixed with oriental notes”. When I close my eyes and take a whiff I can picture lounging on a beach in Greece on a bright, sunny day. I don’t pick up any oriental notes. I kind of pick up something that reminds me of baby powder.

I asked my husband if he liked the scent. He does. He likes that it’s a light scent. It’s not overpowering or strong. He likes that after he squirts some on it fades enough where you can notice it, but it’s not strong where it’s going to be overpowering.

Zippo On the Road Cologne 2

My teenage son begged my husband for the cologne. He has it now. He loves the packaging. He thinks its really cool. I am also OK with him wearing the cologne to school because it’s a light scent. It’s not like he’s trying to cover anything up like some boys might do (meaning body odor).

As per my teenager daughter, my son told her that the girls really notice the cologne (and he secretly likes that). He told her that a couple of the boys asked him about it too.

Zippo has a few different cologne scents, all in the same cool Zippo lighter packaging. They even have women’s perfume too! The one we have is called On the Road. I’m curious about the women’s fragrances.

The men’s cologne in the lighter packaging ranges in price from $42-$78. From what I know additional inserts are available so that you can continue to enjoy this wonderful cologne and fun packaging.

Currently the cologne is only available on the Zippo website. You can find it here, www.zippo.com/category.aspx?id=1223.

If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift, or a gift for another occasion, the Zippo cologne would make for a memorable gift.

For more information about Zippo lighters and accessories visit www.Zippo.com. You can also follow Zippo on Facebook and Twitter.

Zippo Lighter Cologne Bottle


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. I has no idea they had a cologne hubby has 4 zippos he really loves them. I’m sure he would like this