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Jam Zzz Bluetooth Alarm Clock

Today is my kid’s first day back to school. Normally they would have started by now but due to the Jewish holiday (Rosh Hashanah) being later than usual this year, school started later too.

Both of my kids are in high school now. My daughter is a Junior and my son is a Freshman. Sigh… I remember their first day of Kindergarten, and now both of my kids are in high school. Where does the time go?

The bus for school picks them up at around 6:45. With a teenage girl and three people who need to get ready (my daughter, son and husband) and having only one bathroom and one bedroom, there is no choice but to have my kids get up early. Mostly our daughter because she takes the longest. Technically all our son needs to do is get dressed, brush his teeth and have breakfast. He doesn’t have to worry about his hair or makeup.

Our kids are old enough where they can get up on their own and start getting ready. They technically don’t need to wake us up, but they do anyway since we sleep in the living room which is open the to kitchen and dining room (where we eat). My kids are out personal alarm clocks.

Up until now our daughter was the only one who had an alarm clock (aside from my husband). This year we felt our son should have one too, just in case my daughter doesn’t hear her alarm or hits the snooze button and goes back to sleep.

Our son is using the HMDX JAM Zzz alarm clock. I’m actually sorry I gave it to our son. I should have given it to my hubby and let my son have his old alarm clock.

The HMDX JAM Zzz is Bluetooth enabled. That means you can listen to your music via your phone (or other Bluetooth device) on the HMDX JAM Zzz. You can also answer phone call through the alarm clock.


Let me tell you, the audio on this alarm clock is OUTSTANDING! The bass is excellent and the treble is clear.

As a speaker system for your phone or other Bluetooth device the HMDX JAM Zzz is excellent. It’s as of it’s really a speaker with a “bonus” feature of being an alarm clock. 🙂

My kids love to listen to music and this speaker allows them to listen to it in crystal clear quality. My daughter uses it too (her alarm clock is just a plain old alarm clock).

Another interesting feature is that the clock doubles as a dock for your smartphone. You can charge your phone directly from the device and rest your phone into the device while it’s charging. There is a grove in the back that allows your power cord to sit in it while it’s charging, and the phone sits into the cradle. This is a much better way than the way my son was doing it before. He would just plug his phone into the outlet by his bed and leave the phone on his bed (which is not a good idea) or tossed on his headboard. Having the charging cradle on the HMDZ JAM Zzz clock keeps his phone in a safe place.

There is also a USB port where you can simply plug in the charger that comes with the phone into the alarm clock.

The alarm clock also features a snooze and gradual wake up option. We didn’t show your son how to put it into snooze. 🙂 He has to get up when it goes off. I’m sure eventually he’ll figure those options out, but for the time being we just want him to get used to getting up when the alarm goes off. Our daughter always hits the snooze on her alarm clock and ends up sleeping late and missing the bus.

HMDX JAM Zzz alarm clock

There is also a dual alarm, so you can set the alarm to go off at different times. My son currently has it set for 5:10 AM and 5:15 AM. Hopefully once they both get back into the routine they can sleep a bit later, especially considering that the bus doesn’t come until 6:45. They don’t need an hour and a half to get ready.

I like the sleek design. For an alarm clock its nice to look at.

The time displays clearly, both day and night. Since the clock is on my son’s headboard I worried it might be too bright. It’s not. Plus he can dim the clock display if he wanted to. With my daughter’s alarm clock there is not option to dim the display and it’s very bright. Her time is in displayed in a harsh, bright red color. The time display on the HMDX JAM Zzz is a soft white.

The HMDX JAM Zzz currently is available in two colors – Blackberry (grey) and Plum (Purple). We have the Blackberry.

For more information visit the HMDX Audio website.

The alarm clock retails for $69.99. You can purchase it on the HMDX website and at other retail locations including Best Buy, Amazon.com, Kohl’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Jam Zzz™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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  1. Maria Iemma says:

    This review comes just in time when my alarm clock went on the blink. I wanted something just like it and this is going to be purchased today. Thanks!!!

  2. My alarm is too bright so I turn it around. I often wake up before it goes off so I don’t have to listen to the annoying sound.

  3. Cassie Sudduth says:

    This is great that this doesn’t work with just the IPhone!! I am definitely going to have to look at this for Christmas!

  4. I love this! We need a new alarm.