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I just got back home from Hollywood early yesterday morning. Out in Hollywood I stood out like a sore thumb. People in California, especially places like Los Angeles and Hollywood are so beautiful. You’d be hard pressed to find ladies over a size 2 out there. Needless to say I did not fit in out there, physically speaking.

Weight has always been an issue with me. I was very sickly as a baby and toddler because my biological mother did not take good care of me (my Father was in the Army and stationed overseas so he was unable to care for me at that time). When my paternal grandparents finally got custody of me from my biological mother I had to go into the hospital. My grandmother (Mom) had me released from the hospital because she knew all I needed was some proper nutrition. As a baby and toddler my biological mother only really fed me powdered milk. When my Mom (grandmother) finally had custody of me she let me eat whatever I wanted just so that I would eat and get healthy. That idea worked like a charm, that is until it backfired. Being able to eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, sort of took over. I DON’T blame my Mom for my weight. She only did it out of love. I know she never expected that food would some day become my worst enemy.

Over the years I struggled with my weight. Because of my weight I didn’t have many friends so to compensate for that I became best friends with food. Food was my friend, it provided me with comfort and in later years acted as a shield to protect me from the outside world. As a result I have endured relentless ridicule and mockery, painful insults, snickers, stares, nasty comments and being looked over for things because I didn’t fit the part. As a result I have ZERO self esteem and I am VERY self conscious.

While in Hollywood this past weekend there were plenty of photo ops with the celebrities, the other bloggers I was with, our friends at Disney and other opportunities. I RAN from the camera every chance I got. It’s NOT that I don’t want to be social and have a good time. I DO! I am just so disgusted with how I look and embarrassed by it. I was with such beautiful ladies all weekend long. I stood out from them and NOT in a good way.

There is one part about this past weekend that brought me to tears. Last night I was looking for some footage from the red carpet world premiere of Gnomeo and Juliet and I found some B-roll footage of Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish on the red carpet. In the background you can clearly see me walking directly behind them. You could CLEARLY make me out. You could see from my feet to the top of my head. The moment I saw that footage I had tears welling up in my eyes. I looked like the Goodyear Blimp! I have NEVER EVER been SO DISGUSTED with myself as I was the moment I laid eyes on that footage. Now I just want to crawl inside a hole (if I could fit in one that is) and hide away.

I know people are going to say “just loose the weight”. If it was THAT easy there wouldn’t be an obesity problem in the United States. People also ASSUME that I sit around all day eating junk foods and washing it down with soda. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. I drink a cup of coffee in the AM and for the rest of the day I guzzle down about a gallon of water. I don’t drink soda except if we eat out. I also don’t sit here eating junk all day. I might skip breakfast, have a bowl of Spaghetti-O’s with Franks for lunch (high in fat and calories), a normal dinner (I do love butter on rice and veggies) and then snack on animal crackers or popcorn in the evening. My problem is that I don’t several small healthy meals a day and I don’t exercise. I also make poor choices (Spaghetti-O’s instead of a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread).

When it comes to diets (I hate that word!) I have done it all. I have done all the major plans, liquid diets, Slim Fast, Cabbage Soup, diet pills, starvation, binge/purge, laxatives, exercising like crazy, right down to weight loss surgery. You name it, I’ve done it. Weight loss surgery helped me lose nearly 200 pounds in about a year and a half. However my pouch came undone and is now just an extension of my intestine. I gained back 100 of the pounds I lost. Sigh…

I have tried many times over the years to lose weight. The most weight I did loose on my own was then I was on Weight Watchers. I went from 274 down to 232 in a matter of a few months. That was great! I found that I had plenty of points to play around with and I LOVED being able to eat regular foods. Sadly I hit a plateau. I tried everything my Weight Watchers counselor suggested and nothing worked. Out of total frustration I gave up and ballooned back up the the 280’s.

Weight Watchers has revamped their points system making fresh fruits and veggies have zero points. That means you can really fill up on all the fresh fruits and veggies you want and not have to worry about using up all of your points for the day. I think that is fabulous news! When I did Weight Watchers years ago I ate a lot of baby carrots but they kept eating away at my points so I had to keep them limited. I used fruits and veggies a lot when I was on Weight Watchers but I was always reluctant to have too many because at that time I wanted to save up my points for other things like pizza or macaroni and cheese. With the new points program you can enjoy your fruits and veggies and not have to worry about using up all of your points. Plus the program gives you A LOT of points to use each day, plus extra points for the week. You’ll soon find that you have so many points that you won’t even realize that you are on a program that helps you to loose weight. I remember that I used to have points left over by the end of the day and I was looking for high point things to eat just so I could use them all up.

For me going to a Weight Watchers meeting in person was very helpful. It was interesting to hear from others who are struggling with their weight too and I found many of their stories very inspiring. It was also great to hear people lost 2 pounds here, 5 pounds there. I also enjoyed sharing tips and recipes with others. Even though this might sound silly, I loved collecting gold star stickers whenever I met a weight loss goal. The only downside to the meetings was finding the time to get there every week.

I have always wanted to try Weight Watchers online. I already know how the program works. I have always been curious about the online program especially because I know it offers you recipes and a lot of tools to help you keep track of your points and your weight loss goals.

I received a free trial membership for Weight Watchers online to check out. WOW! I am in love with all of the recipes I found in the recipes section. Its just as wonderful as I imagined it would be.

First of all the site offers you a “Recipe of the Day” which actually shows you several recipes (It should be called Recipes of the Day!). For example, today’s Recipe of the Day gives you recipes for Italian Pepper and Egg Sandwiches (5 points), Italian Meatballs (4 points), South African Corn and Tomato Soup (5 points) and Chicken with Balsamic Vinegar, Sweet Onions and Thyme (5 points). I know some people are looking at the points and thinking to themselves “5 points must be a lot”. Actually, it’s not. For me to loose weight I need to consume 39 points per day. Using 5 points for a Italian Pepper and Egg sandwich is using up hardly any points at all. Even if I paired that with a 1/2 cup of LeSuer Baby Carrots (0 points) and 3 Oreo cookies (3 points) for a filling and satisfying lunch I have only used up 8 points of the 39 points I personally need to use each day.

The online program offers you so many tools. You can look up individual foods to find out their point value, you can calculate the point value on other foods you find (you just need to know the Fat, Carbs, Protein and Fiber).

I love that Weight Watchers online helps you to find recipes based upon ingredients and points value too. You can even combine ingredients found in your fridge and the program will look for a recipe that combines those ingredients. That is pretty cool.

The online program is not all about food and recipes. It also has a section for fitness including tips on getting active, exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home and even exercise videos.

Loosing weight is more then just diet and exercise. There are so many other factors that go into how successful you will be on your quest to lose weight and get healthy. With the online program you can read plenty of articles that will help you to learn more about being healthy. The articles include staying on the plan, wellness and beauty and even some articles on health conditions.

Looking for a little (or a lot) of inspiration? Then check out the section dedicated to Success Stories. There you will find inspiration from men and women who have lost weight on the Weight Watchers program both online and attending weekly meetings. Personally I LOVE seeing the before and after pictures. I also find it helpful to see people around the same age, height and weight as me and how wonderful they look after they lost the weight.

If you enjoy forums and chatting with others then you will certainly enjoy the community section. There you can interact with others on the program and share tips, tricks, recipes, exercise routines and more.

The online Weight Watchers section also has a store where you can purchase Weight Watchers foods and tools to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Overall I am very impressed with the online program and I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to finally check it out. It really offers you A LOT of tools to help you lose weight and stay on track with the program.

To learn more about Weight Watchers, their online program or to find a meeting near you please visit www.WeightWatchers.com.

Weight Watchers would like to offer She Scribes readers a FREE two week membership to the online program so you can check it out for yourself and to try out the new Weight Watchers points program. Please note that you will need to enter in a credit card BUT you will not be charged anything as long as you cancel before the two weeks is up. So just mark you calendar and make sure you cancel before the two weeks is up. Two weeks is plenty of time to check out all the tools and try out the program to see if it’s right for you.

Please click on the following link to sign up for the FREE two week online trial membership. Please note that the offer ends at 12:00 AM Thursday, January 27, 2011. After that time this link will expire.



If you do sign up I’d love to hear your thoughts about the program. I would also LOVE to hear weight loss success stories and I am always open to learning new healthy recipes and other tips and tricks to help you to lose weight. Feel free to comment on these kinds of things if you want. You are also welcome to contact me directly too.

Here’s to your weight loss success!


*I received a free trial membership in order to try out the program to do this review. There was no compensation. I am not responsible for the free two week membership and cannot be held liable in anyway. Any issues or concerns please contact Weight Watchers directly.

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  1. Kimberley, please don’t be so hard on yourself. Losing weight is tough and being overweight is frustrating but you shouldn’t say things to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anyone you love. Would you tell your sister that she looked like the Goodyear blimp?? Of course not! The WW plan works because you keep track of what you’re eating, I call it “mindful eating”. My husband and I each lost 40 lbs. this year by doing nothing more than writing down every calorie we ate. We walk an hour every day but the exercise was NOT helping us lose weight. And make your calories count, each calorie needs to be full of vitamins and fiber so you stay healthy and feel full. You can still have your treats but save them for milestone rewards. I weigh myself every day to make sure I’m staying at my goal and I still have pizza, ice cream, beer…whatever I want. I just can’t have as much as I want. I am sending happy thoughts your way!

  2. Hi Kim!
    I too carry around 100 excess pounds. For me,it’s not losing the weight that’s so difficult, it’s keeping it off. I have lost the same 60 pounds three different times! So, I know how frustrating the process can be. I’m lucky in that my husband an daughter are extremely supportive of my weight issues. The thing that we need to remember is that our weight does not define us as people. I know for myself, the more I focus on my good qualities, the healthier I am mentally and physically. Kim, you are a good person and you are appreciated by me!

  3. Kimberly – just remember – you are not alone!! I also know how much of a struggle it is. In fact I have also just rejoined weight watchers as I was the most successful previously in losing weight when I did it before. But then I had kids and I became lazy, and so when I rejoined a week ago I was right back where I had started from 6 years before. But you know what – one day at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time. I tell myself I did it before and I can do it again – and so can you. But don’t give up!! Don’t! You can do this dear. We all can.

  4. I agree with Cheri – don’t be so hard on yourself. Everyone at the bloggers red carpet event were all different. You did nor stick out like a sore thumb. We are all different in many ways. You’re a beautiful person so don’t beat yourself up.

  5. Hi, Kimberly! I just had to respond because I know exactly how you feel! I am disgusted at how I look – I avoid all mirrors, which of course isn’t good b/c not only am I fat but the rest of me looks bad! I love Weight Watchers b/c it teaches you how to eat and that you can eat anything – in moderation! Recently, I discovered I have a thyroid problem and now I am doing a gluten free, dairy free, and soy free diet. It has helped me feel better but I am still battling the excess weight.

    Anyway, I just wanted to write and say I know how you feel. Hang in there. I hope WW helps you and the support that WW provides is great so use it!

  6. Hi Kimberly,
    What you wrote could of been written by me (except for the Elton John part). I too am very overweight, and get tired of being the biggest in the room. Please be kinder to yourself, you are so much more than your weight. I wish you luck in your weight loss adventure, I am thinking maybe I will give it a try with you! Best wishes.

  7. Kim who you are as a person is SO much more important than the number on the scale. And, you are an awesome person!!!

    I have been overweight since I can remember and I know how much it sucks. Thank you for this post and for the 2 week trial opportunity. I signed up and if you would like a WW buddy you can email me anytime. 🙂

  8. Debbie Stanton says:

    I was very touched by your post.. your honesty and frustration and your reflections on what has worked/not worked – I could relate. It sounds like you are definately on the path for a healthier you! You go girl!! 😀