What happened to Mike & Ike?

Have you noticed anything odd about Mike & Ike candy lately? Check out the above photo. Do you notice anything different? Do you happen to notice that someone scribbled out Mike’s name? That wasn’t me!

Mike & Ike are fruit flavored chewy candies that are made by Just Born, thee same company that brings us Marshmallow Peeps. I Peeps!

If you check out some of the packages you’ll even find handwritten messages from either Mike or Ike. Apparently they are having some “creative differences” and have decided to part ways. Mike wants to persue music while Ike wants to spend more time on his art. 

Apparently this split has even torn die hard Mike & Ike candy fans apart. If you check out their Facebook page, www.Facebook.com/MikeandIke. There you can find fan reactions (videos) on the split. In fact they are having a contest where they are asking Mike & Ike fans to upload their reaction videos to win fun prizes like t-shirts, a music player and of course candy.

What do you think about this split? Are you Team Mike or Team Ike?


*I received a free product sample in exchange for this post. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.


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