What in the world is GooHu?


Let’s face it – kids love ooey gooey messy things. As a child I did too. Dirt was my “best friend”. LOL! If I came home from playing without being covered from head to toe in dirt then I wasn’t doing my ‘job” as a child. 🙂

Kids also love to create things and experiment with things. It’s all a part of learning. So what better toy to give a child (or grandchild) than GooHu.

What in the world is GhooHu? Good question!

GooHuis a brand new compound that melds science and fun into one. It’s a crafty toy item that lets kids create all sorts of squishy  objects like bouncing balls, little critters, bugs and race cars.

GooHu involves two compounds (A) and (B). If they are not mixed together, they will both remain gooey forever.  But, when mixed together in equal amounts, a magical matter is created that takes on a truly unique rubbery, bouncy and flexible form that provides hours of entertainment.

GooHu is available at Target, Kmart and Toys R Us and retails for around $9.99.

We recieved a package of GooHu to try out. It really is very easy to do. All you need to do is remove the clear gel-like substance from tray “A” and another one from tray “B”. You mash them together in your hands and keep kneading them over and over again until you feel that they are mixed together very well.

The GooHu we received allowed us to make bouncy balls. The kit also came with little critters we could put in the middle of the balls if we wanted to.

One bouncy ball mold was round. The other one had a lot of round “bubbles”. You will need to follow the instructions that came with the kit to learn how to put the mixed GooHu into the molds properly. The instructions will also tell you how to add one of the tiny critters into the bouncy ball if you want to.

GooHu Ball with little Unicorn figurine inside.

GooHu Ball with little Unicorn figurine inside.

The first time we did it our round bouncy ball with a tiny unicorn inside turned out fine. The bouncy ball with the weird little bubbles didn’t turn out good. I guess the “A” and “B” substances were not mixed well enough because the ball took forever to get hard and even slipped apart when we took it out of the mold.

We since tried a couple of more times (GooHu gives you enough product to make several balls). We always seemed to have better luck with the rounder ball then we did the one with the “bubbles”. My kids eventually gave up on the bubble ball mold and just used the round one.

It’s easy enough to tell if you don’t mix the substances together because the GooHu won’t firm up and will be sticky and difficult to get from the mold.

GooHu Ball that we didn't mix well enough so it slipped apart.

GooHu Ball that we didn’t mix well enough so it slipped apart.

It does take several minutes for the substance to harden. I suggest the longer you leave it alone the better. I know that is hard for kids to do (wait and have patience) but trust me, the ball will turn out a lot better if you don’t rush it.

When the balls turn out OK they really are “bouncy”. DON’T bounce them in the house (trust me, learn from our mistake – ha ha) and watch out for your dog if you have one. They will try and catch it to make it a chew toy (I do not recommend that – I doubt it’s pet safe).

My kids bounce them out on the side walk and they do bounce really high.

GooHu is a fun activity to keep kids busy. Just make sure to follow the directions exactly.

This would be a fun rainy day activity or even something kids could do as an activity at a birthday party.

GooHu 2


*I received a free product sample in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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