What to Give Your High School Sweetheart For Christmas

It can be hard to shop for teens. You may have a limited allowance or small cash flow from a part time job after school and on weekends. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will appreciate a well-thought out gift more than an expensive one. As the saying goes, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” You want to buy something that would mean a lot to your sweetheart. Something outside of the box that says you care. This could take a little effort and thought, but that’s what makes a gift so great, right?

Pick out inexpensive but nice jewelry, like some items found at FantasyJewelryBox. Instead of expensive, think of trendy. Pick something that complements them or makes you think of them, such as a blue pendant that would bring out their eyes. Be sure to tell them why that is when they open the gift. This goes for boyfriends as well. Guys can rock masculine jewelry.

Give an I.O.U. Write up a booklet of tasks you are going to do for him or her, to be cashed in at their convenience. Some fun ideas include washing their car, going to the movies, a nice backrub or doing something you wouldn’t normally do for your own enjoyment.

Buy a date pack to a movie theater. Many theaters will sell gift packs that include two tickets and usually a few snacks such as popcorn and drinks. Let your sweetheart have the choice of what movie you will see. You could even take it a step further and include a certificate for dinner at a favorite restaurant. Maybe even the restaurant you had your first date?

Make them something. Nothing is more unique than a handmade gift. Brainstorm what your talents are. Are you a good artist? Draw a picture of one of their favorite things, such as an actor or beloved pet. Good with woodworking? Make her a pretty jewelry box with yours and hers initials carved into it. Every time she goes to wear something, she will think of you.

Bake with love. Nothing says “I love you” like some baked treats filled with TLC. Who doesn’t love baked goodies? Bake their favorite treats, along with a few of yours. Wrap it in festive tins or baskets. You can put a lot of thought into this and pick different flavors, colors and shapes. Some holiday favorites are cookies, brownies, bark, cake pops and chocolates.


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