Wreck-It Ralph coming to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Download March 5, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph Blu-ray

One of last year’s biggest movies will soon be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. Wreck-It Ralph is hitting store shelves on March 5, 2013.

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you’ll recall that I had the amazing opportunity to visit Walt Disney Animation Studios last year and had the opportunity to get to learn more about what went into the making of this fun, family film. One of my favorite experiences was doing a voice over for a scene in the movie. That was A LOT of fun! You can check it out here, http://www.shescribes.com/2012/10/one-of-the-coolest-experiences-ever-disneymoviesevent.html.

Here is my original review.

Wreck-It Ralph stars an arcade character name Wreck-It Ralph (or  Ralph for short). He’s voiced by the talented John C. Reilly.

Ralph does the same thing over and over again. He tries to destroy an apartment building in the game, only to have his efforts foiled by Fix-It Jr.  (voiced by Jack McBrayer). At the end of the day Ralph retires to a junk yard  just outside of the apartment building while Fix-It Jr. gets rewarded for his  hard work and efforts by the residents of the building. They are always  celebrating him, but leave Ralph out in the cold – literally.

Ralph doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. He wants to be a hero so people will adore him just like they do Fix-It Jr. Ralph even voices his desires to a Bad Guy support group, but no one truly understands how he feels.

Ralph finally decides to take matters into his own hands. He wants to be a  hero so people will adore him. So he does something that arcade characters look  down upon – he left his game to join another arcade game – Hero’s Duty. Ralph feels if he can get a medal there and take it back to the Fix-It Jr. game the  game residents will treat him the same way they treat Fix-It Jr.

Things don’t work out as planned in Hero’s Duty and Ralph ends up in sugary sweet game called Sugar Rush. There he meets a precocious young  girl name Vanellope van Schweetz.

Vanellope dreams of being accepted by the residents in her game world too. No  one wants her around because she’s what is known as a “glitch”. If the people outside of the arcade game (humans) find out that she resides in this game they  might pull the plug on the game and everyone will perish.

Vanellope really wants to prove her worth by participating in (and winning!)  the Sugar Rush race. King Candy will do whatever it takes to stop her. And it’s NOT because she’s a glitch. King Candy has other reasons why he needs to stop Vanellope.

Will Vanellope ever get to compete in the Sugar Rush race? What secret is King Candy hiding? Will Ralph ever become a Hero? To find out you’ll need to go pick up a copy of Wreck-It Ralph.

It was great to see the film again and share it with my family. Even my something hard to amuse teenagers enjoyed the movie. Dare I even say they laughed and smiled. 🙂 If Wreck-It Ralph can amuse moody teenagers then you know it must be good. LOL!


There are plenty of bonus features to be found. One of my most favorite bonus features is the Oscar Winning Short Animation called Paperman. I love this animation! It’s done with both classic, hand-drawn animation as well as CGI. It’s only a few minutes long but it tells a beautiful and romantic love story. It’s also done in black and white which I think actually enhances the story. There is also no speaking in the film except for a few sounds, like a grunt for the young man’s boss.

Paperman was produced by Kristina Reed. If you would like to check out our interview with her please visit http://www.shescribes.com/2012/10/paperman-review-interview-with-producer-kristina-reed.html.

There are several deleted scenes in the bonus section. An interesting thing about this feature is that you can either watch the deleted scenes on your own or you can add the commentary from Director Rich Moore and a few others who created the film. Their commentary sets up the scene for you and lets you know why the scene didn’t make it into the film. It’s was very interesting to hear their thought process.

I can see why the scenes were deleted. Having seen the film I think the deleted scenes simply wouldn’t have worked in the film. One of them involved a deadly psycho-Unicorn. Yikes!

Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope

When I was out in LA last year myself and the bloggers I was with had the opportunity to interview Director Rich Moore and Producer Clark Spencer. If you would like to check out that interview you can find it here – http://www.shescribes.com/2012/10/interview-with-rich-moore-clark-spencer-the-director-producer-of-wreck-it-ralph.html.

Another favorite bonus feature – one that I watched twice so far – is Bit-by-Bit: Creating the Worlds of Wreck-It Ralph. The reason why I love this bonus so much is because most of it is filmed inside Walt Disney Animation Studios. I was there! All the things you see around the studio I saw first hand. It was wonderful to give my family a glimpse into the studio. It’s something that not everyone gets to see. It was fun to see it again (Walt Disney Animation Studios – in fact the entire Disney lot in Burbank – is one of my favorite places to go).

Bit-by-Bit: Creating the World of Wreck-It Ralph gives viewers a behind the scenes look into the making of this wonderful film and how they came about creating the various “worlds” (game worlds) including Fix-It Felix Jr., Hero’s Duty and Sugar Rush.

You can check out my behind-the-scenes tour of Wreck-It Ralph at Walt Disney Animation Studios here –  http://www.shescribes.com/2012/10/one-of-my-favorite-places-to-be-disney-animation-studios.html.

Wreck-It Ralph Mural

The makers of Wreck-It Ralph also created fun commercials for each of the game worlds, which also feature Litwak’s Arcade, where the games are located. It’s funny because the Wreck-It Ralph commercial was made to look like something you would have seen on TV back in the 70’s. It’s purposely made to look a bit grainy and out of focus, just like an old TV commercial.

The commercial for Sugar Rush was “made” (not really) in 1997.

If you happen to pause the movie for whatever reason you’ll get a special Intermission hosted by Chris Hardwick. He provides you with some interesting tid bits about the movie, games and more. It’s a great way to entertain the rest of your family if you want to pause for a bit to use the restroom or make some more popcorn.

I love this movie! It’s a super fun movie for the whole family. I’m so happy that it’s finally available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. If you haven’t seen it yet you should pick up a copy wherever movies are sold.

For more information about Wreck-It Ralph visit the official website, Disney.com/Wreck-It-Ralph. You  can also find the movie on Facebook (Facebook.com/WreckItRalph)  and on Twitter (@WreckItRalph).

You should also check out Disney Animation on  Twitter too (Twitter.com/DisneyAnimation).


If you like printables and activities I have some fun Wreck-It Ralph downloads for you to enjoy. Simply click on the bolded text (below).

Wreck-It Ralph Activity Sheets

Wreck-It Ralph Coloring Pages

Wreck-It Ralph Downloads & Arcade Games

Below are some fun clips from the film for your enjoyment. 🙂


*I received a free screener copy in order to do this review. There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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  1. I took my toddler on a mommy and son date last week and took him to the cheap theater in town. Movies for 2.50 We saw wreck it Ralph and he loved it. It was his first time going to the movies. I should get him the blue ray for a memory of his first movie outing.
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  2. Can’t wait I want to see this!