I love zombies. Well… if I ever met one I doubt I’d love it. Chances are I’d be lunch meat for it. I don’t run very fast. What I mean to say is that I have been into zombies long before it was the “in” thing.

I first started to think zombies were really cool back in the late 1970’s (1978 to be exact) when I saw Dawn of the Dead (the original, not the remake). The movie scared the heebie jeebies out of me – but – I thought it was so cool. Gross… but cool.

Back in high school me and my girlfriends were known by friends of ours as the “Dawn of the Dead Girls”. It was a nickname given to us by a heavy metal band we were friends with. They came over to my house once to watch the movie with all of us and some how that became our nickname. Thirty plus years later and we’re still friends and the nickname has stuck.

These days everyone is into zombies thanks to the huge success of The Walking Dead. Suddenly everyone is into zombies – young and old alike. Zombies are not longer feared, per say, as they are fun to watch. Still gross – just not as scary.

I have The Walking Dead bobbleheads. In fact I just received Michonne today for Christmas. Now I have to get the Zombie bobblehead to add to my collection.


I have started to collect some fun and whimsical zombie things. One of my favorite pieces if my Zombie Garden Gnome from ThinkGeek.com.

If you haven’t heard of Think Geek before, and you love fun and quirky things, you must check the site out. Think Geek is one of my favorite sites. I check it often to see what new goodies they add. I have also purchased several items from them over the past few years.

Think Geek as a few Zombie Garden Gnome styles to choose from. I was going to buy all of them and put them around our house when we were going to move. Some day if we ever win Lotto and can buy a house I’m still going to decorate my yard and garden with Zombie Garden Gnomes. I like to be different and unique. Although I think most garden gnomes are cute, I rather have ones that reflect my style and personality more.

Technically it’s really three Zombie Garden Gnomes and one who is more like Tony Montana from the film Scarface.

f439_zombie_garden_gnomes f439_zombie_garden_gnomes_rising_evilI have the Zombie Garden Gnome with the hand reaching out. I also want to get the one dressed in blue with a red hat. He’s the next one I want to get.

Here is my Zombie Garden Gnome along with Rick and Daryl from The Walking Dead. They are trying to protect me from him. 🙂

Zombie Garden Gnome

As you can see the gnome is fairly large. He’s heavy but not too heavy. He would be able to withstand a good amount of wind. He’s also very well made and should be able to lurk around your garden or yard for many years to come.

Think Geek has a lot of other fun zombie goodies to choose from.

1158_zombie_pets_plush_grid 1348_walking_dead_blind_box ae5e_zombie_protest bbae_zombie_snack_bib e5a1_zombie_hoodie_model efee_zombie_lunchbox zombie_survival_guide

Think Geek has plenty of other cool toys, gadgets and décor that is non-zombie related too.

There is a reason why the site is called Think “GEEK” – because the things they sell usually appeal to “geeky” people. I’m a big geek so I love the products they sell. They have Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, LEGO, Hunger Games and Big Bang Theory goodies, not name a few.

To check out the fun items they sell visit www.ThinkGeek.com. The company can also be found on the various social media sites (scroll to the bottom of their site for all the links).

Have you ever shopped at Think Geek before? What do you think about the Zombie Garden Gnomes? Would you decorate your yard with them?

Think Geek


*I received a free sample (gnome). There was no compensation. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.


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  1. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says:

    those are just creepy!!!!

  2. I love your zombie gnome!! I have been saying that I wanted one of those forever!!

  3. Zombies scare me half to death!!! I don’t understand how kids now a days can not be scared of them.

  4. Karen Glatt says:

    I think a lot of the Zombies are funny and cute! I like a lot of them and think my nephew would like the jacket! Put the gnome out in the garden and it will scare off the pests! I hope! Everything here is what a zombie lover needs.