4 Essentials to Hit the Gym Hard


Have you made a resolution to lose weight, be more active, and live an overall healthier lifestyle? Signing up for that gym membership might what pushes you to realize your goals.

Finding the motivation to go workout in your free time can be difficult at times, especially with the temptations of at-home entertainment like Netflix and YouTube.

Investing in these 4 pieces of equipment will make your gym experience more enjoyable and seem less like a chore.

Running Shoes

Don’t go to the gym with the Converse shoes you wear on casual nights out. You won’t receive the support you deserve and you’ll ruin your everyday shoes.

If you are just beginning your routine of going to the gym, invest in one pair of high quality shoes. Ideally, these should be a pair of all-purpose athletic shoes that will support your feet during a variety of activities, like walking, light jogging, and weightlifting.

If you are a more seasoned athlete, consider buying multiple pairs of shoes that are specific for different activities. For example, indoor rock climbers benefit from the mobility that flexible and rubber-based climbing shoes offer.


The speaker at your gym can be distracting and even difficult to hear at times. Make going to the gym fun by investing in the right equipment.

Get a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones so you can be in control of what you’re listening to without the distraction of wired headphones. Your favorite music will serve as great motivation to finish even the toughest of workouts. If you’re doing activities where you’re able to stare straight ahead, like indoor cycling, catch up on your favorite TV shows.

Since you’ll be frequently using your phone as entertainment in the gym and it will likely get jostled around, make sure it’s protected. If you have the latest iPhone, get a cute iPhone XR case that will protect your phone from potential drops.

Consider getting a phone case that also serves as a wallet, so you can have your gym pass, identification, and credit card on you without worrying about finding storage in a gym locker. You can find one for all phone types that matches your personal style online.

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle will ensure that you always have access to water when you need it. This is especially important when you’re confined to an indoor cycling machine during a spinning class.

Reusable water bottles vary in price. If you are willing to invest a little more money, there are insulated bottles that will keep your water ice-cold for the duration of your workout. Whichever reusable water bottle you choose, you’ll feel more refreshed during your workouts and have to take less walking breaks, all while being conscious of the environment.

Gym Clothes, Accessories and a Towel

The right gym clothes, like a workout top, compression shorts, running shorts, a sports bra, and socks will help you confidently and comfortably exercise without experiencing chafing or blisters.

Make sure you have a reliable way to secure your hair with a tie or headband that will prevent your hair from getting in the way.

Don’t reuse gym clothes from the day before. It is best to always use fresh clothes, as this will prevent odors from settling in your favorite workout clothes.

An absorbent, cotton-based gym towel will allow you to wipe down equipment after use. Not only is it sanitary to adopt this habit of wiping down equipment, but also it is just proper gym etiquette.

The Bottom Line

We all know how difficult going to the gym can be sometimes. Get these 4 pieces of equipment so you can comfortably focus on getting fulfilling workouts accomplished.

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