5 Of The Most Common Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Running Slow


There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up your laptop or turning on your computer only to find that it is having a slow day. Nothing you click seems to open, then five open at once, then the screen suddenly freezes and finally, it all crashes down – does that sound like a familiar nightmare? Before you turn to an IT Support Company, you might want to check out the five most common reasons why you make be operating at a snail’s pace. 

You have too many start-up programs

To make sure that they are ready and waiting for when you want to use them, many programs try to weasel their way into your startup programs list. This means that when you fire up your computer you could have dozens of programs all trying to start up at once, regardless as to whether they’re the ones you want to use or not. Having too many start-up programs is the single biggest source of a slow computer, so head into your settings and check which programs you can disable.

Your hard drive is full

When a hard drive approaches being 95% full it can slow down your computer by over 50% as at this point there is no space left for temporary files. Your hard drive can get clogged up with old programs, updates of old programs, temporary files and downloads and so it’s important to run a deep clean system to remove anything that you don’t actually need on there.

You have too many browser tabs open

If you use browser tabs to save links, rather than adding them to your bookmarks, then you could be unknowingly causing your computer to run slowly. Each new tab you open uses up a little bit of your RAM and if you also happen to have an auto-refreshing tab open, such as a live updating blog, then this can cause things to run even more slowly. To keep track of links, bookmark them instead and then close the tab when you are no longer using it.  

Your anti-virus is always running

Antivirus is important for protecting your laptop or computer, but an overzealous antivirus software which is running a scan in the background can be another common cause of a slow computer. If you have an antivirus programs installed then check to see how often it is set to scan and consider changing the time it chooses to one at which you know you won’t be using the computer, such as in the early morning or the middle of the night.

You are running too many programs at once

In the same way that you are not able to do ten things at once efficiently, neither can your computer. Having too many programs open at once can put a strain on your computers RAM and processing power, limiting its ability to properly operate. Remember to close programs you are no longer using so that your computer can focus on doing one thing properly rather than ten things poorly, and if you need multiple programs open then consider upgrading to a device with more RAM and a better processor.

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