5 Useful Mental Wellness Tips for College Students


College can be a seriously stressful time for any student, so it’s important to practice good mental wellness habits! Check out these mental wellness tips.

How do you feel about college life?

College is an exciting period of growth and exploration, but for most students, it’s also overwhelming. Students are hit hardest in terms of mental health.

A survey shows that 41 percent of college students struggle with anxiety while 36 percent of students suffer from depression. Let’s explore how to maintain your mental wellness in college with the following tips.

It’s Ok To Take A Mental Wellness Day

Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with all things college that you have trouble getting out of bed?

If you’re tempted to take a day off from life, don’t feel guilty.

Playing hooky, being AWOL, skipping school–taking a day off carries a heavy stigma–until recently. Now, taking a day to yourself isn’t automatically considered lazy or irresponsible.

If you need to take some time off to recharge your mental batteries, by all means do so. Mental health days are legit. Some colleges recognize them as necessary sick days, and student activists are trying to normalize this across the board.

Check In with Yourself

Take a second for some honest reflection: How are you really doing in terms of mental health?

Are you struggling with any classes? Do any personal relationships cause you pain?

Checking in with yourself is difficult if you’re always on the move. You may also be avoiding self-reflection in order to cope.

But ask yourself how you’re really doing is such an important part of self-care. the best way to do this is by starting a journal.

Your journal doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even a file in your phone will do. Write down how you truly feel each day, and then read back your entries.

If you have any problems, writing them down is a good way to acknowledge them. A self check-in is the first step to getting any help you need.

Surround Yourself With Friends

Do you have good friends on campus?

Do you stay in touch with friends at home?

Unfortunately, isolation is increasing across college campuses. While students stay hyper connected through social media, they lack support systems in real life.

If you feel lonely, reach out to a good friend or even a professor. Resident advisers are also a good resource for support.

Social isolation puts you at risk of depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

No matter how down you feel, a little face time with some friends or a check-in with family can help.

Know Your Limits

Are you taking on too much?

As you check in with yourself, reflect on your personal limits. Sometimes, what we think we can handle is more than we’re mentally able to take on.

Once you explore your limits, it’s OK to step back if you need to. Dropping a class that you really can’t handle right now doesn’t make you a failure, for example. It just makes you someone who is honest about their own limits.

Check In With A Counselor

Finally, check in with your campus counselor. Mental health counselors are at your disposal, and they’re usually located at your student health center.

Even if you don’t think your problems warrant seeing a counselor, do it anyway. Just talking things out with someone objective can ease your mental burden. Also, if you do need more mental health support, such as suboxone treatment or any other medications, a campus counselor can offer help.

Be Kind To Yourself

Taking care of your mental wellness is no different than caring for your physical health. There’s nothing weak or unimportant about addressing any issues you’re struggling with.

Also, whenever you need some warm, sobering advice from a parent that’s not your own, come back to my blog. I’m happy to help via tips and tricks in every post.

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