5 Ways to Ensure a Great Halloween for the Whole Family


Halloween season is nearly upon us and for those of us with families the most scary thing is being under-prepared or seeing your bank balance shrinking fast. Thankfully preparing for, and having a great Halloween with the family need not be a frightening prospect. In fact with a little preparation, some top tricks and savvy spending, it’s possible to have a memorable Halloween for everyone.  So if you’re looking to have a good Halloween season for your family this time round then read on to find out 5 easy ways to ensure your family has the best time. 

Preparation is Key 

As with most things, preparation beforehand is important. Thankfully modern technology means that we don’t have to rush to the shops in a panic due to online shopping. Preparations for Halloween are relatively simple and mostly depend on what you plan to do. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween party or a more quieter but still scary family affair with a few local trick-or treater’s thrown in, -preparing for the season will ensure a great time is had by all. Here are some of my top tips on how to do it: 


One of the most important aspects of preparing for Halloween is obviously the costumes. If you’re planning on making your own then you can prepare by getting in all the materials you need in time and setting to work on your home-made scary creations. For ready-made costumes there is the option of asking family members what they would like to wear on the day and finding the outfits for the best price online. For a nice touch you could get everyone their costumes by drawing on their likes and interests and buying them a costume to surprise them with at Halloween. 


Something else you’ll need to get in early as well is the treats. Chocolate, candy and anything else you’d like to share with the family and trick-or-treaters is best bought as early as possible, particularly if you’d like it Halloween themed. 


Halloween decorations are what give our homes, neighborhoods, and shopping malls their spooky atmosphere. It’s Halloween and if you’re looking to decorate your home accordingly then you’ll need some scary accessories. A little savvy shopping through price comparison should ensure you don’t need a loan from Buddy Loans to get everything you need. Likewise, if going over and beyond by decorating the exterior of your home then you’ll also want to pre-purchase the decorations you’re going to use. 

Pick up a Scary Movie or Game

Another great way to contribute to a scarily good Halloween atmosphere is a good scary movie or game. With the season in full swing you can pick up horror themed video games and films in your local store or online which will be prominently displayed at this time of the year. Of course considerations have to be made if there are young children, in which case everyone can help choose what to watch or play. 

Research Ideas for throwing the best Halloween Party Ever

The internet is a great resource for finding ideas and inspiration. In this case if you’re planning to throw a Halloween party then sites like Pinterest and Flickr can help you plan the best party.

Nowadays retailers prepare their shelves and online stores weeks before major holidays and seasons and as such the tips above are easily possible. As such with a little preparation it’s possible to have a great Halloween season without ending up under-prepared or out of pocket.

*This is a guest post. The opinions expressed are that of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect my own. 


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  1. Treats and costumes are a must! I hope you have a great Halloween! 🙂

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